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Below is a list of features we have written on after a frightening experience my wife and I had with the dreaded Cancer.  I personally had a 3 three year bout with skin cancer and my wife had a breast issue.  Incidentally for those who have the Blue eyed curse and a 10 to 1 propensity for skin cancer, it isn't just the blue eyed freckled faces guys and gals.  My family of Italian heritage with olive skin and not fair by a long shot,  have experienced more than our share of skin cancer.  We did rely on our medical resources,  but backed it up with a great deal of research.  Our agricultural experiences helped a great deal in the comprehension department and you will find most of our features are salted with our agrarian past.

Excess free radicals hanging around for too long results in one of the primary sources of tissue acid waste and it is worth repeating a phrase from some of our features that are listed below. 

 We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Weed.  "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…Too much tissue acid waste in the body, tissue acid wastes created by free radicals”    Whether it is arterial plaque, prostate problems, mammary glands clogging resulting in breast cancer, whether it is watching your Mom or Dad suffer from Alzheimer's disease, with you next in line etc.  it all stems from one thing, tissue acid waste and the lack of adequate" FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION” You can start eliminating these acid wastes by following the first of the 12 quickie recommendations below and that is avoiding cooked food, especially at very high temperatures, the biggest killer of them all.

The below material is free, please pass the www.blueeyedcurse.com website to anyone and everyone you choose.  It is our pleasure and payback to the man upstairs that has given us the faculties to survive,  generate and disseminate this information for whatever it is worth.  We certainly do not suggest  substituting our information for professional health care, but what do they call it "Taking control and management of your own health care",  because there is no one out there burning the midnight oil worrying about you and your families well being, but you?

Before we list the features on our site let's give you 12 easy ways to stay healthy and if you don't open up one of our features but follow the 12 ways below, you will be much better for it.  Are you ready?????

12 easy ways to stay healthy.

Eat most of your foods raw, cooked oxidized foods will kill you.

Avoid fatty meats, refined sugars and grains and especially cooked at high heat.

Get enough rest

Eat fresh garlic and parsley regularly

Use an effective tool to help you address the stress in your life

Wash your hands regularly

Take fish oil/cod liver oil and selected anti-oxidant supplements in moderation,  as too much of a good thing is not necessarily good.

Exercise regularly

Obtain enough sun

      Drink enough of the right kinds of fluids.

   Take extraordinary care of your lower extremities from the hips down.

   Chew your Food to the point of liquefying them.

Blueeyed Note:  All of the above are detailed in our many features below.


FEATURES...... Click on underlined areas.

We start our list with 13 special features of the latest research we have done.  We have many features in Blueeyedcurse.com that quite frankly are outdated.  The Cholesterol feature,  Anti-oxidant and Knees etc.  features below takes in no question some of the most important factors regarding your health,  as it applies to free radicals,  resulting in tissue acid waste.  They contain our latest findings from many hours of research,  along with our many years of experience on the farm close to nature.

Management of Medical Information

I have personally been an information freak for most of my life, but it really turned into a bonanza with the advent of the computer and now artificial intelligence is the new kid on the block, a new form of obtaining critical information that before was not available through the vast databanks on the cloud etc.  This feature zeros in on personal medical information and the managing of it because as the old saying goes "No one is going to burn the midnight oil for you"

Mineral Absorption 101

This feature is a condensed form of the major feature  Mineral Absorption we have in the  list of features below.  The adequate absorption of minerals and how well these minerals perform in the blood stream will determine how soon you could be subjected to the emergency procedures you will have to endure in the hospital being tossed around like a bag of potatoes and stuck with needles till they come out of your ears.  The hospitals and care here in south Florida for the most part are excellent, but the procedures they have to perform are in some cases brutal.  Do your best to at least delay the inevitable nightmare and you could get lucky and die a peaceful death in your sleep.

Spinal Issues and the Foundation

Quite honestly I have been writing on my website for 10 years or better and have "dropped the ball" regarding one of the most prevalent problems most all of us face as we get old and that is spinal issues.  Most everyone over the age of 60 has spinal issues and they are a bitch.

