The following information is based on our opinion and the opinions of others.  Any of this information may or may not apply to you or anyone else and hopefully you can find a health care facility that can correctly treat you.  Please be alerted to the fact that information changes on a regular basis in medical technology.  What applies in our information could be stale and in some cases inaccurate.  Check with your current medical provider for the latest in treatment information.             

                      Yes,  You can beat the    Bad News                 


           A             D             O             E

           Alkalinity              Vitamin D              Omega 3's               Exercise

  Plus the 40-30-30 Glucagon Fat and Waste Burning Diet


The following is a summary of the above items that we believe  can prevent Cancer from happening and/or recurring.  They may work by supporting the natural defenses (The immune system) that we are blessed with, as long as we don't abuse them by not observing what has been proven to be the proper lifestyle. 

Before we get into the details we will summarize each one of the above and you can decide whether you want to plunge into a rather extensive feature on how to save your life if you get the BAD NEWS.


 A  Alkalinity


If you understand the principles of a stable alkalinity you will be more motivated in following the principles as they are so important.   I have dealt with 2 particular pH/Alkaline issues in my life.  First in agriculture as a farmer for 40 years,  a critical factor in the health of plants.  Second as small an issue as it is swimming pool chemistry and residues that form on the surface of a  pool, very similar to residues that form in critical areas of your body, that cause cardiovascular problems, cancer and much more.   Keep in mind the water that you drink, the state of it, the chemistry etc. plays a critical role in your total alkalinity and pH balance.


D   Vitamin D

A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the powerful impact of Vitamin D3".  "Hey that is saying a lot."  There have been features from Readers Digest and host of other credible medical sources that support this theory.

My wife after a recent breast issue pumped her Vitamin D number up into the optimum  70 mg/ml range monitoring it with regular 25 hydroxy  tests.  She does rely on supplemental D,  currently 5000 units a day.    In addition to the supplements she sits in the sun every morning (most every morning) in the privacy of our back yard in just her panties for 20 minutes again in the morning the coolest less intensive time of the day as we respect the suns ability to cause skin cancer.  

My personal opinion is to rely on supplements alone to boost Vitamin D and neglect modest regular sun exposure with as little clothes on as possible could be a serious mistake, as even though supplements could pump up the numbers,  the quality of the Vitamin D process that incidentally starts with Cholesterol from the liver and to the  cells of the skin may be the optimum way to go.  Doing both D supplements and exposure to the sun would be covering all the bases.

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a good source of vitamin D.  I personally eat 3 to 4 full cans of Sardines a week,  about 4.25 ounces at a sitting and in fact for 1 lunch a week I take a full can,  chop up the sardines and combine them with a can of Progresso soup either the Manhattan or New England clam chowder.  It is a delicious treat with all the nutritional trimmings.

Vitamin D is best produced by the Sun and the best choice over supplements. Vitamin D has so many benefit we can't even begin to enumerate them, from bone loss to your immune system and in particular your lymphatic system. The sun is an Alzheimer's crusher.

The fact is that Vitamin D dictates not only the absorbability of calcium in the intestines, it controls all the calcium in the bodies functions including the brain. This was our personal practice and learning 101 in our agricultural career. Calcium content in the soil was the microprocessor for all the minerals in the soil and their individual electrolyte functions as well as hormone production.

It has been recently revealed that it is calcium deposits in the brain that could be the responsible villain in Alzheimer's disease. They know it is deposits and calcium is notorious for unwanted deposits. We all obtain calcium in various ways. Some calcium especially where there is an abundance of Vitamin D3 intake and magnesium will be properly absorbed and properly metabolized. This is why I subscribe to Sardine intake with its total compliments. Tuna is a good source of vitamin D and calcium if they do not remove the bones. Most Tuna retains the pin bones (More below)

This process can be easily compared to a combustion engine. Some engines are fine tuned and burn the majority of the fuel it uses. Some engines are out of whack and wastes are produced and accumulated in the engine parts. The body mechanism is not any different. I might say that the type of fuel used in an engine is similar to the fuel we ingest for our engine.

There are situations in bone loss cases where the body is not obtaining enough calcium and actually cannibalizes the bone matrix of the patient. This generates a very significant source of calcium and the nature of this product is devastating to the body and a perfect storm for unwanted calcium accumulations. I happen to believe this is a arthritis thread.

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a good source of vitamin D. I personally eat 3 to 4 full cans of Sardines a week, about 4.25 ounces at a sitting and in fact for 1 lunch a week I take a full can, chop up the sardines and combine them with a can of Progresso soup either the Manhattan or New England clam chowder. It is a delicious treat with all the nutritional trimmings.

O  Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acid foods have Vitamin D and more especially calcium.  Calcium content in the soil we were told was the most important component of the soil as it was the ultimate regulator.  The proper amount of calcium made all the difference in the quality of the crop, and most importantly the plants ability to fend off disease and we believe the same principles apply to human health.  You can take calcium supplements but just as Vitamin D supplements the benefits are dubious.  Calcium on board fatty fish, dark green vegetables, cottage cheese and a few other foods produces a remarkable synergy that you cannot derive out of a mine.  The difference lies in the best calcium bearing foods being live,  versus the inert aspects of minerals out of a mine or for that matter fruits and vegetables that are pulverized, dried and dead.

Keep in mind the sun alone is not enough,  it must be combined with calcium laden foods with Omega 3 fatty acids etc.  The combination of the 3 is awesome.  

The surprising benefits of calcium: 

You know you need it for strong bones, but calcium protects your health in other important ways, too.  Here is what this amazing mineral can do for you.

Calcium Functions

Calcium is responsible for construction, formation and maintenance of bone and teeth.  This function helps reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Calcium is a vital component in blood clotting systems and also helps in wound healing.

Calcium helps to control blood pressure, nerve transmission, and release of


Calcium is an essential component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism.

Calcium helps to transport ions (electrically charged particles) across the


Calcium is essential for muscle contraction.

Calcium assists in maintaining all cells and connective tissues in the body.

Calcium may be helpful to reduce the incidence of premature heart disease,

especially if adequate intakes of magnesium are also maintained.

Calcium may help to prevent periodontal disease (gum disease).

Calcium helps keep the weight off.

Research suggests that if you don't get enough calcium in your diet, you're

 likely to be overweight.

The reason has to do with your body's response to a calcium deficit.

When you're low, your body thinks you're starving and enters emergency



For our full feature on calcium


E  Exercise 

We do not get into the cardiovascular benefits of exercise as it is such a huge topic.  You will find our feature on exercise keys in on the movement of lymphatic fluids, that plays such a critical role in preventing cancer.  Heart disease and exercise is a subject all by itself and we do not attempt to cover this in our feature below.  You will find the material on lymphatic flow very interesting.  Of course a healthy cardiovascular system will certainly be a benefit in preventing all diseases.  In fact our last summary covers a diet that  may not only cleans the arteries and lymphatic vessels so that it gives you  all the tools you need to support your immune system and beat the BAD  NEWS, it includes a weight loss program that works.



We have written another feature that relates to an experience we had with the  Zone type/40-30-30 diet that worked exceptionally well in a weight loss effort and inadvertently led to a theory regarding the benefits of this program regarding the arterial and lymph network.  It certainly can be attached to cancer and the prevention of it.

Essentially the diet (eating a balance of carbs, protein and the right fats at every meal and snack) if adhered to will stimulate the hormone glucagon that is known as the fat burning hormone.  The diet burned 30 plus pounds off of my hide in a year.  Other balances especially the diets that are high in carbs, especially the sweets, stimulate the hormone insulin and insulin is what is referred to as the fat storing hormone.  We believe that the same fat that plaques us with obesity, is the same fat that plugs up our system and is the preclude to problems,  cancer being one of them and recurrence can happen to those who go back to their errant ways of sugar.  They say cancer thrives on sugar in some way and we believe this to be so. 

If you want to prevent cancer and/or recurrence or  God forbid you have received the BAD NEWS, cut out refined sugars and whatever sugar you take in let it be the natural sugars as in fruit and even with that you have to get advice on moderate intake. 

So with the summary out of the way, you may want to continue with the details in this feature.                                      


You have a health problem, you get a barrage of medical tests taken.  The Doctor calls you in to the office and gives you the Bad News and it could be as bad as 3 months, 6 months to a year to live.  Now even if you are lucky and there isn't a death sentence, as in a tumor that should be removed or at least biopsied,  relying entirely on modern medicine, chemotherapy etc. could be the biggest mistake of not your life, but your death.  Many cancer victims are put into remission with Standard Care, only to have it return.  In fact there is evidence that cancer "cured" with Chemo and Radiation in many cases comes back with a vengeance.  How would you feel if you received standard of care, found out that what you were dealt did not work as in Farah Faucet's case, but also find out that the roadside bombs they gave you may have stimulated cancer cells, because your immune system was compromised by the treatments?  Trying to prove this in a court of law is impossible and Oncologists know it.   If they prescribe Standard of Care they know they are covered regardless of what happens to you. 

We have a theory regarding attacking cancer with a natural approach versus "Standard Care" that usually means chemo and radiation.  Taking the risk of not doing standard of care is not for anyone feint at heart, especially when most if not all Oncologists try to jam it down your throat in the process of covering their butts regarding liability.  On the other hand the Oncologists I believe have no choice on a general basis because they don't believe the majority of cancer patients will  be diligent with a natural approach.  A natural approach as described in this feature focusing on the big 4 as in the heading of this feature,  A D O E,  Plus the 40-30-30 diet will require a dedication and regimen that most will not follow.  We call it the "Junk Yard Dog Approach" 

In addition the medical oncology profession has a current dilemma.  Most if not all know there are different approaches to treating cancer, one of the reasons we bring out recent surveys that stated  the majority of oncologists would not initially do Chemo and or Radiation, especially if surgery removes a cancerous area leaving clear margins supported by pathology, Ultrasound and MRI imaging and there is no lymph node cancer detected upon dissection of key nodes.  Node involvement can indicate whether or not cancer has traveled to other parts of the body with the potential of attaching themselves to organs etc.  So what would they do?  Read on.... much on this factor below in this feature.  

I think the most horrible consequences of doing "standard of care" treatment is where the patient becomes complacent even if they enjoy a temporary reduction  in circulating tumor cells and other blood test markers prove negative.  Past lifestyle practices that brought the problem on to begin with can be the cause of  recurrence. 

You will read that my wife chose not to do "standard of care" cancer treatment.   Would she sit out in the sun for 20 minutes every day if she thought she was receiving the magic bullets that don't work a good percentage of the time?  I know she wouldn't and she wouldn't be doing every thing she is doing, supplements, the right foods, exercise etc. etc.  Quite honestly and bluntly she is doing what she is doing  because she has the fear of Christ in her and everyone of us would too.

So it is a simple choice in many cases depending again on the circumstances, it is either therapy or doing the junk yard dog approach.  Now if you do the standard of care therapy, do the junkyard approach too.

Now perhaps you may be connecting why Oncologists who by the way have the latest imaging and testing equipment most likely gratis at their disposal for periodic testing to know if they are at risk and a hell of lot less riskier than what some of these therapies can do to you especially if they are not tested for chemosensitivity.

Chemosensitivity  methods currently done in respected labs around the world and hopefully soon to be done in America where they can test blood to determine whether certain therapies will work and what will not and which ones have the potential to kill you.  You can better believe that oncologists will make these services available to themselves and their loved ones, but just can't open up this new can of worms to the millions of patients going through their doors at this time.  Costs being one of the can of worms.  More on this below...These new tests are not covered by insurance and you could spend in the neighborhood of  $ 3000 to just find out what therapy has a chance in working.  Now finding a cooperative medical facility to administer therapy that is recommended by these labs is another challenge.


Due Diligence

You may recall a bond trader by the name of Michael Milken a few years back that was thrown in the slammer for years because of some shady dealings.   He got the Bad News , (Not from the bond trading)  It was prostate cancer.  The Bad News was the death sentence in months.

He took the bull by the horns and went into a very aggressive program of blending and juicing fruits and vegetables and an array of different recipes. We just do high speed blending and don't even own a juicer.

I believe at this time Mr. Milken's cancer is in remission and he is busy with his business and actively involved in solving the prostate cancer problem.  He does expect his cancer to return, as it did metastasize outside the gland.   My guess is he is doing a good job of not allowing any loose cancer cells from doing him in.  

Blending produces a superior Alkaline, buffering (stabilizing) reaction in the body if the components are primarily GREEN although some fruits are included to make the drink a little more palatable.   One fruit we always include is the powerful Pomegranate (In season).  We buy them fresh, as there is a short season and  cut them up in pieces on a tray.  Put them into the freezer, then bag them up  and take a chunk out at a time and throw them into the blender with the other stuff.  We feel that doing it this way preserves the product better than leaving a piece of fruit in the refrigerator for days on end.   The blender we use has no problem handling the frozen product as in the ice cubes we use.  

A package of Stevia in a blend really helps in the taste department as well.  A Green  smoothie, 1- 8 ounce to 12 ounce glass a day (start with 8 ounces) to adjust as a blended product takes some adjustment in your digestive track, especially if you are generous with the cruciferous veggies.   Incidentally we use a blend of Broccoli and Cauliflower flowerets frozen (Just a few pieces) as leaving "Fresh" vegetables in the fridge for days on end does not make sense to us.  You can easily take out of the bag what you need and the blender does a great job.  

A dramatic alkaline buffering effect from this blending will have a direct positive effect on the quality of the pH in both your blood and lymphatic fluids.  Keep in mind that a high speed blender such as the Vitamix 3 Horse reveals most of the nutrition and alkalinity that is sealed in the product and that if eaten normally (half chewing it) produces a minimum amount of goodness.

If anyone has been involved with breast cancer it doesn't take long for the lymph nodes to enter the picture as they are critical in filtering out cancer cells with their army of residing white blood cells.  

Which comes first the chicken or the egg when it comes to the condition of the lymph system including the nodes.  It would be logical to expect that the origin of lets say a breast lesion, DCIS etc. could be the primary and original start of a problem and compounded when the lymphatic system breaks down and can become malignant itself as in lymphoma or for that matter malignancy in the nodes themselves.  I have always had a theory that the lymphatic system could be the origin of a problem such as a plumbing back up that creates a problem in the breast for example.  In any event it certainly pays to support your lymphatic system and immune system with it.

If the quality of the lymph fluid is not up to par, and alkalinity/acid plays a huge role in this,  and again you have clogging and the possibility of the lymph nodes themselves becoming malignant.  Once this happens there is a good chance that excessive cancer cells can not be neutralized as fast and efficient as intended and the proverbial horse gets out of the barn and cancer cells will escape into the blood stream. 

We have written another feature that relates to an experience we had with a Zone/40-30-30 diet that worked exceptionally well in a weight loss effort and inadvertently led to a theory regarding the benefits of this program regarding the arterial and lymph network.  It certainly can be attached to cancer and the prevention of it.