Mineral Absorption

Factors and co-factors have unique atomic structures that instinctively know how to find the areas of need in the body. As the body ages it loses the efficiencies it had when it was young and for many aged may obtain as little as a few percent of available nutrients in their food intake.  This feature will try to motivate the reader into indulging in the right foods and managing them properly to obtain the most benefits possible.

Posturizing Exercises

There is an on going controversy between the medical establishment and the medical community that subscribe to the idea of taking a conservative approach before they advocate what could  be considered the proverbial frying pan like risky surgery. 

Walking Sticks

Injuries affect your mobility and that includes the  affects to your brain.  We actually believe that a common flaw as in continuous repetition of body parts like in different sports activities especially in the legs can lead eventually to a breakdown in spinal function.  Walking sticks could be your salvation.


The Master Cider Maker

This feature will cover the critical enzyme integration that applies to the ingestion and combination of foods etc. that we engage in.  It supports our theory of eating as many of our foods from natural sources as we feel that doing so nullifies the interference that takes place when you intermingle processed foods with natural foods and expect things to work.

Calcium Absorption, Vitamin D, Cholesterol, Fiber and the Sun.

This could be one of the most important feature you can read on our site.  


I wrote a feature awhile back when I referred to a substance that was produced by insulin when the patients sugar was out of whack.  In fact I called it an insidious material that not only stored this excess sugar in the form of a fatty substance in the adipose areas of the body like the tummy and rump.


Some of my life's history, still a work in progress


Few foods naturally contain vitamin D3.  Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a synergistically extraordinary source of vitamin D3.  


The information in this feature is a general list of foods and practices to improve your health.  They are all directly related to the Ischemia feature above that should be read.


The premise of this feature involves the proven  aspects of the hormone Glucagon stimulated by a 40-30-30 balanced diet at every meal and snack is not only the fat burning hormone (because it is) and the theory of our own that believes the same body fat burning powers of the hormone Glucagon, has the same powers to clean your arteries from fatty plaque etc. and have a likewise positive effect on the lymphatic network.  Again as in the Shortlist feature the information is directly related to the Ischemia feature that is a clear path to a better life in all regards.

The Swine Flu

15 easy ways to stay healthy and avoid or minimize the effects of the flu.

Wheat Grass

Wheatgrass is a kind of grass. The above-ground parts, roots, and rhizome are used to make medicine. Wheatgrass is primarily used as a concentrated source of nutrients. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids.

Knee Replacement

This feature relates an unbelievable experience my wife and I have had with her knee replacement surgery.  If you are contemplating this surgery this feature is a must read for you and your family.

Cholesterol   You hear you should lower your cholesterol, that cholesterol is harmful and high cholesterol causes a lot of problems.  It is not the cholesterol which causes the problems, but the oxidized cholesterol, the cholesterol which has been damaged by free radicals.  Meat and baked goods cooked at high temperatures are the biggest offenders in creating free radicals, and if you really want to add salt to the wound follow a high protein, fatty meal cooked at high temps with a sugary desert.

Anti-oxidants.  This is a feature regarding free radicals and is somewhat relative to our cholesterol feature.

 The Legs, Knees and Feet    I asked someone the other day what was the most important part or section of their body?  Most people will respond with the heart.  I follow up with a loaded question "If you are suffering from poor circulation in your lower extremities that are eating your bones and cartilage etc., up alive, creating huge amounts of wastes,  how long will it take before your heart fails along with your entire cardiovascular system?

Colonoscopy or Home test kits

There  is valid debate regarding testing for colon cancer or hopefully the early signs of it.  If the Doctor has suggested it or for that matter you think it is time to address it, on your own and  you should, please read this feature.  Colon cancer is a bad one and early detection saves smart peoples lives every day.  Early detection can be achieved with non-invasive in the privacy of your home test kits.  They could tell you whether you should consider a colonoscopy. There are people who should consider a colonoscopy but don't. Many will die a horrible death because of it.  Read this feature, please.

Chew your food to lose lbs, do not chew and lose more

This is one of the most important pieces of health information we have ever fallen upon.  Chewing your food to the point of liquification not only is a  great weight reduction tool, but it will add quality years to your life.  Please read this feature.