A fruit oriented smoothie is very beneficial as well, but with fruit you have the excess sugar concern.  Whether you have a threat of recurrence or not, you had better keep your blood glucose levels well under the 100 mark.  A moderate mix of fruits and vegetables could produce good results and you can easily check your urine and saliva pH to see if your pH is stable, especially on the first morning draw (Saliva and Urine after the kidneys have done their work as you slept.) 

Information below in this feature on this.  It is not everything you have to do, but it goes a long way and you will read below in this feature how to get started with blending.    

They have an array of different tests that indicates NIC. (No incidence of cancer)   (More on testing below)  They don't want to say cancer free as there is no such thing as cancer free.  Everyone has cancer cells roaming their body.  Most  bodies deal with them and get rid of them, some bodies don't and loose tumor cells impinge on the vital organs and that is the end of the story.  We believe that in most if not all, you can deal cancer cells a death blow using your own bodies defenses, rather than them doing it to you. 


What would you do?

We start this segment out with a short piece of information on fiber, insoluble and soluble and how it relates to the food components in the main feature below.  There are a great deal of misconceptions regarding fiber in the diet and supplements and a study in it self.  Most foods have a combination of soluble and insoluble properties and one example is flax seed that has about half and half and this depends on how it is managed. 

When you eat flax seeds without running them through a high speed blender or a coffee grinder the amount of soluble properties go down the drain, no pun intended.  In fact eating flax seed without any processing certainly lends it to close to a 100% insoluble food that has some benefits but not gaining the benefits of releasing the on board properties within the seed capsule. 

Fruits and vegetables depending on the variety have both properties and especially the soluble properties that are converted to a gel that traverses through the intestines,  sponging excess cholesterol and a host of other wonders to the body.  We believe that the quality of the gel is determined by what you eat and how it is prepared, therefore what you eat and how it is managed will determine the efficiency factor of the fiber foods that pass through your digestive track.

The smoothie is a tool that releases encapsulated nutrients in all foods and yet retaining the insoluble properties and benefits.  The fact that a high speed blender reduces the size of the insoluble properties is not a negative and in fact can be beneficial in the journey process through the digestive track.

Fruits and Vegetables


Vegetables and fruits are healthy sources of insoluble fiber but again there is soluble properties in fruits and vegetables as well.  This is why raw fruits and vegetables are the perfect fiber food.   However, no fruit or vegetable contains as much insoluble fiber as grains. Vegetables that have a high amount of insoluble fiber include broccoli, artichoke, Brussels sprouts and carrots. A one-half cup serving of cooked Brussels sprouts has 1.5 grams of insoluble fiber. Fruits with a generous amount of insoluble fiber includes citrus fruits, bananas, peaches, pears, plums, nectarine and prunes.  Apples and blackberries are among the best fruit sources of insoluble fiber, with 3 grams in a serving.  Again let me stress that these items depending on how they are managed, chewing well is one big factor,  will determine the ultimate ratio of soluble and insoluble content derived from the product.




Many legumes are also a great source of insoluble fiber. Legumes, which include beans, peas and lentils, are healthy because they contain a number of essential nutrients. Some legumes that have insoluble fiber include black, kidney, Lima, navy and pinto beans.  Cooked peas are also high in insoluble fiber, containing 5 grams in one-half cup serving. Lentils have 7 grams of insoluble fiber in one-half cup serving.




Both insoluble and soluble fiber should be an important part of your diet. Nutritional labels usually do not specify what type of fiber a particular food item contains but they do list the total fiber content. Try to eat enough of both types of fiber to meet your daily recommended amount. Men under the age of 50 should consume 38 grams of fiber per day. Women in that same age bracket need 25 grams of fiber each day. Men older than 50 should get 30 grams a day. Women over the age of 50 should consume 21 grams of fiber per day.


Now what that optimum ratio will be can be monitored by observing your bowel habits and content and below is a link to a Dr. Mercola feature on this issue.  If you haven't signed up for Dr. Mercola's health information don't hesitate as it is the best free bargain on the Internet on health issues.


The below Mercola link has to be copied and pasted into your address line. 


We believe a digestive track that is working to peak efficiency has the ability to enhance your immune system and one of the best ways to battle the "Bad News".


We have listed in this feature specific measures that we would take and again none of them we believe would interfere with most chemo therapy or for that matter any treatments by conventional medical procedures, if these methods are the patients choice.   There is one conflict regarding Chemo treatments and anti-oxidants that can neutralize the free radicals Chemo therapy creates.  There are two sides of this issue and it is complicated.  If you do standard care you will have to rely on your oncologist to guide you.

Our problem is the "one size fits all" approach when if it is proven/desired by the patient that a treatment plan should be invoked that is customized for the individual patient.  This is not easy to do.  In order to obtain this customized approach you have to have cooperation in the States and it may be necessary to send blood to a foreign lab as they seem to be ahead of us in this technology at this time.  It is also expensive.  Most oncologists are aware of this testing, but do not recommend it because it opens up a can of worms.


Recently there have been promotions on the media, I believe the renowned Duke University has stated that they have new formats in place that can customize individual treatments for the patients problem versus the "one size fits all approach"  I would certainly search for medical facilities in your area that have these new protocols in place and if they don't I would suggest searching until you find one.

Too often, the primary solid tumor is removed, and oncologist suggests the patient undergo grueling rounds of toxic chemotherapy in case there are residual tumor cells remaining.  By having one’s blood tested for the presence of circulating tumor cells (CTC),  and other tumor marker tests a more informed decision can be made about what therapies are most suitable.  CTC cell testing can be obtained in the States.  Foreign labs do CTC tests as well, but there is a charge and a search condition for Biofocus labs in Recklinghausen Germany will have this information for you

Natural Killer cell tests, testing the level of your immunity system can be obtained in the States.   Chemo sensitivity testing for the right  drug regimen (If necessary) and rule out not only the ones that won't work, but the ones that can kill,  can only be accomplished again in a few foreign laboratories.  This may be hard to understand, but keep in mind the United States lags  woefully behind in Internet technology and we invented it.

In fact it has been  proven if  credible chemo sensitivity tests are  taken, the dosage and consequential impact can be reduced considerably.  This has been proven to impact the patient a lot less than the full doses in the "one size fit all"  although we were told by one oncologist that after treatments were started and the patient may react adversely, they would adjust the dosage.  If you have ever had a horse get out of a barn like I have this adjustment after the fact does not give me a great deal of comfort.  I would rather know what treatments and dosages would work rather then wait until the horse is out of the barn and I am running up a 4 lane highway in the middle of the night trying to coral it.  (This is a fact by the way)

In addition,  the ability to test periodically with blood, can tell how well the treatment approach is working, rather than to wait until questionable imaging procedures show anything that could be months in the making. 

The most important part of the treatment decision process is where are you are at in regard to the problem.  There are advanced stages that would prompt a patient to do the conventional approach.  There are conditions as in lumpectomies where clear margins are gained around the area, with no lymph node involvement  where a patient could consider a natural approach without treatments and periodic testing. 

There are patients that take a natural approach when things are dire.  We are not going to touch this in this feature.  This is a personal decision but it should be based on understanding and not necessarily what a medical professional tells you,  as it appears the  medical profession has their own axe to grind and from our experience suggesting to an  Oncologist that they should look at things differently is not an easy chore.   They have their license and financial security to protect and quite frankly I don't blame them for the position they take at this time.  I think they could be more inquisitive as to whether a patient has the finances and will consider the more extensive testing that is available.  Again I am not sure if this protects the Doctor versus the standard of care approach.

We had a surgeon that knew from her experience that if she cut out a sizable area and produced clear margins the odds were in the patients favor.  The surgeon we might add still subscribed to immediate chemo and radiation and although we really were satisfied with the surgery and clear margins we parted company on the treatments for now after that.  Again this was and is our decision.

The only thing that we will suggest  here regarding advanced stages of cancer IV and up is we still would take the initial testing approach, different cancer profiles etc. now available.  We then would  go into our "Junk Yard Dog" natural approach (covered below) and in a very short time a month or two take another series of tests, preferably at the same reputable lab for correlated comparisons with the same equipment and gauge for movement.  If the cancer markers go down,  we would consider continuing with the "Junk Yard Approach" and wait it out for another test period before we decide to jump into the standard of care fry pan. 

There are various labs throughout the country that have refined tests for predicting cancer that we hope to  have confidence in and we will be covering them in this feature.  In most cases these labs do not bill Medicare.  Their fees will be out of your pocket.  You may get some oncologists to write a script for individual cancer marker tests, but you will find it hard to find a Doctor that will write a script for a full cancer profile.  I believe that they feel threatened by it.  Lets face it, if a laboratory  can  tell you whether or not  you are threatened by impending cancer you could easily be tempted to delay chemotherapy. 

We went to 3 very fine medical institutions for the problem we had and there was not a mention of the approach we have suggested above.  Why?  Because it is laden with liability, that is why.   If a Doctor has on the record that they advised you to do Standard of Care their rump is covered.   I think that this stinks to high heaven.

So again you have to decide whether you want to come up with the cash for the testing.  You could spend time from pillar to post trying to find a way for Uncle Sugar and insurance to cover these tests and costs.  This could prove to be a fatal mistake.

This brings up a major concern of mine, standard of care versus natural.  If one has hovering over their head the nightmare of recurrence of cancer in my opinion two things can happen.  ( This was touched on before in this feature but worth expanding on)  In the case of the natural approach the patient if you want to consider them a patient and  concerned with recurrence, they will dedicate the rest of their lives in eliminating cancer from returning simply based on fear.  The biggest bonus of the natural approach  will be the benefits of what this regimen will do in their general health for the rest of their lives. 

This regimen could include elimination of subsequent cancer threats that had no relationship to the current cancer you are dealing  with.  To repeat the right natural approach could take care of the problems you have now and anything that crops up in the future and this does not only include cancer threats.   An anti-cancer program will have positive effects on all the potential health problems we face.

Now the other side of the coin will be the standard of care, and what I call  the magic bullet seeker.  My guess is that the majority of this group who in most cases have led a not so perfect lifestyle.   I am talking sweets, booze, bad fats and stress etc. will go right back to their errant ways after they have been "cured" with the magic bullet.  You see this scenario every day where folks are given these magic treatments and they go about their merry way.  How many folks do standard of care and my God in a short time recurrence appears.  So then the question is, did it recur because it just had to happen or did the victim just neglect what they should have done with a Junk Yard Dog natural approach?




They have an array of different tests that indicates NIC. (No incidence of cancer at the time)  


CA-27-29,  (15-3)

Question: What is the cancer antigen 27.29 (CA 27.29) test for breast cancer?
Cancer antigen 27.29 (CA 27.29) is a blood test that is given specifically for breast cancer. The antigen CA 27.29 is found in the blood of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. If your CA 27.29 levels rise, it may indicate that your cancer is progressing or spreading. One version of this test is called the "Frequent BR Radioimmunoassay test."


A CEA test may be ordered when your symptoms suggest the possibility of cancer. In patients who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancer, a CEA level is also measured before and after therapy, to evaluate the success of treatment.

CTC's (Circulating Tumor Cell Count)  

You will read about a Cancer Tumor Cell Test that we had taken,  prescribed by a reluctant Oncologist.  Some Oncologists resist testing as it puts them in a precarious situation.  If the testing comes back that shows the patient does not have any ominous signs of cancer, the patient is inclined to not do standard of care, hence liability shows its ugly head.

This test speaks for itself.  They have a breaking point of 5.  Over is a concern, under as in a 2 reading is considered in a normal range.  Again the amount of cancer/tumor cells in the blood will determine how easy of a time the immune system will have in destroying them.  If the body is  overwhelmed  with cancer/tumor cells, the immune system just can't do the job. 

You will read and there is credibility in the fact that tissue pathology is still the gold standard of detecting cancer, although the Doctor doing our recent blood tests feels that his profile can predict the future in 90% or more of all cases.

We have mentioned above two particular breast cancer markers the CEA and the 27-29 (15-3) that we had done after lumpectomy fall of 09.  There were 8 different tests taken recently at  this local lab 2-10 and 2 of them were the same tests we had in Albany approximately 4 months prior.  The two tests in Albany came back normal and fortunately the two same tests recently taken were normal as well.  This history that we have developed is important because now we have something to compare with and the fact there was no movement in the upside was a positive.

The other tests in the cancer profile were normal  as well with a couple of them in the gray zone.  We were told with 6 of the 8 being normal it reduced the concern of the 2 being in the gray area.  Having again a history of these two gray areas will be important for us to see if there is any movement up or down in subsequent testing that we will have in about 4 months.

Ironically in the full testing regimen it was discovered that we have a protein concern that has to be addressed and a hormone issue that we will cover below,  as gain these other areas are very important in this ongoing concern of recurrence or for that matter new developments of cancer,  as there is still the question of  recurrence versus new areas cropping up.  In both cases we believe that they can be addressed with our junk yard dog approach.

You have the MRI scans, Pets can and Thermo grams as well as Ultra Sound. Keep in mind that these imaging tests can prompt unnecessary invasive "We got to get that out" procedures.  It is written in the medical circles that advanced blood testing could trump imaging testing in many cases.  We haven't investigated to any degree the imaging procedures, but we will in this feature in time.



The below material I scalped word for word out of an article on NKC (Natural killer cell)  activity and the fascinating ability for the body to zap out cancer cells.  Incredibly you will read that there are thousands of cancer cells being zapped out every day in healthy individuals.  An individual who is being subjected to the threat of cancer from recent tests, lumpectomies etc.   could show an increase in the amount of cancer cells and tumor cells circulating in the body.  This increase determines the current status of the threat and  some if not most in the Oncology profession are reluctant to use these tests to determine chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  With their license and assets on the line in a way we can't blame them, leaving the patient to determine their own threat versus the actual threat that the treatments themselves present.

Ironically you will read that chemotherapy and radiation "temporarily" compromises the immune system for an undefined period of time.  Again I ask anyone that if a patient does not have any incidence of cancer showing with tests detailed above, clear margins after a lumpectomy, in good health and a positive attitude before, during and after surgery,  why in Gods name would they subject themselves to treatments that have been proven to compromise ones immune system that would in most cases take care of the problem?  Of course it is important that a patient supports their immune system and this feature will detail what you can do to do it.  If you are not willing to take measures to boost your immune system by a change in lifestyle, then perhaps the patient should choose the "magic bullet, hit and miss, one size fits all" standard of care treatments.

We are told that in different cancer profile testing methods that NKC activity is measured in different means and again we will be reporting on this periodically as the information is not only generated, but when we have enough confidence to recommend a lab/labs that we feel are competent and on the level.  This is complicated stuff so bear with us on this.  If you don't think that your body has the ability to take care of cancer cells, please study the material below.....Again we are talking about a body that is operating at peak efficiency and that means not gorging yourself with sweets, refined grains, booze and especially too dam much fatty meat cooked at high temps.  Even an occasional glass of wine can tilt a meal toward acidity.  We personally have abandoned our 1 glass of wine before dinner, sacrificing the benefits in wine. 

Wine and all alcohol is acid big time and the last thing you need to indulge in when you are threatened with cancer.  We believe an unstable  condition that alcohol in any amount will create could have a direct effect on how well your NKC Cells are functioning.  Now if you believe that,  zero in on the information below and if you wind up with your mouth open as I did, don't be surprised.  I personally believe that if a human body is given a chance it can survive just about any health threat with the exception of a on coming freight train.


Fighting Cancer With NK Cells


NEK cells kill cancer
The 'T' cells are produced by the thymus gland. They become mirror images of invading organisms and become antibodies. A small population of these cells are already conformed to kill cancer cells. They are called NKC (Natural Killer cells). They examine other cells for the presence of certain molecules that identify the cell as a tumor cell or a cell that is infected with a virus. If such a cell is found, the NK cell deploys a tentacle with venom sacks and attaches to the suspect cell. It then reaches out with another tentacle to search for an 'off switch', a flag that tells the NK cell to back off and not kill the cell. If such a flag is not found, the NK cell blasts the target cell with particles, penetrating its outer shell and injects venom into the target cell. The venom pulsates in and out of the cell until it disintegrates in to small pieces.

This drama is reenacted 10,000 times every day as cancer cells are formed and destroyed in a healthy person's body. If this activity stops, the cancer cells are free to grow and become a clinical case of cancer. The residue resulting from the destruction of cancer cells is measurable in the blood serum and is a valuable indicator of anti-cancer action in the body. You might correctly assume that the greater the amount of this activity, the more cancer is present in the body. The level of this activity may be measured by the AMASS test. You may call 1-800-9CATEST to get a free test kit containing some special glass ware, information, instructions, and a prescription form which must be authorized by a physician or other person who is authorized to prescribe blood work.

It is not likely that your family doctor has ever heard of it, although it was approved by the FDA in 1977 and is included in allowable services under Medicare. My oncologist refused to authorize this test, so I found another physician who would. My results have been consistently 'normal' as of this writing in 2005, 9 years.

The following theme is repeated throughout this website; Cooking foods destroys enzymes which overloads the pancreas and disables the action of NEK cells. Raw foods heal the pancreas and restore the NK cell action.

Question??? Is this the most incredible medical information you have ever read in your life, it was for me and I have had my head buried in medical research for over 10 years now.

Chemo sensitivity Testing

There are new tests to determine how well chemotherapy will work if at all. Before I would consider Chemotherapy treatment I first would ascertain whether I had enough cancer cells to test.  I certainly would have the CA 27-29 and CEA cancer cell test taken and by all means have the NKC Activity (Natural Killer Cell) test taken as detailed above.  

We personally communicated with the head director of a Laboratory in Germany, a renowned institution when we were initially concerned with the potential impact my wife would be subjected to if we agreed to immediate standard of care treatment.  We learned during the process that both the head director of MD Anderson in Texas as well as the Cleveland Clinic applauded this  European work in the  testing area, before consenting to "the one size fits all".   One size fits all can include Adriamycin a notorious chemo that can cause serious cardiovascular problems. 

The first two contacts we made to close friends with family members with cancer,  relayed the problems their loved ones had with this particular Chemo and they believed contributed to their demise.  I asked one of the family members how he believed it was a contributor.  He said  "Because the Doctors told him it could be, before they started treatment".

We had a meeting with a Doctor today at his metabolic lab that does extensive cancer profiles that said the majority of problems in cancer is cardiovascular, not the cancer itself.  His theories were to seriously treat the cardiovascular state of the patient being treated for cancer. 

So in regard to pre-testing to find drugs that would work the Cleveland Clinic said in a recent article that the progress made in this area was the major break through in cancer treatments for 2009.  Dr Nemeroff at the Life Extensions organization has the reference if you question this.

When we inquired to Germany regarding the testing the director said they could only test if there were enough cells, but he did not elaborate.  We responded back and asked if there were not enough cells what should we do?  He said and I quote verbatim "In my personal opinion I would NOT do Chemotherapy".  I assume that he would suggest periodic testing to see if the cell count accelerated.  Then if this is the case there could be enough cells to ascertain proper treatment.  Again, if ain't broke don't fix it, but don't let your guard down.

Unfortunately at this time these blood tests for chemosensitivity and resistance to certain drug therapies are only done in Europe and are not covered by insurance.  They are very expensive.

The standard mammograms are still effective in picking up calcification that is conducive to breast cancer, but does not pick up all problems.  My wife has had 25 years of mammograms.  In the two DCIS incidents she had the Mammogram did not pick up the problems, ultra sound did.  Now can anyone tell me there is a justification for my wife to continue mammograms and subject herself to dangerous cumulative radiation? 

Mammograms are being frowned on by many circles.  There are reports that  severe pressing on the breast can actually rupture areas and release cells that would not be released such as the Insitu's where tumors are encapsulated.  Unfortunately the Cyberknife technology as reported below is not cleared for breasts yet, but my guess is in a short time where a very small lesion is found less than 1 cm, Cyberknife could do the trick and every breast surgeon and Oncologist would be crying bloody murder. 

At the very end of this feature is a rather large segment regarding Chemosensitivity testing  that includes the Farah Faucett issue. 


Urine and Saliva testing


To left is the new pH ion urine and saliva test strips that we use on a regular basis. 

Telephone # to order strips 888-744-8589

90 for about 13 bucks with shipping.

We also recommend the nitrazine paper roll obtained at the pharmacy.  If they don't have them in stock tell them to order it for you.  Most pharmacies will, CVS does.

The roll may be the easiest way to get started.


If you understand the principles you will be more motivated in following the principles as they are so important.   Let me detail this issue for you.  I have dealt with 3 particular pH issues in my life.  First in agriculture a critical factor in the health of plants.  Second as small an issue as it is swimming pool chemistry and last is general human health.

First let me describe to you the fact that if chemistry is not stabilized anywhere, you have swings, yo yoing up and down.  When you have swings you have molecules going nuts in your body and in most cases it is driven by free radicals that don't have all their marbles. When they are lacking parts they start grabbing molecules from others.  

When full molecules stay together they interact with other molecules and metabolize them, turn them into energy with little waste by products etc. They use them up, don't allow them to impinge on parts and the linings of your arteries etc. by efficiently removing the wastes through the normal elimination channels.

Now in the first two, agriculture and pools, man has to control the amount of alkalinity that has a direct bearing on stabilizing the pH,  the chemistry and it is delicate.  

We were told by Cornell that our Orchard floors optimally should be in the 6.8 pH range and that is where we kept it and it required lime applications periodically of anywhere from 2 to 7 ton of dolomitic lime to the acre,  that we  got from a Quarry in Lee Mass.  We sent soil samples to Cornell once a year and they sent back the application dosage we needed.  Our orchards stayed at a "Stabled" chemistry for years with out the need for lime after we brought it up.   Most always unattended soil is acid and lacking minerals.  Hence the pH was not stable.

We had never had experience with swimming pools until we came to Florida with our little 7000 gallon puddle and for years we struggled stabilizing our pH and we were putting acid in and all kinds of crap until I read up on pool Chemistry.  It took me 10 years to find out what it should have taken me 5 minutes with my ag background, but I didn't connect the dots.  I used to  read my "Total Alkalinity" count and if it was around  100 ppm,  I just thought is was alright but again I struggled.  I went on the Internet and found information that said if you were having these swings in your pool and encounter some "plaque" on the walls of the pool  (which I did) they suggested upping the total alkalinity to about 120 ppm. 

We did that after 10 years and don't forget a pool that is not stable bounces not only acid it can bounce alkaline.  The optimum pH for a pool is between 7.2 and 7.8.  Incidentally it is not by coincidence that blood and lymph fluids are kept at 7.37 pH and the body will go to all extremes to maintain that pH even if it has to cannibalize your bones to do it.  This is the basic difference between Soils and Pools compared to the human body.  The human body has its bone matrix to harvest.  Of course soil and pools don't get osteoporosis but people do and when you start relying on your bones to supply minerals, you are inviting osteoporosis and everything else.

Since I jacked up my total alkalinity in the pool from 100 ppm to 120 ppm I rarely have to add acid or anything other than about every 2 to 3 months a 2 1/2 lb bag of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)  that has the minerals in it.  We never have any residue on the sides of our pool, clean as a whistle and I hope your arteries will get to that level shortly if you observe and act on the principles we lay out in this feature.

Now as far as the human body.  Yes man has to control it as well,  but if it does not subject itself to constant acid foods attacks etc. and gets a generous amount of alkaline foods from raw vegetables and fruit, fruit that is not high glycemic , the body has an amazing ability to regulate and stabilize itself.  Incidentally veggies like carrots and beets are high glycemic.  Go real easy on those puppies.

Now the "Acid" test is how well your kidneys are functioning and able to handle the acids over night.  If you are doing it right and it doesn't have to be perfect like the pool applications, you should wake up in the morning with a cool 6.4 pH.  If it is less than 6.4 you have to up your alkalinity intake and lower your intake of acid foods, mostly meats and sugar.  Out with the booze.

Note:  If you do a high alkaline smoothie that is primarily vegetables, your urine pH could easily increase to around 7.   This is a little higher than the recommended 6.5  for optimum ionization, but we feel could be outweighed by the huge benefits derived from a high alkaline smoothie.

The drug stores have the rolls.  When you get one you have to take  it apart, take the foil wrap off of the roll and thread it through. All you do is take about and inch and 1/2 and run it through the stream, but don't do it immediately upon the first urination, wait a couple of seconds.  If by chance you have a couple of days of below 6 in the morning you have been very naughty and naughty  is not nice when  it comes to cancer.  6 or under first thing in the morning is asking for the worst. 

Understand that pH can move all over the place. This is so because most individuals "total alkalinity" is not very strong.  So two hours after a meal for instance, you may find the urine going acid as it is a reflection of the meals acid components pushing the pH.   But as "total alkalinity" increases in an individual, this swaying urine pH starts to lock in and with the saliva pH factored in, the average should  settle around the 6.4 level.  This takes time to accomplish.

The reason 6.4 seems to be ideal is for specific ionization principles to be carried out in the body.  Anytime we talk about the human body and biological terrain, we can relate it to stories of farming and soil terrain for there is common ground in both areas. After all, we do come from the dust of the earth and it is the dust of the earth from which we will return (our bodies at least). pH is but one parameter that quantifies the nature of the terrain.

We have charts in this feature below that list acid and alkaline foods. 

Again if you are yo yo ing it usually indicates too much acid.


Allergic Reactions and Acid Wastes/Inflammation

Below is an excerpt from a feature we have just completed on inflammation.  It zeros in on allergic reactions and testing.  The link to the full feature follows the excerpt.

"Allergic reactions are distinctive because of excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. 

A variety of tests exist to diagnose allergic conditions. These include placing possible allergens on the skin and looking for a reaction such as swelling. Blood tests can also be done to look for an allergen-specific IgE." 


What would an Oncologist do?  Costs??

We read in a recent survey taken where they asked a group of Oncologists what they would do if they were given the bad news.  They didn't go into detail as to what stages and grades they had, but an astounding 75% said they would not do Chemo and Radiation at least at the time of the initial discovery.

For a couple of days I was bewildered by this revelation and kept asking my self "What would they do?"  Well the first thing I said was the fact that most patients are restricted to how many tests they can have taken in lets say a year.   So if anyone wanted to take on a real aggressive assault with natural practices, how would they know whether they were making any head way or were they putting themselves at risk?  Again periodic testing could give them some assurance that they were at least maintaining the status quo or for that matter seeing a diminishing of the problem.  I mean who would enter into the ravages of Chemo and Radiation if they had any evidence that what they were doing was not working against the cancer?

So then the question of cost crops up.  I believe that most Doctors have to factor in that patients just cannot afford the extra expensive tests over insurance that could determine the patients path of initial treatment even if it is holistic.

So to end this segment with the cost of testing being a big obstacle lets ask ourselves again "What would an oncologist do, especially if they declined the standard treatments?"  Let me try to  answer this with a question.  "If you were an Oncologist and had all the testing equipment at your disposal and don't make me laugh if you expected them to pay for the use, because I am sure they work with cohorts that on the QT would cooperate.  If you had blood testing at your beckon call, MRI's, Ultra sound etc. etc. why  would you expect them to rush into Chemo and Radiation, if the first and subsequent tests were negative?

Now last would be the Oncologists knowledge of natural methods.  I am talking the full gamut of supplements the Turmeric's (Curcumin), Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol, the new Mushroom extracts and much more along with a hefty Vitamin D level over 50 MG/Ml as well as Omega 3s in Fish, Fish oil, flax seed, olive oil, walnuts etc., high alkaline green smoothies.  We take them all.  You are mistaken if you don't believe every Oncologist alive is not aware of Natural methods to beat cancer.   You will read about our sun in take, trampoline usage for Lymphatic drainage and diet regimen along with  primarily raw greens in addition to the powerhouse smoothies.  

If you don't think that most if not all Oncologists know about the natural approaches when viewing their poor pitiful patients parading through their doors everyday who have undergone chemo and radiation, if you don't think these professionals do not only know but employ natural methods to prevent recurrence of cancer you are smoking rope baby.

Now you have a pretty good idea why 75% of the Oncologists would flat out refuse Chemo and Radiation upon receiving the bad news. 



Mammosite is a new procedure and is a 5 day,  twice a day targeted radiation treatment, where they insert a small bag in the surgically removed area of the cavity of an excised tumor in a lumpectomy process.  If one is concerned about surgical procedures that could release cancer cells into the blood stream, Mammosite could be  considered. 

I personally had a concern about a skin cancer period in my life regarding surgical procedures that could actually promote the release of cancer cells into the blood stream.  I would strongly suggest that all skin cancer removal if at all possible should be done with a scrape and burn procedure where a cauterization is done at the end of the process.  This could give you a better chance of cells not infiltrating your system.  I am sure if you approach a dermatologist with this theory they will scoff at it.  

Some cancer care hospitals say they are well acquainted with the Mammosite process.  Some even say they have "vast" experience in the process, no one will tell you they don't.  I believe that most surgeons feel through their time proven experience that going in and removing the tumor and involved margins is the best approach.  One of the newer processes the Sentinel node biopsy explained in detail  (Link at the bottom of this feature) covers a new method of preserving a good percentage of the underarm nodes, with this procedure if they are not positive, positive being cancerous.  It seems before surgeons were hells bent to remove all nodes under the arm when cancer was found in the breast.  They can do this with a on site pathology during the operation, similar to the MOHS process in skin cancer procedures.  This is where they take samples, send the patient to the sitting room and take them back into the operation room if they did not achieve clear margins.  I have known patients that have had to go back 3 and 4 times until they had clear margins.  This is done to eliminate excessive removal of tissue especially where there is a aesthetic  issue involved.

Now in the case of sentinel node investigation, they excise the sentinel node by finding it with an injected dye process and test it while the patient is knocked out.  If it is clear they assume all the other nodes are clear.  If it is not they take out a group of nodes any where from a couple to a dozen.  The operation is completed and the nodes are taken to a lab (after the operation is completed) for further precise evaluation.  The results will dictate either further surgery and follow up treatment.  If these nodes are involved (cancerous) there is a good chance a number of tumor cells have escaped the umbrella of the nodes and have entered the blood stream.  This is where the patient has to seriously consider chemo and radiation,  but again in my opinion only if they are willing to obtain credible information regarding what treatments will work and what could kill them.