Variables and Back problems

Life is full of variables, bringing up kids, finances, sports roster decisions, health decisions you name it, we are called upon just about every day when we "explore our options" in just about anything.  We have added a special addition to this feature on our current back issues that we are addressing.


This feature concerns the importance and process we go through in preparing fruits and vegetables in a high speed blender.

Salt and Sugar

You need  both to survive,  but you have to manage them properly because they can kill you too.

Gift of life "Seed"

We  believe that seed in ones diet is one of the most important components of ones dietary regimen.  The mere preservation abilities of seed buried in the ground for a 100 years  or more reflects Mother natures importance placed on the viability of seed.  Yes it has been discovered that seed buried deep enough for 100 years when brought up to the top of the ground will sprout and thrive and this is simply amazing to me.  The minerals, the anti-oxidants, enzymes etc. encapsulated in seed with its magical synergy is astounding.




Start of our numbered features below....

1.  Sudden Death Denied  This feature covers 3 major emergencies.  Heart attacks with the victim conscious,  (and that victim could be you) Cardiac arrest with the victim not pumping blood or breathing and last respiratory arrest where the victim could be pumping blood, but is not breathing.   If you are not inclined to learn how you can help someone (you should though) at least read the heart attack approach because as the old saying goes, "The life you save could be your own"

2.  10 Ways to Good Health.  After 3 years of study and the thought of losing my wife to cancer, I believe I can say that I have distilled all of my findings into this feature. They are short and to the point, although this condensed version has links to more extensive information each way to good health.   Other than some refinements to nutrition and supplements you don't have to know a great deal more than these 10 ways to maintain good health. 

3.  The Lymphatic Network  We have recently been exposed to a fascinating health related issue concerning the Lymphatic net work in our bodies.  There is a direct integration of oxygenated blood passing from the heart through the artery system using the lymphatic fluids.  Microscopic capillaries weave between the various cells.  Between the cells and the capillaries is the lymph fluid.  Proteins in this fluid help to "pull" oxygen, sugars and various nutrients out through the walls of the capillaries so they can be passed on to the cells.  Just fascinating!!!

3a.  Alzheimer's Disease  "An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.  Who are you?, where am I?  Just today they have reported 40 year olds with the onset of Alzheimer's.  We can help, read this feature.

4. Two Terrorists  There are two terrorists that roam your body and they are not easy to remove.  This feature will give you a short lesson in these two terrorists, oxidants (free radicals) and bad fat creating damaged Cholesterol, (more free radicals) the Cholesterol you should really worry about) and tell you what you can do about it.


5.  AloePlus8 Skin Cream 
This is a complete E-book on how to Grow, Prepare and Use the Magic of Aloe Vera. There are numerous illustrations and a wealth of pointers derived from our 50 years in agriculture and the school of hard knocks. The skin as we know is the largest organ in the body. It plays an enormous role in the efficiency of the sun (on your skin) Vitamin D3 process in relationship to clean cholesterol. Yes there is clean cholesterol and there is damaged cholesterol and which one do you think the Alzheimer 's devil prefers trafficking your brain? Enjoy the AloePlus8 E-Book.

6.  Condensed Information on Health  This feature is a condensed version of information compiled in the extensive features below.  It covers a basic understanding on why bad health takes over and eventually too soon,  puts one in the box.  I had someone tell me the other day that he was  going to "live his life."  How dramatic a statement that was, at least until I reminded him of the possibility of that life involving him in a nursing home with a stroke and some bitter health care worker who detested what he or she was doing, changing his diaper once a day,  whether he needed it or not.  That would be a life no one would want to live.

7. Alkalize The Acid/Alkaline balance.  In farming one of the most critical aspects in regard to nutrient uptake and salts removal from the soil was the correct Alkalinity.   If you want a swimming pool to get real raunchy just slack off on the proper acid/alkaline balance usually derived from not having the right amount of total alkalinity.  This feature lists most of your organs and describes in detail the role alkalinity plays in their optimum functioning.  It also has a list of Alkaline and Acid foods so that you can try to obtain an 80% Alkaline to 20% Acid diet balance.  You can do it by pigging out on Fresh fruits and vegetables  OINK OINK.