So now lets look at the Mammosite.  Here you have an opportunity to insert at the time of the lumpectomy an ability to almost immediately address some loose renegade cancer cells sitting there waiting for their marching orders.   We are told that if the sentinel node is involved, they can't do Mammosite.  I was not given a reasonable response to why not?  Something to do with radiation in two areas needed, the nodule surgically removed area and the sentinel node area that is a distance apart.   You could run into a reluctance from a surgeon that has had a good track record of removing enough and obtaining slam dunk clear margins and quite honestly I have to lean in this direction versus Mammosite.


Junk Yard Dog      

 Lets get started....but if you are not going to deal with this like a junk yard dog, my advice is to  call the Oncologist and arrange for your Standard of Care Treatments because as in my wife's case, I do not want to take responsibility for a break down,  a recurrence because you or any patient does not want to handle our natural approach like the Bow Wow above.  

I am talking the biggest part of your day whether you like it or not should be dedicated to getting you on track to a complete recovery without the fear of recurrence, that is the bottom line.  Now how many testing periods you have to go through before you can relax a bit remains to be seen.  Just keep in mind a Junk Yard dog never sleeps, 24, 7.  You hop a fence in the middle of the night and there is a junk yard dog inside that fence he is going to have your ass in his jaws before you get on your feet.        


I am going to lead off the recommendations to boost your natural immune system with the most powerful measure you can take...You want those NK killer cell tentacles working at peak efficiency so please reread the excerpt again out of the NK segment above in this feature............ 

They are called NK (Natural Killer cells). They examine other cells for the presence of certain molecules that identify the cell as a tumor cell or a cell that is infected with a virus. If such a cell is found, the NK cell deploys a tentacle with venom sacks and attaches to the suspect cell. It then reaches out with another tentacle to search for an 'off switch', a flag that tells the NK cell to back off and not kill the cell. If such a flag is not found, the NK cell blasts the target cell with particles, penetrating its outer shell and injects venom into the target cell. The venom pulsates in and out of the cell until it disintegrates in to small pieces.  

Of all the research I have done in the past 10 years on health I believe this passage is by far the most incredible piece of information that we have uncovered and keep in mind this can only be achieved with a generous amount of alkalizing live foods handled and prepared properly.



Three Horsepower and 3+HP Blenders (The Vitamix brand are the gold standard in blenders) are the best for extracting  all the Phytonutrients and Antioxidants out of fruits, vegetables  and in seeds.  We recently purchased the Vitaprep.  It is expensive, but breaching the cell walls of food as well as penetrating the innards of seed requires a beast of a machine and the Vitaprep is a beast.


Snitched the below information out of

a newsletter today regarding the

 combination of power foods and salad and tomatoes were one of the

 combinations.  I think you will find it very interesting regarding the

 incorporation of fat as it applies to nutrients being absorbed efficiently.  We

 have a little fat in every meal and snack and nuts and seed are the staples and

 we apply it as well to our smoothies as we use nuts, seed, avocado, and other

 fats in the smoothies


Salad with tomatoes

 You can even lose weight while you  help protect yourself against prostate

 cancer. How about a light salad that  has tomato slices, dressed with a little

 vinegar and olive oil? The lycopene in the tomato is especially effective

 against cancer , but it needs to be combined with a small amount of

 fat in order to be absorbed efficiently by the body. Olive oil is a perfect —

 and healthful — fat to combine with the tomato.


There is a concentration in seeds that are not easy to extract.  In fact you will read that in every seed there is the "soft kernel" in the very inside.  This is where the "magic resides" as in most cases these wonders of life are reserved for the natural process of seeds.  The natural process is  a seed being prepared to geminate and in some cases it is accomplished when birds  deposit them via their elimination process.  It is a  proven theory that without birds doing this the world would suffer huge erosion  soil damage. 

Now you have many sources  of benefits in a seed.  Even the outside hard core is certainly a source of fiber.  In addition there a magical chemistry in the outside surface of the seed that keeps it from deterioration.   We have written in our other features and it is worth repeating here that we have uncovered in our fields seed that were brought up with real deep plowing that could very well have been in the ground for 50 to 75 years but did not degrade, but yet would germinate with the exposure of warmth, oxygen and moisture.   Yet we know if a piece of steel was put along side of it that the steel would turn into dust through oxidation in no time, no time could be a few years not 50 or 75 years.  This validates the magical protection that the cover of the seed provides and incidentally what it provides when someone ingests its properties.  They call it fiber, I call it magic.

So the question is what keeps that seed from oxidizing?  My guess is it is a  powerful anti-oxidant and enzyme based component that does the job.  We know that in order to sprout a seed or lets say a bean, it has to be exposed to water and sun etc.  When you soak a bean for sprouting purposes, it only takes in some case 24 hours before a particular inhibitor enzyme is essentially destroyed so the innard part of the seed will come to life and germinate.

Now in this very healthy environment for seed germination, the "soft kernel" within every seed is exposed.  Now unfortunately this soft kernel can be  lost in the human digestion process unless it can be crushed completely where all of the anti-oxidants are exposed and if immediately ingested will do the trick in the body gaining most if not all of the benefits.

Berry seeds for instance are so small it would be impossible to rupture most of them and obtain the miracles of life that they contain.  Chewing your food well covered below will be better than nothing, but don't try to crush a berry seed completely with your teeth unless you want to spend half the day doing it.  A high speed blender does it and this also applies to the cells of fruits and vegetables.

So what happens to seed if the goodness is not exposed? They go back to the earth via the septic tank or destroyed forever at the waste sewage plant.   A high speed blender can accomplish this rupturing  and put these miracles to work for you.

Fruits and vegetables and seeds in their raw form  scavenge free radicals, cancers etc. like nothing else,  simply based on their natural sophisticated chemistries especially if you team it with an efficient Lymphatic system to be discussed below.   Deadly diseases are complicated and they need complicated solutions from nature.  It's like fighting fire with fire.

One apple has about 385 different phytonutrients, but you only utilize them entirely when they are broken out of the cell walls, via a high speed blender that doesn't heat up and degrade the product.  (You add ice to the blend to insure a safe product temp as well)   Sure when chomping on an apple you may be getting a portion of its goodness and you could live to 100 in doing so.  On the other hand if you are under attack as in cancer, you may need to call out the reserves or the full compliment, lets call it a concentrated surge. 

Your body cannot digest all the phytonutrients if they are still locked inside the cell and seed structure of your food.  Juicing does not unlock all of the phytonutrients found in the fiber.  Chewing does not either.  Now if you are working with a young body that can be subjected to most any onslaught, the young body will obtain enough to sustain it.  When you age and are under siege look out because things do not work as well.    I might add here and it is covered below in our "Alkalize or Die" portion  that even if you ingest these super foods it does not mean they will be  available if your chemistry is out of whack.  The nature of your pH chemistry will determine how efficient your digestion and delivery system is.

My wife and I try to  maintain a 6.5 urine ph and somewhat higher on Saliva.  The optimum diet that is providing all the alkalinity it needs without cannibalizing your body and adipose areas,  desperately searching for the minerals the body requires easily  maintains the 7.37 pH in both your blood and lymph fluids.  Unfortunately accessing stored alkalinity as in the bones and adipose areas have a nasty toxicity that goes along with it.  So when you do cannibalize these areas you not only extract the minerals,  but you have take the crap with it and that is the epitome of "Toxic acid waste" and this is covered below.

Again there is nothing more powerful than the extracted nutrients and anti-oxidants from blending.  The more you can harvest out of your food the more success you will have in beating the Bad News.

Incidentally in our daily smoothie routine we make sure that we observe the 40-30-30 principles by incorporating  a balance of carbs, protein and fat in the mix and this is rather easy to do.  I think the worst thing anyone can do is load a smoothie up with carbs from fruit only and disregard adding protein and fats.   You concentrate the sugars of fruit only you are going to skyrocket the fat storage hormone insulin and as we know this is not smart. 

We have a theory mentioned in our other features that state a balance of carbs, protein and fat at every meal and snack will have a profound ability to not only burn fat off of the adipose areas, but the same fat on your hide is the same fat that resembles and accumulates in your arteries, lymphatic network etc.  We believe the balance will eat away these accumulations.  We believe that this process will enhance your immune system and immediately start to turn your Bad News around in the right direction.

Below is a link to information and vendors on high powered blenders.

Click here for....    3 Hp blenderinfo.txt


Food mills grinders

What is milling?

The device to the left is the Proctor Sylex coffee bean grinder.  It works well for coffee beans of course, but we use it for flax and sesame seeds that we grind every morning for our breakfast cereal.

The lignin's in flax and sesame seeds are one of the most profound cancer fighters.  We buy 1 lb each of brown flax seed, golden flax seed and sesame seeds.  We throw them in a big paper bag, mix them thoroughly with our  hands and dispense them back into smaller bags that feed an every day plastic container.  This is the mix two table spoons a day that go on our breakfast cereal with fruit, nuts, and a half a banana.  (Half a banana because of the sugar)

Milling  is  also  referred  to  as  “grinding”  and  is  the  technique  used to break a dry raw ingredient down into smaller parts, ranging from chips

to a fine powder. 

Why mill?

You can mill many dry raw ingredients such as nuts, seeds, grains, dehydrated foods and 
cacao  beans.  In  doing  so  you create  smaller  particles  that  are  either easier  to  use  within recipes  or  which  can  be  used  as  sprinkles  for  adding  into  or  onto  other  dishes,  such  as soups, salads or desserts. 

What do I need to mill? 

You will need a nut mill (also known as a coffee mill or grinder) or a blender with a ‘dry jug’ such as the Vita­Mix Super TNC.   The Proctor Sylex works great for me. 

Best ways to get milling
Try  taking  a  tablespoon  each  of  sunflower  seeds  (hulled),  sesame  seeds  and  pumpkin seeds  and  milling  together  to  form  a  tasty  seed  sprinkle.  This mixture is packed with nutrition and can be used to mix into recipes or to sprinkle into soups or salads. Try varying the  mixture  by  adding  or  removing  ingredients.  Some  good  ones  to  add  might  be  hemp seeds  (hulled  or  unhulled)  and/or  flax  seeds  (linseed). 

Keep any milled nuts or seeds in an airtight container in the 
fridge to avoid them from going rancid and use ideally within 5­7 days.   I don't subscribe to this recommendation above.  I grind on the spot and consume the product immediately. 


                      Let me Chew you out


In the process of starting this feature it dawned on me how important it is for those like me that have "eaten all of our lives on the run".  If you want to get little from your food nutritionally,  by all means shovel it down like a dog.  My Maltese will take a whole chunk of meat and swallow it without chewing.  Dogs do have a different digestive system than humans.  There is nothing I can do for her, but I sure can change my foolish and dangerous habits with eating.  I  had a Father and a close Uncle as well as other family members succumb to Esophageal cancer and I really suspect it can be traced to our inherent aggressive "time is wasting" personalities and the lack of adequate mastication.  My wife tells me everything should be chewed 30 to 40 times and if you have been given the Bad News and you want to obtain all of the nutrition you possibly can get from your food along with blending,  chew your dam food, I am going to.  (She counted my breakfast session today with the grains and fruits  and said I was in the 20's.  Hey that's progress for me.  You don't change 70 years of bad habits over night.)   I seen my Father waste away to skin and bones and suffer, did he suffer.  I wish that I knew then what I know now,  so I could have helped him. 

One more thing is the condition of your teeth.  There is no question if the condition of your teeth are poor the discomfort of it will limit your mastication. Chewing everything you eat real good will release the benefits, that you need to beat the Bad News.   Good feature on the teeth and gums below.....   Click here.....


Alkalize or Die

This section is pH related with some added information to the pH information above in the feature.

It is written that there is no such thing as a natural death.  All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the endpoint of progressive tissue acid saturation.  We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste (The Culprit) we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Baroody.  He also has written an excellent book on the subject to the right.   “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…Too much tissue acid waste in the body”  One of the biggest wastes is caused by damaged cholesterol,  not clean cholesterol.  More on this below........

Acid conditions rob the body of oxygenation while Alkaline forming foods restore it.  Infections thrive in an acid condition and in fact it is well known that cancer thrives as well in an acid environment.  If you have cancer or want to prevent it study our alkalinity features and top it off with our lymphatic principles of bathing your body.  A quality lymph fluid that is constructed by you with an alkaline diet (not acid) keeping by your acid food down to a minimum.  You do need acid foods though as in Omega 3 fatty acids, fatty fish a great example is just what the doctor ordered.

Below is an extensive feature on our website on Alkalinity and pH.  If you can discipline yourself to take in a diet that is 75% alkaline and 25% acid, you will go a long way in beating the Bad News.  We have written that the Hunza tribe in the Himalayas drink water coming down from their mountain sides that is the color of milk it is so alkaline.  These dudes live into their hundreds, most of them.


The majority of acid conditions are caused by what we call the "jelly donut syndrome"  and cooked fatty meats.

The problem with refined sugar is when it is combined with other deadly ingredients.  First off the bat is soft drinks with the sulfur in them,   DEEEAAADLY.  Booze that is a byproduct of refined grain and sugar is another.   If you have ever looked into a still with refined grain and sugar cooking,  it is the last thing that you want to put in your stomach, but an occasional glass of wine or a brew never hurt anyone.  It is the excess of any of them that is the problem.  Let's not forget the jelly donut.  If anyone wanted to design the ultimate terrorist attack to your being,  along with the acid wastes that go along with it,  baked goods including breads would be the perfect storm.  My baked goods and refined grains consist of a chocolate chip cookie each day at lunch just for nostalgia and I pray that chocolate is as good for me as they say it is.

I think that one of the cruelest jokes is some of these health breads that are basically put together with refined grains, (which do you little good)  colored brown (to make them look healthy)  and where they sprinkle about 5 plus different seeds in and on them, that proceed through your system with the seeds winding up in the septic tank.  Why in the septic tank, because you didn't take a half an hour to chew the seed to mash them and they go through you like a bullet and don't do you any good at all.


People vary, but for most,
the ideal diet is 75 percent alkalizing
and 25 percent acidifying
foods by volume.

Fermented Veggies
Brussel sprouts
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Edible Flowers
Parsnips (high glycemic)
Sea Veggies
Barley Grass
Wheat Grass
Wild Greens
Nightshade Veggies
Banana (high glycemic)
Honeydew Melon
All Berries
Tropical Fruits

Whey Protein Powder
Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Tofu (fermented)
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Tempeh (fermented)
Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sprouted Seeds
Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen
Lecithin Granules
Probiotic Cultures
Green Juices
Veggies Juices
Fresh Fruit Juice
Organic Milk
Mineral Water
Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
Dandelion Tea
Ginseng Tea
Banchi Tea


Chili Pepper
Sea Salt
All Herbs

Dandelion Root
Sea Veggies
Avocado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Flax Oil
Olive Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil


Rice Cakes
Wheat Cakes
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)
Hemp Seed Flour

Cheese, Cow
Cheese, Goat
Cheese, Processed
Cheese, Sheep
Brazil Nuts
Peanut Butter



Distilled Vinegar
Wheat Germ
Drugs, Medicinal
Drugs, Psychedelic

Hard Liquor

Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans
Rice Milk
Almond Milk


Check out our extensive feature on alkalinity.  Alkalinity plays an enormous role in how the fluids in your body, venous and lymph are effectively doing their job.  Once you have the quality of fluids up to snuff, then you have to concentrate on moving the fluid through the venous and lymphatic vessels and nodes at an optimum velocity. 