 8. Antique Aloe Plant Tool  You gardeners and new Aloe Vera gardeners will be fascinated with this tool that we discovered in one of our barns that went back between 200 and 300 years.  We were so intrigued with this simple tool that we replicated it many time for our cultivation crews that worked in our fields and the 30 or so acres of strawberries we grew and applied the sensitive cultivation practices using this tool.  The feature shows you how to make it and use it for not only on your garden plants,  but the invaluable benefits to some of your potted plants.

9. Cansema  This feature relates the experience I personally had after being subjected to a couple of years of the scalpel and branding iron process treating about 20 basal cell carcinoma skin cancers. The salve we used worked 100% of the time for myself and my friends and we have no financial involvement in this product. Our salve applications ended very shortly after starting the AloePlus8 regimen as described in the AloePlus8 cream feature, as our problems disappeared.

 10. Free Radical Anti-Oxidants This is additional information to our Free Radical Absorption feature and well worth reading.  Lots of illustrations and some fascinating information on the bees and mummies if you really want to be turned on to what anti-oxidants can do for you.

 11. Sun and you  You will be staggered by recent information pertaining to folks who do not get enough sun.   A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the  powerful impact of Vitamin D3".  Hey that is saying a lot.

12. pH pH and the alkalize feature above are close brothers but there is more detail on the chemistry aspects in this feature and will give you a better handle on the importance of pH and alkalinity.

13. Tissue Acid Waste Tissue acid wastes are a result of the wrong chemistry balance brought out in our alkalinity and pH features. 

14.  Bad Sugar Over acid conditions in the body and Sugar go hand in hand.  You must eliminate bad sugars to make room for the good ones in Fruit.

15.  Teeth and Gums  Take care of your Teeth and Gums and they will take care of you.  This feature details with lots of illustrations the tools and practices one should follow to avoid one of the most fatal indirect conditions namely periodontal disease,  that opens up the blood stream to bacteria and wastes that will kill you.

16. Five Worst foods you can eat  I asked a friend one day whether he read my feature on the 5 foods.  He said "Hell I have eaten 3 of them this morning already". 

17. Chronic Inflammation  Chronic inflammation accompanied with Free radicals are the root of all evil.  This feature covers some of the markers such as C-reactive protein and the other issues regarding what is referred to as the "Silent Killer"

18.  40-30-30 feature This is the fat burning versus the fat storing issue and if you seriously want to lose weight and the toxicity that goes along with it,  please read this feature.

19. Herb and Aloe Vera Combination  Nice feature on growing,  preparing fresh Herbs and Aloe Vera gel in combination right out of your garden for the supreme way to alkalize.

20.  The Free Radical Absorption This feature is one of our most comprehensive pieces on health.  If you take the time to grasp this material, you will be motivated to practice the recommendations and enjoy a long life, free of the ravages of illness. 

21.  Avoid Cancer    A few simple steps to avoid cancer.  You can't afford not to read this.

22. Nuts to You     A process we go through in obtaining nuts at every meal and snack.  Nuts are the ultimate in delivering nutrients to your cells with their high amounts of minerals and essential fatty acids.  You can't afford to not incorporate a modest amount of nuts into your diet.

23.  Caloric Restriction with Adequate Nutrition.   There is no question that Caloric Restriction slows the aging process and prevents disease.   Taking excess weight off and keeping it off has a host of benefits and we all know what they are.   Cut calories, cut cancer, live longer?   Caloric restriction -- the practice of "adequate nutrition without malnutrition" -- doesn't just slow the progress of cardiovascular disease. It also slows cancer.

24. The Saga of the Red Delicious Apple.  This is a two part piece on first the extraordinary benefits of the Red Delicious apple and a human interest  real life story of my wife's and my start at Peacedale Farms.  You will enjoy both parts, please read this one if nothing at all.