Just a note here.  We had a granddaughter who acquired a lump on her rump consequences of a horseback injury.  She went to a lymphatic drainage specialist. In the process of the delicate treatments she was advised to pick up on her liquid intake.  She not only did not abide by the therapists recommendation she didn't abide by my recommendation alkaline addition to the liquids using distilled water as the base.  She did neither and wound up with a kidney infection, by overwhelming the system with the waste load of the therapy.  You will read about our liquid recommendations below in this feature.

Click here.....alkalize.htm


Dark Chocolate  

I had an Aunt that lived to 96 that lived on dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate has varying degrees of purity relating to its cacao phenol contents.  Hershey has a dark chocolate that is 65% pure.  I would say that would be the minimum.  There is chocolate that has higher amounts and many with artificial ingredients that have less.  You can well afford to buy the best  as the benefits in dark chocolate are huge.  My wife and I eat one of the Ghirardelli 86% Midnight Revere squares a day.  We also take a supplement from the Life Extension company in Ft. Lauderdale that has Pomegranate and CocaGold derived from the cacao bean.  Again the polyphenols have been found to be especially beneficial to the cardiovascular system and endothelial function.  We are talking about the walls of your arteries and flow.  No question the healthier your cardiovascular system is the better chance of beating the bad news whatever your problem is cancer included.


We have a feature "The 10 ways to good health" that applies to folks that want to stay healthy.  The same 10 ways apply to some one who has been given the Bad News,  only by 1000 times the factor.

Click here.....10 ways to good health.htm

In the 10 ways feature it is mentioned that  there are links to 2 particular features on the Sun and the Lymphatic system.  You should find these articles compiled from information by specialists in their respective fields fascinating and they are all related to Bad News.


The Sun


A brief excerpt  from our Sun and you feature...

As you know the sun manufactures Vitamin D3 that in turn works with Calcium that is the key mineral in the body.  In agriculture the pH of our soil and its calcium and magnesium etc. content were critical and we stayed right on top of it.  Vitamin D3 is critical to the immune system and if you have received the Bad News you need your immune system working at peak efficiency.

A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the powerful impact of Vitamin D3".  "Hey that is saying a lot." 

Regarding the Vitamin D3/Suns role a few study findings show that:

27,500 American women die prematurely every year from breast cancer caused by vitamin D deficiency, and according to Dr. Holick’s calculations (Michael Holick, M.D., PhD, is  one of the world's foremost authorities on vitamin D and a full Professor of medicine, dermatology, biophysics and physiology at the Boston University School of Medicine)  55 American women die prematurely every year from breast cancer caused by underexposure to sunlight for every one woman who dies prematurely from overexposure to sunlight (non-melanoma skin cancer).

37,000 men die prematurely each year from prostate cancer, and this means that 55 to 60 men may die prematurely from underexposure to sunlight for every one that dies prematurely due to overexposure. You are three times less likely to die of colon cancer if you have healthy levels of vitamin D (20 ng/ml or more).  Excellent article on the Sun below.

There was an astonishing article in the recent Reader Digest on the critical aspects of Vitamin D3 and if you can't rely on the Readers Digest you can't rely on anyone.  In fact the article is referred to as "The Miracle Vitamin" and the sub heading  is "New evidence shows that getting enough D may  be the most important thing that you can do for your health"  If you are given the Bad News get in the sun, early morning, late afternoon and as much exposure as the law allows.  Birthday suit is the best exposure.

PLEASE NOTE: By the action of UV light in sunlight on cholesterol molecules that have “risen” to near the surface of the skin vitamin D is formed. Therefore, it is suggested that people should not shower immediately after being in the sun, but wait at least ½ hour for the new vitamin D to be absorbed deeper into the skin.

Click here..

Vitamin D Supplements

Dr. Mercola has a great article 10-10-09 on Vitamin D supplements.  If you are in a dismal area without sun for prolonged periods you really need to think supplements and at least 4 to 5,000 IU's a day, with periodic blood runs.  All the right information you need is with a BING or Google Search.  Plug in Dr. Mercola's Vitamin D.  While you are at it subscribe to his newsletter it is the best on the internet.  Some nice Videos too of the Good Doctor on numerous subjects.

There are people taking 400 IU's a day of the right kind of Vitamin D3 (Cholecaliferol) which is really nothing let along taking D without Cholecaliferol.  My wife  has been taking first 2000 IU's a day went to 4000 IU's a day for a couple of weeks before testing and it still came in with a very low 33 ng/ml.  (Although there are Doctors that say 33 ng/ml is just fine.  They are wrong, dead wrong.)

We are increasing her to 6000 IU's and once in Florida when the sun will come into play. They say you can easily obtain 20,000 IU's from the sun and the body has a protective mechanism that will not allow over dose. At a certain level it just stops cold.

Now on the other hand supplements can conceivably cause an unwanted over dose and in fact there are those that can actually exceed a 100 ng/ml and that can be toxic.

In fact Dr. Mercola suggested for anyone in the 20 to 25 ng/ml tested range to actually take in 50,000 IU's for 2 weeks and get tested and adjust it with your Doctor thereafter.


Every day supplements?

Incidentally we do not do supplements every day.  We believe in sabbaticals, hence we do not do supplements on Wednesday and Sunday.   There are many that believe in a "drying out" period as too much of a good thing may not be good.  We believe the body will actually respond positively to a break and actually it has been written that too many supplements if taken every day could work in reverse.

Laboratory and animal research have shown that antioxidants help prevent the free radical damage that is associated with cancer.  However, results from recent studies in people are not consistent.

We believe that an array of known powerful anti-oxidants taken in moderation could have the ability to search out some of the more impenetrable  sophisticated combinations of free radicals that are associated with Cancer and other ills caused by free radicals.  Below is a list of the more sophisticated supplements we are using during our bout with my wife's breast concerns and I indulge in most of them myself as we have continued to benefit from the Junk Yard Dog approach we have felt chosen to do. 

Now whether anyone or combination of these powerhouses will search and find the villains only God will know.  Keep in mind that these regimens support the immune system along with the NKC (Killer cells) so anti-oxidants make a 2 way assault on the bad guys.

Again  in moderation...  Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acids.   We believe we use the best available from Life Extensions as well as their Co-Q10.  Resveratrol, Pomegranate extract  (We buy the fresh Pomegranates in season and incorporate them  in our smoothie each day)  Garlic extract, but also fresh Garlic in many of our meals especially with Tomato sauce.  (Bioastin  Astaxanthin)  This a out of Hawaii and is created from Algae.  It is known as one of natures most powerful antioxidants.  In fact it is billed as Natures strongest antioxidants but we are not going to take it that far.  (Turmeric Curcumin)  Lots written on this one.  Coriolus Mushroom.  As in the others this is believed to be a tumor fighter and a powerful anti-oxidant.  Tagamet.  A great deal written on over the counter Tagamets ability to prevent tumors from attaching to organs.   We do take the other supplements, Selenium, Bromeline etc. with their full spectrum of unique properties, but in most cases less than the RDA recommendations. 

We believe that it only takes a minute amount of any of these supplements to search and destroy the molecular structure of free radicals and especially as it applies to cancer if it is inclined to do the job.  If it is not inclined because of inadequate properties this is on par with standard of care chemotherapy that is impotent.  The difference between the natural approach of supplements and chemotherapy is that chemotherapy has been found to be damaging at times, although the jury is still out regarding its effectiveness. Chemotherapy in the US for the most part is not supported with Chemo resistant testing as being done in Europe.

I might add that in all cases we combine the use of the supplements listed above with raw fruits and vegetables as they have a built in protection in them to insure that if there is any excesses even while taken in moderation, the buffering ability will step in and protect you. 


Vitamin D 3 from foods


Below you will read about the most powerful health food known to man.  If you are under the threat of cancer by way of the Bad News, there is nothing more beneficial than Fatty fish in particular from Sardines, Salmon and Tuna and preferably in extra virgin olive oil although they don't do olive oil with Salmon, but that does not stop you from adding your own.  In fact we pour off the oils that come in the cans of fish and apply our own quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil on to our salad.


Note:  There are a few foods with Vitamin D other than these additives that I don't trust.  One favorite is sardines out of the pristine waters off of Portugal.  I buy the exquisite Angelo Pagoli brand.  Go into the Internet and put in Taylors market,  Angelo Pagoli.  Make sure you get it in Extra virgin olive oil as the 2 combined are powerful.   My personal favorite sardines are the Portuguese Sardines (Bela-Olhão Ask for Bluegalleon.  They come in olive oil, lemon or tomato base.  I prefer the olive oil but the tomato is not bad.  As far as price, believe it or not I can do better at Whole Foods if they have them.  Buy at least a dozen cans and ask for a "10% case price discount"  The store I go to brings the price down to around $2.50 per can and of course no shipping  picking them up yourself.  Pagoli's have a $2.69 special going on 6/22/12 but you will have to pay shipping.

Sardines are a deep water fish that do not feed on other fish, therefore Mercury is not a problem.  

Tuna is also a great source of Vitamin D3.   Keep in mind that all tuna is not equal.  We have written that we have found some brands of tuna to have a paltry amount of omega 3 fatty acids.  A great source of tuna with a high amount of Omega 3s is the Pappa George brand caught in the icy waters of the North west.   It is handled very well, lightly cold smoked to virtually eliminate any chance of problems that some smoking processes do.

Again ask for the tuna with olive oil.   It will be the best Tuna you have ever eaten, trust me.   206-255-4203.  Ask for Molly.  They have a high omega 3 salmon canned product that is lightly smoked and it is delicious,  but is pricey compared to the standard products in the supermarket.  It is well worth the difference as it is wild and not subjected to the contamination that farm salmon has. 

In our Sun and You feature that zeros in on the importance of fatty fish in relationship to Vitamin D3  the sun can play a huge role in this process if available.   Fatty fish have their own compliments of Vitamin D3, but we believe that adding the Sun to the process enhances the optimization. 

This  super concoction  of ultraviolet rays of the sun, key foods, good liquids etc. through the Lymphatic network and nodes,  then on to the liver for processing and whatever and then to the kidneys where a super duper  hormone is born 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3.  (Incidentally Cholesterol is the precursor to vitamin D3).  It is the main raw product needed for this process back at the liver.   It then is returned back to the body via the Lymphatic and immune system.  What a journey?  I don't believe there is actually a starting point for this process, I have referred to this as an ongoing revolving door, a continuous circulation that does as good a job as it can and this depends on how good a job you do in providing the best ingredients.  It is like making a cake, you can make a cake out of most anything, the question is "How good will it be"


If I was given the Bad News I would  increase my weekly intake of fatty fish and the other Vitamin D3 foods listed in our Sun and you feature, but a short list would be Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Cottage cheese, Spinach, Walnuts, Flax seed freshly ground and Plain Yogurt.   I would consider consuming a half a can of fatty fish a day  on a  good size salad with  lots of raw spinach as spinach has a nice compliment of Vitamin D and one of the highest anti-oxidant foods known to man.  Throw a few Walnuts on top of the salad with a little extra virgin Olive oil.  Now you are talking Vitamin D3 Dejour.

You are in one of those cafeteria line ups the best thing you can do is load up your plate with spinach and some raw broccoli floweret's too.  You can alternate Sardines one day Salmon the next and do a Tuna for the last day in the cycle.  Again if I was under an imminent threat of cancer, I would do a half a can of each 6 days a week.  If there was no imminent threat I would do 3 days a week with a 1/2 a can on a big old leafy green salad.    Plop about 4 nice dabs of  cottage cheese on that salad as cottage cheese is a super Vitamin D3 food.  (If you do go out to a cafeteria, put a few walnuts in your pocket and when no one is looking toss them on to your salad.) 

Incidentally that dish on the upper left is my lunch most days prepared for by  the love of my life.  Besides the 4 dabs of cottage cheese there is about 4 ounces of sardines, Tuna or salmon,  black beans, a dab of sauerkraut (Probiotics),  different types of nuts and over a bed of dark green raw  veggies.  It isn't shown here but this is finished with a plate of watermelon (Lycopene) and a cup of plain yogurt (more natural calcium) with cut up fruit and berries.  Oops almost forgot the chocolate chip cookie not just for the phenols in them but because I love em.

There is on record many Centenarians that claim their longevity can be attributed to their sardine intake and I believe it.  Protein, Fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, Minerals and Vitamin D de jour.  

Vitamin D Foods

The following  foods have a generous amount of Natural Vitamin D  2's in vegetables and 3's in fish, cheeses, yogurts,  fish oils.   Our research shows the 3's to be the most important,  but I wouldn't rule out the 2's entirely.  Again a diversity of Vitamin D sources may be very valuable.  You have to lean heavier on the omega 3's.

Plain yogurt, 2%,                               Rhubarb,
Nonfat dry milk                                  Collard/mustard greens,
Skim milk                                           Kale
Buttermilk                                          White beans
Mozzarella cheese, part-skim              Beet greens,
Ricotta cheese, part-skim                   Broccoli,
Cottage cheese, 2%,                          Okra,
Pudding (with skim milk)                  Rutabagas
Parmesan cheese                                Green beans
Lima beans Cabbage,                        Clams                         
Orange, 1 medium                             Sardines
Waffle/pancake                                  Oysters
Tofu                                                   Salmon
English muffin                                   Shrimp
Soybeans,                                           Haddock
Corn muffin                                                                                             

Pita bread                                                  
Fortified whole wheat cereal                               
Corn tortilla                                                          
Whole wheat dinner roll                                    
Brown rice

Now I am not done with this "fishy" Vitamin D3 pitch because there is more.  Keep in mind that Omega 3 fatty fish have multiple benefits.  It is not a hidden secret that the cardiovascular benefits are huge.  Second as in the Readers Digest feature there is nothing more powerful in fighting and/or preventing cancer than Vitamin D3 and the Omega 3 fat is one of the keys to it as fat is the messenger, I call it the UPS vehicle.  Hippocrates called lymph fluid white blood and I believe the white in lymph fluid is the fat. 

The fat as in omega 3 fatty acids is good fat, as you don't want too much bad fat as in animal and trans-fats doing the deliveries of nutrition to your cells and taking away the wastes,  because as we know that is exactly what the lymph fluids do.  Bad fats doing the delivery also leaves wastes behind in the arteries and everywhere else.  Good fats do not.  Omega 3 fats are good fats.