25.  Click here for Immune system boosters for Flu, Virus etc.  from Life Extensions.   I am a faithful patron of the Life Extensions concern in Ft. Lauderdale.  I have included this feature on my website with the potential for a lethal dose of these flu's we could run into this winter.  I am hopeful that Life Extensions will allow me to continue to feature this article on my website,  as  there is no question the information involved could be the difference between life and death.   Please access the Life Extension website and consider a membership.   www.lef.org   

26.What does the Peacedale family eat? In case you have wondered what the Peacedale family eats, here is a peek.  We might not live to a hundred,  but we hope that our diligence will prevent the pain and suffering that some go though,  as most do not cork off in their sleep.  They linger and linger and their families suffer along with them.  We feel our diet is a small price to pay trying to save our family the anguish that is caused by irresponsible dietary practices. 

27.  Horsetraders Mathematics  In my past career as a fruit and vegetable farmer/peddler we devised a method of calculations in ones head,  rather that the stifling effect of electronic devises that fry your brain in the bargain.  This feature should intrigue you because believe it or not it is "health related".   In fact I actually believe that my teaching in it and the therapeutic aspects of using my mind will aid me in avoiding Alzheimer's.  As the old saying goes and it certainly applies to the mind...."If you don't use it, you will lose it"

28.  Gardening our Way.  If you are into gardening and want to look at a different approach using cuttings to establish a beautiful garden for little in cost, check this feature out.

29.  Urinary infections.  We were recently confronted with a urinary infection and started a process that included professional medical care. Body chemistry plays a critical role in fighting infection.  You may be as surprised as we were when we discovered that the ordinary conventions of conducting an alkaline dominant dietary regimen did not apply and in fact would be counter productive.  This could apply to many infection situations,  but for now and this feature we are focusing  with urinary implications.

30.  Woman's Hormones   This is a very complicated subject.  My wife during the menopause period took certain measures to alleviate some of the distress that goes with the territory of Menopause.  Then you have the recent information and problems that have developed with the use of certain hormones.  We have attempted to address them in this feature.  Again a very complicated individualistic problem, but as the old saying goes "The more you know the more luck you will have"

31.  Plant Hormones  We had a career in agriculture trying to manipulate plant hormones to accommodate our fruit production needs.  Sometimes Mother nature would cooperate and sometimes she would get down right angry with us.  This feature will go into the agricultural tie in,  but also there is a close connection to human issues as far as hormones are concerned.

32.  Bad News  You are given real bad news from recent medical reports  What do you do?

33.  Cold Tender Plants.  What to do and what not to do.  Most of us have seen sprinklers on the news being used by farmers on cold nights and unfortunately this has led to serious misconceptions and in many cases damage to plants and fruit that may not  have occurred with these misconceptions.

34. The Twist of Fate.  This is a feature on our start at Peacedale Farms and the fortunate relations we had with our group of advisors. It is filled with the principles of making a business pay. There are a number of individual examples of our operation and it will be enjoyable reading we guarantee it.

35. Staph infections  There have been recent incidents with people close to us that have suffered from staph infections.  Hospitalization, boils, surgery the whole 9 yards and it is scary.

36. The Prostate gland   The "Old Man's disease" or more.

37.  Animal Recovery   The Ultimate Entrepreneur  This isn't a health feature but anytime you can get a chuckle this has to be healthy and you will get a chuckle out of this true story.

38.  Walking

If you ask anyone whether they know how to walk they would say they are not even conscious of the fact.  Incredibly most people do not walk properly and especially if they are dealing with an infirmity that has negatively affected their ability to walk properly.

39.  Bones  Adequate calcium absorption is basically blessed on the young when a young body can extract and deliver the needed minerals, calcium being one of them to vital areas of the body to prevent the ravages that occur especially when the body is not able to automatically perform anymore.  

40.  Circulation Old Age In the majority of cases poor circulation can result from many sources, old age tops the list with all the complicated issues that go along with the luxury of old age.

41.  Golden Age Urinary practices can contribute to eventual infections not only urinary sourced infections but a good chance that a urinary infection can directly or indirectly be the forerunner of a deadly blood infection called sepsis.


The author is Bob Martino with my wife and family owned and operated Peacedale Farms and Market,  a little south of Albany New York.