There is another little hidden secret regarding fish and that is the minute pin bones in the flesh that is loaded with Calcium and not just calcium as in a mine, but the real McCoy.  Calcium in agriculture was critical in establishing the pH balance as we refer to in this feature.  In fact the Indians used to place the bones of fish around every kernel of corn during planting time.  Probably still do.  I don't think you will see the bones of fish in a Chinese trash can as well.

 Now you team up fish with its good heart healthy fat, with its calcium on board in the pin bones that you can hardly see,  that will be available to the body as many calcium's are not available, you have the ultimate in cancer fighting as well as cardiovascular benefits, along with bone health and you can't ask for anything better than that.


Nuts to You

Nuts and seed are loaded with minerals and in particular calcium and magnesium. Walnuts and Flax seed are particularly high in Vitamin D3 along with  calcium in a natural form as nuts and seed are a perfect partner for the Vitamin D3 process.  Vitamin D as we know in conjunction with calcium makes the calcium  more available to the bone matrix and although this may seem to be a departure from the heading of this feature, calcium is not only involved in bone health it is involved with every balance in the body and agriculture as well.  You get your body in balance you will beat the Bad News.

I strongly advise anyone  to include nuts and seed in their diet and check out our feature on Nuts to you.  You will be extremely interested in how we handle our nuts and seeds in most every meal,  but in moderation as they are calorie loaded.


Fish Oil  Oh boy does this bring back memories for me when my Mother God Bless her used to shovel a big tablespoon of cod liver oil down my gullet every day.  She used to grab me by the neck and say "open up".  I can taste it now 74 years later, not that it is still  repeating on me.

Fish oil has so many beneficial properties heart, cancer etc.  via the superstar Vitamin D3 and of course receiving it in the natural form via the fish itself is the optimum,  although the concentration in a good Super Omega 3 EPA/DHA oil supplement must be considered.  My wife and I each take in two capsule from  2000 mgs of a wild fish oil concentrate every day.   We favor Life Extensions product with Sesame lignin's and Olive fruit extract as poorly manufactured oil can go south and we trust Life Extensions to provide us with the best.   If you are on anti-coagulants or fiber supplements you should consult your Doctor before using them.


Tea is a super anti-oxidant food and one that should be used in a diet regimen aimed at cancer in any shape or form.

Below is information from the Salada Tea company.

White tea (regular) has 195 milligrams of antioxidants per bag/cup.

Regular green tea has 144 milligrams.

White decaf has 126 milligrams.  Therefore, you would get more antioxidant value from the white decaf than the green decaf of 78 milligrams.

If you don't want to be drinking a lot of Tea which is a diuretic but want the benefits of Salada's regular or decaf we suggest going with their white tea.

There is quite a bit written on caffeine and cancer, so doing the decaf in any thing you choose would most likely be the safe approach.   


The Lymphatic System

Lymph nodes are the filters along the lymphatic system in key areas where physical activity takes place (back of the knee to name one) as lymphatic fluid does not enjoy the luxury of a pumping heart.  Most do not know that there is more than twice as much Lymphatic fluid in the body than blood and is the main transporter of nutrients and wastes to and from the cells of the body.  The lymph nodes filter out and trap bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and other unwanted substances, and to make sure they are safely eliminated from the body.  The healthier the body, the healthier and potent your lymph fluids and system will be.  The healthier your lymph fluids and system the better your immune system will function and the more potent your natural killer cells will do the job it was intended to do.  Keep in mind your immune system if it is working at peak efficiency we believe beats the pants off of any chemo therapy regimen.  You could get an argument from most oncologists on this, but as we have related most oncologist do not believe that their patients are going to do what they need to do naturally, so hence the line of least resistance.

I would strongly advise a patient to take advantage of the services of a Lymphatic drainage professional.   They are trained professionals and will not only treat you, but also guide you in performing your own in home therapy.  This is a very delicate issue, don't take matters into your own hands.


Never the less there is a special exercise that we employ regarding the Lymph nodes under the arms and to the breasts.  I call it the Chicken wing exercise for the lack of a better name.   Now the position of the elbows positioned in the front of your chest is the starting position.  From that point a backward and horizontal movement with very light pressure is applied to under the arms.  I can't stress how important it is to not apply much pressure as you do this.  If you are not sure don't do it until you seek professional help.


When you receive therapy from a professional you will see how complicated this process is as lymph fluid flows in specific directions.

Node dissection


When the surgeon came down from the operating room after my wife's recent breast procedure and told me that she took 12 nodes from my wife's underarm and neck my heart dropped down to my toes.  I said what the hell did she do that for?  It turned out the 12 nodes were clean,  cancer free.  There are certainly cases where groups of nodes must be removed as counts vary.  Before you have any surgeon remove lymph nodes ask for the options and this can be planned before the operation.  There are surgeons that take less nodes than others, as it was only a few years ago the standard practice was  to strip all the nodes from under the arm of the problem side if there was a malignancy, even an Insitu if there was a suspicion that there was a breach out of the milk duct.  In our case we believe that a suspicious area that justified the lymph node removal was very likely fools gold and we have the MRI before the procedure to back us up, never the less the nodes came out. In fact we will be reviewing an ultra sound shortly that did not identify anything more than a 5 mm Insitu, yet it triggered off an  aggressive approach to treatments that we have declined to do at this time.


I personally have a special exercise I do.  I call it my "Beat the hell out of the Devil Alzheimer's disease exercise."  You will read below there are other concerns that are served as well.   Keep in mind there is an ungodly amount of blood and lymph fluids flowing in and out of  your upper extremities and if you believe this old fruit peddler, you will do these 5 exercises every day and really get that fluid moving and putting the devil out of business.  You don't have to go nuts,  a couple  of each is fine and you don't want to be aggressive.  Just light facial movements, but bring the facial movements to the maximum stretch as the  above illustration.  I like to do a combination of exercises when I do the AEIOU's.  On every letter I bring my shoulders back as far as they go, and breath in as deep as I can and hold it for a second or two.  Completely exhaust all the air out of your lungs before you go to the next letter.  A couple of cycles a day should keep the devil away if you are behaving in everything else.  Keep in mind that deep breathing moves lymph fluid in one of the most critical areas of the body the chest and when teamed with the facial movements you will immediately feel the dynamics from your head down to your nodes including the critical clavicle nodes to the massive amount of nodes in your stomach area.

In the case of breast concerns I don't think that you could effect a more valuable exercise to move lymph fluids in and out of this vital area that is loaded with lymph vessels and nodes.

In fact for you gals that have had any lymph node involvement and in particular dissection of nodes for testing, one of the main nodes they key in for testing is in the clavicle area near the neck.  Now if you follow the 5 exercises of the fellow above who resembles Brad Pitt,  a very very old Brad Pitt, when you do these exercises gently now with intermittent deep breathing you will immediately detect the reflection and  exertion on the clavicle area and there is no question in the process moving lymph fluids in and out of the area and resident nodes.  Remember the nodes are the key to filtering cancer cells and disposing of them without allowing them to migrate and raise havoc.

Now for gals that have/had a cancer node issue this procedure should only be done at the direction of your lymphatic specialist.   Inquire about the exercises we recommend above, get their input.  Moving lymph fluid is a  delicate process and I am not a specialist by a long shot.

Taking a vibrator and lightly vibrate areas on a regular basis.  The stomach area, the groin, the legs, and  chest all have large concentrations of lymph nodes.  Gently massage these areas and always stroke toward the heart.  GENTLY.  If you have ever watched a lymphatic specialist massage someone's lymph vessels and nodes you would see how delicate a process it is.


For woman who have had auxiliary dissection of Lymph nodes, there are exercises that are given to patients after surgery.  These should be done very carefully so that you do not rupture the surgical area.  Don't run out and play 3 aggressive sets of league tennis because your stupid husband encouraged you like I did.  If you are a tennis player or any sport that uses the arm side that was involved with the surgical procedure you must be very very careful when starting to play again.  My wife was coming along very nicely after lumpectomy and partial node removal.   She got on the court after a lesson a few days before,  followed by an aggressive 3 set league match and we believe tore up an area so to speak in the surgical area.  I take most of the responsibility for encouraging her to go at it and this has to go down as the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life.   My advice is when you feel that you are entirely healed find a wall somewhere and go out and hit some balls very lightly against the wall.  Start with a few minutes.  Wait a day or so and do another session.  Observe if there is any soreness and in particular any swelling.  Spend a couple of weeks conditioning that arm before you venture into competitive play.  Touch base with the tennis  coach and ask him to design a new means of using your hitting arm if that was the arm involved with your surgery.  There are means to protect the arm, the extensor muscles and these all lead up to the sensitive area where surgery of the breast and nodes took place.  Keeping your elbow in toward your body as close as you can, and hitting the ball is the best approach versus stretching your arm out.  The more you stretch your arm the more vulnerable you will be for injury.

The lymph system does not have the luxury of a pumping heart.  Lymph fluids that scavenge cancer cells and other wastes in conjunction with the nodes, (the garbage cans) have to be moved "mechanically".  This is why they were placed under the arms, by the architect that  envisioned the subject running and moving their arms hunting for food and not sitting on their asses watching soap operas.   In another words keep the traffic moving between these two areas, because the breasts you save could be your own and possibly your life as well.  Don't over do it though.  Twice as much is not better.  Nodes are sensitive as well as the tributaries of the lymph system.  Just a little goes a long way.

To repeat if you watch a lymphatic drainage professional delicately massaging an area, you will easily come to the conclusion that this is a very serious issue and one of the reasons I have capitalized it.                                     

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                              Alzheimer's   is real Bad News   

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.

When you have someone approach you that you have known for over 50 years and they say "Who are you?"  "Where am I?", you know that you are dealing with the devil himself. 

Unfortunately even with the newest drugs for Alzheimer's disease a diagnosis of even onset  Alzheimer's is certainly  Bad News.  It most likely will be a longer period than other diseases,  but never the less Alzheimer's and the devil have one thing and one thing only to do to you and this is to shut you down.  The final stages of Alzheimer's does just that.  Keep in mind that death is 100% acid and acid wastes in the brain are no question the cause.  Can you do anything about it , trust me you can?  Vitamin D 3 and that magic hormone that is produced in the process I believe will eliminate your entrance into the darkness of Alzheimer's disease.

Excellent feature on Alzheimer's and what you can do to beat it below..



We had an occasion where my wife's thyroid levels had plummeted as expected after a procedure to disengage her gland that had become unmanageable with medication.   During this period and a blood test it was noted that her cholesterol levels had risen substantially.  The Doctor acknowledged it, but did not go into detail.

We researched it and found that it is normal for an individual with low Thyroid levels to produce extra Cholesterol as it steps up and compensates in some way. 

I believe that it isn't just  the Cholesterol itself that steps up,  but the hormone that is produced using cholesterol as the precursor to the Vitamin D3 process and  we have referred to this in our feature along with  the quote from Readers Digest.....

"The Miracle Vitamin" (Vitamin D3) and the sub heading  is "New evidence shows that getting enough D may  be the most important thing that you can do for your health"

So lets try to  connect some dots here.   Here your body detects a shortfall analogous to the body cannibalizing your bone mass because of the lack of essential minerals to try to maintain a healthy blood pH.  In fact mineralization of your bone mass and Vitamin D3/hormones also has a direct correlation.  In the case of the Thyroid one of the most important glands in your body again is supported by cholesterol that we know is the foundation of the Vitamin D3 process.

For anyone that has a thyroid concern is there any question that your Vitamin D3 process should not be front and center 24/7?


The Cholesterol connection

We have discussed the Cholesterol connection and its revolving door in many of our features along with dietary implications.  As we know the sun and Vitamin D3 plays a huge role in human health.  We know that good clean Cholesterol uses Vitamin D3 in the process back at the liver although there is evidence that cholesterol boogies to just about every nook and cranny of your body including your skin.   It would seem logical if Cholesterol is an intricate part of the Vitamin D 3 process it would be delivered to your skin and it is.   

The body can get by with other sources of Vitamin D3 like out of a bottle, but nothing compares to the optimization of the process that the sun provides.  It is not how much Cholesterol that your body is manufacturing or taking in that the Doctors are obsessed with lowering, it is the quality of the Cholesterol.  Doctor are taking the line of least resistance.  We had a Doctor tell us yesterday  "Just about every Doctor in this hospital takes Lipitor or another type of statin".   The medical establishment bases their Cholesterol lowering advocacy on the fact that their patients gorge themselves with damaged Cholesterol and guess what,  they are right.  Most people eat too much cooked food and not enough raw.  COOKING FATTY FOODS ESPECIALLY AT HIGH HEATS WILL KILL YOU

The question is how should elevated Cholesterol be treated lets say 200 or more in one that keeps their damaged cholesterol at a bare minimum?  Is it possible that this could be a serious mistake if it is lowered?  I think so!  I don't care if every Doctor in the world is on a statin, but this fruit peddler is going to keep his weight down, maintain a good blood pressure with the right diet and do everything I advocate in my features especially keeping my cholesterol as clean as possible.  If my 220 clean cholesterol versus someone that has their damaged cholesterol artificially lowered is going to bury me than so be it. 

When I personally had my Doctor express his concern for my "Elevated" Cholesterol I asked him what was his concern.  He said "heart disease"  I asked him what tests could I take to see if I had evidence of heart disease?.  He said for starters a carotid test, the main arteries going into your brain and a stress test.  I said "Lets do them"  I did and the attending Doctor said I had the cardiovascular system of a kid.  Needless to say my GP has said nothing about my "Elevated" Cholesterol since.  Again testing as in our cancer profile testing comes into the picture.  Assuming you have cancer or heart disease without confirming it with proven test methods seems to me to be idiotic, unless you just want to go along with the typical and shameful line of least resistance approach that most of our medical establishment takes.

Damaged Cholesterol

Due to the influence of heat, cholesterol in food is oxidized. Already at 100°C, cholesterol oxidizes 'spontaneously'. (19) Through oxidation, the cholesterol molecules gain or lose atoms, originating new cholesterol-like molecules.

Due to the influence of heat, approximately 30% of cholesterol oxidizes into oxy-cholesterols. About 6% of oxy-cholesterol is absorbed into the body. (20) ABSORBED INTO THE BODY


Essential Cholesterol

10 to 20% of the brain is composed of cholesterol. Thanks in part to cholesterol in animal food, humans are as intelligent as they are. Essential substances like the sex hormones and vitamin D are also constructed of cholesterol. Therefore it is absolutely not true that a low cholesterol level is healthier.









                  Why rebounding is so beneficial

The mini-trampoline subjects the body to gravitational pulls ranging from zero at the top of each bounce to 2 - 3 times the force of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high the person is rebounding. Unlike jogging on hard surfaces which puts extreme stress on certain joints such as the ankles and knees eventually damaging them, rebounding affects every joint and cell in the body equally.  Plus, there are no cars, dogs, and bad weather to worry about.

Take particular note of the bar that canopies the trampoline.  When we bought the trampoline we declined the bar.  This was a mistake.  My youngest daughter broke her arm on a trampoline when she was a youngster.  I soon realized that when using it without a bar, the unsteadiness prevented me from getting up as high as I would like.  Keep in mind and this is a key point, that the higher you bounce it isn't just for the thrill of it, the higher you bounce enhances the gravitational dynamics and I believe has a profound effect on the movement of lymphatic fluid.  Of course the higher you bounce the risk increases.  The bar also keeps us in the center of the device.   Don't buy a trampoline without the bar, trust me.


Note: We have had recent professional advice regarding the bar and trampoline.  Grasping the bar with a firm grip could be a deterrent to creating the gravitational benefits we refer to.  Keeping your fingers within close reach of the bar and using the bar when there is a momentary destabilization issue is advisable.  In other words hang loose.  Let the body do its thing from head to toe and minimize holding on to the bar as much as you can safely do it.

In addition, jumping as high as you can off of the mat could be the ticket for young folks and athletes but could be a negative for elderly and create muscular and even skeletal problems.  Start slow with minimizing the lift distance off of the mat.  Elderly folks can effect a great deal of benefit by lightly bouncing on the mat with little to no lift off.  Let your body be the guide.


Now there is a problem when installing the bar.  There is a sleeve on the bar  that is  attached to the leg of the trampoline.  The problem is when you receive the device the rubber feet are installed on the legs of the trampoline and there are two that must be removed to put the sleeves on.   They don't tell you but these rubber legs are next to impossible to remove.  They tell you to use your thumbs and push them off.  I couldn't do it and resorted to taking a utility knife and making a slice about halfway up the rubber leg.  With this done I was able to slide the feet off.  After I did this I took some black rubber tape and ran it around the slices a few times.  It is under the trampoline and you can't even notice it.

Rebounding may be used effectively in conjunction with niacin use to help detoxify fatty tissues.

My favorite form of exercise is rebounding on the mini-trampoline.

The typical rebound mini-trampoline is about 3' in diameter and 9" high. It is safe, easy to use, and effective. Research has led some scientists to conclude that jumping on a mini-trampoline is possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by man, especially because of the effect rebounding has on the lymph in the body. Most importantly, rebounding is FUN, so we stick to it! Have you ever noticed how children naturally enjoy jumping on a bed? Just as the astronauts experience while floating in space, your body is in a state of weightlessness at the top of the bounce.

Mini-Trampoline Exercise Good For Lymphatic System

The human body needs to move. The lymph system bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away. Contrary to blood which is pumped by the heart, the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation which contributes to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as aging. Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.

Adults can start with 2 minutes of rebounding and increase their time as their fitness level improves. (It is a little tough on the legs when you first start)  It's necessary for older people to start gradually in order to give the connective tissue holding the internal organs in place time to strengthen. This prevents the possibility of "prolapsed organs" - the only contraindication to rebounding reported in the medical literature. Therefore increase your rebounding time gradually.

Inactive seniors find that gently jumping on a mini-trampoline gives them renewed vigor and zest for life. Hyperactive children are reported to calm down after a few days of rebounding. Rebounding is for everyone and people can use the rebound mini-trampoline whenever they have a few minutes during the day.

The lymph fluid moves through channels called "vessels" that are filled with one way valves, so the lymph always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. This is why the vertical up and down movement of rebounding is so effective to pump the lymph.

Restrictive clothing prevents the flow of both blood and lymph. Wearing a bra to prevent sagging breasts actually weakens the muscles and connective tissue which helps to create sagging breasts. The free movement of the breasts during walking and exercise helps to pump the lymph through the breast tissue.

Hours in a Bra Per Day*

Chance of Breast Cancer*
75.00% (3 out of 4)
>12 (but not while sleeping)
14.28% (1 out of 7)
00.66%(1 out of 152)
0 (or rarely)
00.60% (1 out of 168)
*Singer and Grismaijer, 1995.
Rebounding For Detoxification And Immune System Benefits
The rebounding motion stimulates all internal organs, moves the cerebral-spinal fluid, and is beneficial for the intestines. Many immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled through amebic action. These cells contain molecules identical to those in muscle tissue. All cells in the body become stronger in response to the increased "G force" during rebounding, and this cellular exercise results in the self-propelled immune cells being up to 5 times more active. These immune cells are responsible for eating viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells, so it is good that they be active. Jumping on a mini-trampoline directly strengthens the immune system, so it's a big deal!

When the outer coating of cancer cells has been dissolved by the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, the immune cells attack the cancer cells. Therefore, supplementing one's healing diet with enzymes, combined with rebound exercise are a useful way to combat cancer.
The mini-trampoline and safety
Everyone should start with the gentle "health bounce" which means your feet remain IN CONTACT with the mat while the body moves up and down. The health bounce is sufficient to obtain all the benefits of rebounding while gently strengthening the entire body. The health bounce can be done while talking on the phone, listening to podcasts on your ipod or watching TV. It is recommended that you do your rebounding with bare feet so you do not slip.


The Many Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding benefits the body in numerous ways

Rebounding is an exercise that reduces your body fat - which is highly beneficial for diabetes and a host of other diseases, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, and gives your body energy when it's tired. I jump on my mini-trampoline when I NEED energy, not just when I HAVE energy!

You can easily jump on your mini-trampoline in your living room, your office, or in your backyard. The traveler may wish to carry a portable rebounder around so they can rebound in their hotel room. Rebounding is the most convenient form of exercise around.

Daily rebounding offers numerous specific health benefits:

It increases the capacity for breathing.
It circulates more oxygen to the tissues.
It helps combat depression.
It helps normalize your blood pressure.
It helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
It increases the activity of the red bone marrow in the production of red blood cells.
It aids lymphatic circulation, as well as blood flow in the veins of the circulatory system.
It lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
It stimulates the metabolism, thereby reducing the likelihood of obesity.
It tones up the glandular system, especially the thyroid to increase its output.
It improves coordination throughout the body.
It promotes increased muscle fiber tone.
It offers relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise.
It enhances digestion and elimination processes.
It allows for easier relaxation and sleep.
It results in a better mental performance, with sharper learning processes.
It relieves fatigue and menstrual discomfort for women.
It minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances, and abdominal problems.
It tends to slow down aging.


Rebounding is a lymphatic exercise. As stated earlier, rebounding has the same effect on your body as jumping rope, but without any jarring effect to the ankles, knees, and lower back that comes from hitting the ground.

Arterial blood enters the capillaries in order to supply the cells with fresh fluid containing food and oxygen. Rebounders bouncing motion effectively moves and recycles the lymph and the entire blood supply through the body many times during the course of the rebounding session.

People are able to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense.  The effect is not just psychological, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity is one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises ever developed.

If you have a resting heart rate of less than 60 beats a minute, don't smoke, don't have chest pain, eat a healing diet, and engage in rebounding for 40 minutes or more daily, at least 5 days/week, theoretically it's not likely that you'll ever develop a heart problem if you have none now. Every day that you rebound for 40 minutes on a rebounder helps you to attain your heart rate target zone.

Jumping on a mini-trampoline offers the ideal low-impact aerobic effect because it qualifies as an oxygenating exercise. Rebounding might be considered a precursor exercise for better achieving the oxygen therapies.

The Detoxification Effect of Rebounding

The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of the body. It rids you of toxins such as dead and cancerous cells, nitrogenous wastes, fat, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk cast off by the cells.  The movement performed in rebounding provides the stimulus for a free-flowing system that drains away these potential poisons.


Rebounders Stabilizing Effect on the Nervous System

Jumping on a mini-trampoline - along with yoga and deep breathing - is an excellent way to reduce stress. It can put the bouncing person into a trance-like state and provide wonderful relaxation. Jumping for health and fitness not only stabilizes the nervous system during the exercise session, but continues to help maintain a relaxed disposition even after one steps off the trampoline. The result is increased resistance to environmental, physical, and emotional stress. This is kind of thing which helps a person avoid psychosomatic disease and depression.


Rebounding and children

Children instinctively enjoy jumping around. They take to mini-trampolines like fish to water. One of the best things you can do to help instill the love of exercise in your child is buying a mini-trampoline, which sits around in the house and is always available for family members to use. Jumping on a mini-trampoline is one small step we can take toward solving our national epidemic of diabetes and obesity among children.


I went out and paid 200 bucks for a rather stout Rebounder.  Our daughter picked up one at Sports Authority for 48 bucks.  Mine was bigger, the springs looked  a little heftier but I would advise going with Sports Authority.  A much better value for the money.  You have to wear out 4 of the cheaper ones before you are even and if you do wear 4 of them out chances are you will live to 100 and have to buy another one.  You may have to find some handyman to make you a bar that goes around and over the trampoline.  It wouldn't be a big deal for someone that knows how to work with light aluminum bar and drill a few hole into the legs of the unit and bolt them together.


Swimming pool and lymph fluid movement

I have been experimenting with the swimming pool and bouncing similar to the bouncing action of a trampoline.  There is difference with being somewhat weightless in the water versus the action of a trampoline.  It is written that swimming does enhance lymph flow.  Now how effective the bouncing does is the question.  We have written to a professor who is a specialist in lymph fluid movement and hope to post her comments when we receive them.



The below information for example is on sugars and was derived when we were alarmed by a respected Doctor that said all simple sugars should be virtually eliminated from our dietary regimen.  When this prominent Doctor included fruit in the simple sugar category it blew my mind and in fact I am writing to him about it.   We researched this and we came up with an excellent piece of material at the end of this feature that will clarify to some degree the other Doctors concern for simple sugars "feeding cancer" 

I believe that this Doctor felt compelled to rule out all simple sugars because he felt the patients he was treating were "sugar offenders" and needed to go on a sugar free diet that included the complex carbohydrates of fruit with their array of complex anti-oxidants that are just what are needed to scavenge cancer cells from the body. 


Sugar and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

The facts about sugar and cancer can be confusing. They often are presented in a way that is misleading and anxiety-producing for people with cancer. However, if you learn a bit about the science behind the connections between what we eat and cancer risk, you can make wise nutrition choices for better health.

The concept that sugar feeds cancer is not useful.  Sugar feeds every cell in our bodies. Our bodies need glucose, or simple sugar, for energy.  Even if you cut every bit of sugar out of your diet, your body will make sugar from other sources, such as protein and fat.

So cancer cells need sugar to grow, just like healthy cells.  It helps to remember that there is nothing particular about sugar that “feeds” cancer cells any more than sugar feeds all cells in our body.

Do I need to be concerned about sugar?

Even though sugar doesn’t exactly “feed” cancer cells, it is a good idea to limit the amount of simple sugar you eat. This is because when you eat a lot of sugar, your body produces a lot of insulin.

Insulin is a natural substance made by the body. Insulin can tell cells to grow. In simple terms, insulin can “rev up” cell growth.  For healthy cells, this is a good thing. This is because the cells in your body grow, divide, die, and are replaced as part of the natural process of living.  However, cancer cells can be encouraged to grow more, too, when our bodies produce too much insulin. So while some insulin in the body is normal, excess insulin may encourage cancer cells to grow more, which is not a good thing . 

Blueeyed footnote:  Insulin also tells the body to store the extra sugar in a form of fat as the blood can only hold a few teaspoons of sugar without going into a diabetic stroke.  This is what insulin does. Unfortunately adipose fat like around your rump also has a great amount of toxicity in it and is released from time to time back into the system.  This is o.k. if you are a hibernating woodchuck that has stored enough fat to get through the winter and doesn't give a hoot about their longevity.

This is the downside of insulin: Our bodies need it to function, but it’s unhealthy if we make too much of it.

In summary, sugar does not directly  “feed” cancer cells.  However, a lot of sugar taken in at one time can cause our bodies to produce too much insulin, and this is where the cancer connection takes place.  

Should I avoid all sugar?

You don’t have to avoid every bit of sugar in your diet.  Nor should you avoid all carbohydrates.  In fact, the best sources for healthy, complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and legumes (beans), are the very foods that appear to fight cancer best .  So if you do not need to avoid all sugar and other carbohydrates, what is the answer?

There are three other things in the diet that can help reduce the amount of insulin produced by the body when you eat sugar and carbohydrates. These are protein, fat, and fiber. When eaten along with even the simplest sugars, these three items help the body to make less insulin in response to simple sugar.

If you eat sugar with some protein, some fat, or some fiber, your body won’t produce as much insulin.  Eating this other food helps your body process sugar more slowly, and this means that your body does not overproduce insulin. In short, protein, fat, and fiber help your body process sugar in a more healthful way.

Blueeyedcurse Note:  In our weight loss features we bring up information from the 40-30-30 diet concept from the Dauost Couple. The concept is eating at every meal and snack a proportion of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat Good fat with an occasional piece of Pizza thrown in.

First lets not include a big heaping pile of raw vegetables to add to the carbohydrates.  They just don't count unless you are doing a lot of sugar veggies like carrots, beets etc.  The carbohydrates they are referring to are the sugars you will get from fruit and again your cells need sugar.

I personally will not eat a piece of fruit or for that matter a 1/2 glass of orange juice (the other half water) unless I eat a few nuts or a little pile of pumpkin seeds to get the fat and the protein in the mix with the fruit.   I have my apple a day to keep the Oncologist away, but it always is accompanied with a couple of nuts, Walnuts, etc. and a piece of Purdue chicken to accomplish the balance.

When you mix foods with the right proportion by the way you stimulate the production of the hormone Glucagon, known as the fat burning hormone and it burned 30 lbs off of me in a years time 5 years ago.  Conversely eating carbohydrates alone like sitting in an arm chair and polishing off a big juicy sugary pear and not countering it with a little protein and fat stimulates the hormone insulin and we now know what the consequences are not only for your midriff, but also how well (bad) you are feeding cancer cells.

Putting the Information to Work for You

For an example of how this works, think about fruit and fruit juice. The amount of insulin your body makes after you eat a piece of fruit is much lower than the amount of insulin produced when you drink fruit juice. Whole fruit contains fiber and that fiber helps balance out the sugar in fruit.

For another example, think about eating specific foods together to get a healthier snack or meal. Instead of having two pieces of fruit as a snack, try having one piece of fruit and a small handful of nuts. The nuts contain protein, fat, and fiber. These three things help your body keep insulin in balance.

When you understand the science behind the headlines, you can relax and focus on eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that you can enjoy and that will put you on the road to wellness.


Drinking enough fluids during the day and drinking the right mix.

Most people do not drink enough fluids and especially if they have the challenge of cancer recurrence.  There are volumes and volumes of medical information regarding the bodies needs of adequate hydration and the elimination of wastes.   Now there has been written pros and cons regarding distilled water.  I personally have drank distilled water for over 40 years now,  starting with my concern of the percolation of hard agricultural chemicals into our wells on our farm and around our home there.  This was followed in Florida where our water source is treated and it needs to be treated as bacteria in water is common.   Unfortunately chlorinated water taking care of the bacteria in it, takes care of all bacteria in the gut and this is not good as we need certain good bacteria's working in our gut.   Fluoride is another major concern.  There is also a Strontonium issue is another concern Most municipal water has a certain amount of beneficial minerals that comes from ground water. 

There has been some bad press regarding plastic containers and water.  There is question regarding Coca Colas Da Sani brand.  The last thing Coca Cola and their bottled water enterprise would need is bad press on their water, so my guess is they are very quality control oriented.  Another avenue is spring water and the Giant Nestle company has their Zephyrhills brand.  Again I would be astounded if Nestle would allow something to slip through the cracks.  I would say the same applies for the other large bottled water suppliers.  In fact if the only source of water rather than distilling your own was bottled water I would go along with a popular spring water. 

There have been recent concerns regarding Strontium 90 concerning ground water and the air we breath especially near nuclear plants.  As far as drinking water concerns the best means to avoid it is by first carbon filtering it, distilling it, and post carbon filtering it. 

I am very apprehensive about buying distilled water in dubious plastic containers, simply based on the integrity of the material in the container  and distilled water being a solvent in itself with the chances of picking up the plastic residue (Hydrocarbons) perhaps left over from the manufacturing process.  The containers you find in the super markets look flimsy, they look weak, cheap is a better word.  Now someone could straighten me out about this perception.  On the other hand the bottles in the better waters from the larger suppliers appear to me that they are very conscious of container residue and pay more for quality containers and pass this on to the consumer.  These better containers look less impervious, what do you think?

Distilled water takes everything out of the water and this is not good especially if you subscribe to a diet alkalizing regimen as I do.  The solution is simple.  Spike the distilled water with natural sources of alkaline minerals.  We use lemon juice a couple of squirts in a quart, a tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar and we put in a shot of pure Cranberry or Pomegranate  juice.  Wallmarts usually has specials on pure fruit juice in their aisles.  It may have different fruit in it, that o.k. as long as it is pure and no added sugar.  Again you just put a  little of it all in about a quart to a half a gallon of distilled water to drink before during and after a workout and all day long with your meals as well.   A little baking soda could be smart.  Just a dash. A sprinkle of Paprika with its high concentration of Potassium would be a nice addition.  a little sea salt would be a great addition to the mix.  We use it in our water every day. 

We rarely drink distilled water straight.  The kidneys need water for flushing,  but it is the natural minerals in the water that does the trick.  We are talking an array of minerals that scavenge the impurities. 

This is the principle behind a high natural alkaline diet regimen because an acid regimen works in reverse, hence tissue acid waste. The Nepalese tribe in the Himalayas drink water coming down from the mountain side that is the color of milk it is so alkaline.  Most of these dudes live into their hundreds.  Spiking distilled water with natural bi-carbonates etc.  is just a great means to increase your alkalinity intake. 

Incidentally the quality of the liquids circulating in your body especially the lymph fluids that  are so critical and especially critical for the removal of cancer wastes that are a relative to the state of the immune system  and  NK Natural Killer Cell activity brought out previously in this feature.  If your liquid intake is optimum by using our suggestions above, you will have the chemistry again in your lymphatic system to do the job you need to naturally prevent the recurrence of cancer and in fact most if not all of the ills that we are subjected to.


Hormones and Cancer

Hormones when it comes to cancer and women in particular is a very touchy subject and the absence of any input from most medical practioners is evidence of that.  In fact if you approach a women's hormone specialist and tell them you have had cancer they most likely will run like a scalded dog from you.

There have been Doctors who have written extensively on the subject, Dr. Lee in particular who believed that Estrogen Dominance plays a role in cancer.  He has many writings on the subject.  We are reviewing his book on "What your Doctor may not tell you about breast cancer"  Then you have Susanne Sommers and her books on various areas of treatments and natural approaches and the medical establishment along with the  Pharmaceutical industry would very much like to see her burned at the stake.

Now it is not my place to analyze this hormone relationship to cancer especially how it relates to the very vulnerable age group of woman going into menopause and seeking relief with HRT Hormone replacement therapy.  We all know what happened a few years ago when they blew the lid off of the current HRT procedures that first started with Estrogen therapy and they discovered the need to counter balance with Progesterone.  They found out the synthetics as in the horse pee and Progestins could be dangerous and most women were taken off of it.

Now although we have two daughters in the high risk age with especially birth control measures we are not going to touch this area as it is complicated and we could possibly steer some in the wrong direction with our ignorance of the subject.   Our only advice to this group is don't rely entirely on your Doctor, get a hold of every book that Dr. Lee has written and burn your own midnight oil.

I will touch on my wife's situation post menopausal  as many women in this group are in a very dangerous period and not necessarily cancer related.  Hormones are very involved in the breast, but as women get older and especially post menopausal they do not make that much in the way of hormones to cause a hormone breast related concern.  There still is the concern for breast cancer though but not necessarily hormone related unless there is such a serious deficiency in their hormones.  Deficiency in hormones can cause many health problems and cancer is one of them. 

We have known for the past 5 years that my wife was low in her hormones in fact seriously low to the point she started to have serious problems that required Estradiol (Estrogen) transdermal applications in the affected parts  and anti-biotics to correct the infections that went along with it.

We decided to go on a very modest program of bio-identical transdermal hormone applications and we took periodic salvia tests to see where we were at.  We followed the program to the tee with the recommended sabbaticals every month etc.

We were able to bring the numbers up close to the acceptable  range but never excessive and we were happy with that.  We had a little problem bringing the Progesterone up to a comfortable ratio over the Estrogen but again the levels remained quite low so we didn't press it.  In any event the symptoms and infections disappeared.

When we had the recent breast issue during the fall of 09 we got scared of hormones and stopped them.  We were doing the recommended program, using Estriol and Progesterone and avoiding  Estradiol altogether.  You will read in Dr. Lees works that Estriol is the safe estrogen and estradiol can be a problem, but again you needed Progesterone to counter balance and something to do with these breast receptors and out of my pay grade of understanding.

In our recent blood tests, the cancer profile as well as the longevity profile, the Dhea, Estrogen as well as the Thyroid TSH  were tested.  These numbers as well as others were relevant to the cancer profile and indications of cancer present and/or in the future.  So there was no question postmenopausal or not hormone levels were critical.

My wife had been taking a Dhea supplement and is taking a Thyroid medication.  Both of these numbers were good.  The estrogen was low and the progesterone was zero.  Now this is blood serum testing and the saliva advocates believe saliva is more accurate for a number of complicated body chemistry reasons.

On the strength of the very low numbers we have decided to resume applications and primarily for the concern of bones problems as hormones in the elderly or the lack of them can be directly involved in the weakening of bones,  osteoporosis etc.  

We will be sending saliva tests to the ZRT labs who we have used for years.  In fact it isn't hard to get your GP to write you a script for the tests if you are in the Medicare age group.  We usually have a Estradiol, Estriol and Progesterone test taken.  They have a Dhea as well.  Make sure that your GP gets a copy of the results to keep him in the flow.  (To keep his scripts coming too)

We obtain our bio-identical hormones from a very knowledgeable supplier.  Carla from Naturally Better has an excellent website that will give you much of the information you need.  When you read her website you will see that she is well versed on the subject of women's hormones and is not only available to take your order, but will help you decide what you need. 

She does supply the ZRT saliva test kits for those who are not eligible for Medicare, but I would recommend buying them directly from the lab if you qualify for Medicare and your GP will give you the script.  I don't believe that Naturally Better gets involved with Medicare although you could ask.   Telephone 1-888-660-8831


Our Depository

These features serve as a depository for important information regarding our research.  In addition being a website this is copied on to a server (compliments of a couple of real computer literate Grandsons) that has a redundant back up and preserves the thousands of hours we have put into our work to help our family and anyone that reads our work for whatever it is worth.  We are sure you realize that most of the material is derived from professional sources that we respect well enough to enter it on to our site.  We do add a few of our fruit peddler comments along the way to spice it up a little and try to keep our readers awake.

Last is the knowledge that this information will live after we are gone and will be able to help others in perpetuity.   I know we won't live to see the day where this information will be obsolete.



There is a new kid on the block called Cyberknife  that is a very precise radiational procedure that will and has a limited but huge impact on the existing means to treat cancer.  It has been reported that only  5 hospitals in the US that have it.  I suspect there are many more and know for a fact there are 2 in south Florida.  I bring this new procedure out as it could be a deciding factor in how fast a patient acts, if they do have this option.  This again is the patients decision along with medical input.


CyberKnife® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System

CyberKnife® is a nonsurgical, painless technology that can reduce or eliminate certain lesions and tumors, many previously considered inoperable anywhere in the body. A sophisticated robotic radiosurgery system, CyberKnife can also offer significantly fewer complications and lower risk than open surgery.

Long a leader in pioneering innovative treatments and technologies, Georgetown University Hospital is among the most experienced in the world with CyberKnife. With one CyberKnife available at the hospital since 2002 and a second added in 2007, these systems have proven so effective that Georgetown's team of specialists performs more than 120 treatments each month.

Also available at Georgetown University Hospital is the Synchrony® Respiratory Tracking System. It moves with breathing, vastly improving CyberKnife's ability to target tumors anywhere in the body. Georgetown was the first hospital on the East Coast to offer the CyberKnife with Synchrony, giving some patients with hard-to-reach or difficult tumors another significant treatment option and new hope for the future.



Chemosensitivity Tests – Why Does Big Pharma Know About Them and WE Don’t?

Again if you are tiring of the amount of information on this site and you are weary, think of Farah Faucett and what she went through.  Below is  information regarding Farah's ordeal with treatments that didn't work and more so where the treatments could have killed her. 

If yourself or a loved one is about to be subjected to the hit and miss terror of Chemotherapy and/or Radiation reading this will wake you up from your weariness I can assure you, because no one should endure the ravages of cancer and ineffective treatment.  There is now something being done to address this in Germany and Greece and they are not quacks.  These gold standard organizations are being recognized by our finest medical institutions in the U.S.


Article from Suzanne Sommers

by Suzanne Somers 10/30/2009 3:30:00 PM
After a show at ShopNBC, my family took me out to dinner for my birthday at a fancy restaurant in Minneapolis, called The Kitchen (spectacular, by the way!). A man at the table across from us started by buying two very nice bottles of wine for our table. By the end of the evening, he decided to buy the entire dinner! I went to his table to thank him. Turns out he owns a pharmaceutical company (that explains the extravagant gift!). He was a very nice man and went on to tell me his wife had recently died of cancer. We started talking about my book, KNOCKOUT: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place. When the subject of chemosensitivity tests came up, he mentioned his wife had one during the course of her treatment, even still she could not be saved.

While the owner of a big pharmaceutical company knew the term and asked for this test for his own wife, the term “chemosensitivity test” would fail to be recognized by most Americans. However, this concept is well known in other parts of the world. For instance, in Germany, chemosensitivity tests are routinely conducted in order to determine which type of chemo should be utilized for a specific cancer patient. In KNOCKOUT, Dr. James Forsythe explains that in both Germany and Greece, specialists begin by harvesting the cancer cells out of the patient’s blood. They then break down the cells genetically in order to discover which markers are compatible with treatment of the tumor. From this, they can tell which drugs would be most effective for the particular cancer, which ones would be ineffective, or harmful. Once the correct type of chemo has been determined, Dr. Forsythe uses an integrative treatment, with far lower doses of chemo (10-20% of the norm), far fewer side effects, and much better results.

We are all aware that the purpose of chemo is to kill cancer cells, but that it also kills our healthy cells along the way. With the right fit, the correct chemo can target and kill cancer cells so that at least when we are choosing to add this poison into our systems we know it will do its intended job. Dr. Forsythe illustrates the impact of this testing by sharing one of his patient’s stories. He begins, “I had a patient from Sacramento who six months ago had been on a heavy-duty chemo protocol called FOL-FOX (containing oxaliplatin, 5FU, and Avastin). We found out from the German chemosensitivity test that two out of the three of those drugs were completely ineffective against his cancer cells. I switched him over to a sensitive drug and he’s now out playing golf three days a week and his liver has cleared up completely on recent follow-up scans” (KNOCKOUT, p.128).

If these tests could help us to take less chemo, or a better chemo for our specific cancer, why wouldn’t we ALL be given these tests? Experts say it’s too long of a process and too much trouble, so they make the best guess possible and hope it works. Dr. Robert Nagourney in Long Beach, California, and Larry Weisenthal in Huntington Beach, California, are the only two American doctors who run these tests. Otherwise, we don’t bother to go through this step of chemotherapy sensitivity testing before administering a poison that could be completely ineffective and damaging to our immune system. I wasn’t even told this testing was an option for me in either of my two diagnoses. Why not? Why not find out if at least there is a shot that the chemo being administered will have any effect? I suspect the reason is that if this poison doesn’t fit, someone will lose the revenue.

I have also learned about this major issue through my friend, Farrah Fawcett’s experience. She underwent two courses of excruciating, debilitating, immune-system-ruining chemotherapy for anal cancer – only to have the cancer return in three months. Then she traveled to Germany and was told upon doing a chemosensitivity test that the chemo she had been administered in our country had been completely ineffective. A waste of time. Useless. All it did was seriously degrade her health. Perhaps this explains Bill Faloon’s thought process when he says, “The second biggest killer in America is medical ignorance and it is the number one reason people die” (KNOCKOUT, p. 254).

Now that I realize chemosensitivity tests exist, it feels unconscionable that chemotherapy would ever, ever be administered without testing first to find out if the chemo is even compatible with the specific cancer. Big Pharma knows about these tests… and the man who bought my birthday dinner insisted for his own wife. Why doesn’t everyone have access to the same knowledge and treatment?

If you would like to find out more about chemosensitivity testing, read KNOCKOUT or consult the following resources:

Biofocus Institute for Laboratory Medicine
Dr. med Dipl. Chem. Doris Bachg
Dr. med Uwe Haselhorst
Berghauser Str. 295
45659 Recklinghausen, Germany
Contact: Dr. Lothar Prix
+49 2361-3000-130
+49 2361-3000-169 (fax)
Research Genetic Cancer Centre (R.G.C.C.)
P.O. 53070 Florina, Greece
+30-24630-42265 (fax)


Suzanne Somers

Recent correspondence with Dr. Prix regarding the difference between the existing technology in cancer tumor testing and treatment and the new blood testing for tumor detection.

Dear Mr Martino

The difference between this method and our technique is that we are using PCR for detection of CTCs. PCR is a method for amplification of nucleic acids which allows very sensitive measurements. Since CTCs are usually in low quantity, sensitive methods are needed to detect them.

Although this 'new method' definitely has its charm, the way of ignoring already existing knowledge in the paper I have sent you is almost insolent.
For example, the citiation on page 18396 "...These clusters have not been reported using the commercial immunomagnetic bead platform..." is wrong.
The German researcher Burkhard Brand has described these clusters more than ten years ago (see attached paper). I know Burkhard personally, he is also a member of the OVCAD consortium like me ( Much of the knowledge we are using in our institution is based on the work of pioneers like Burkhard.

So, I think doubts about the novelty and true benefit of this new method over already existing technique is allowed.

Best regards
Dr Prix

Sentinel Node information

The following information is based on our opinion and the opinions of others.  Any of this information may or may not apply to you or anyone else and hopefully you can find a health care facility that can correctly treat you.  Please be alerted to the fact that information changes on a regular basis in medical technology.  What applies in our information could be stale and in some cases inaccurate.  Check with your current medical provider for the latest in treatment information.  

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