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                       Alkalize or Die

It is written that there is no such thing as a natural death.  All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the end point of progressive tissue acid saturation.  We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste (The Culprit) we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Baroody.  He also has written an excellent book on the subject to the right.   “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…"Too much tissue acid waste in the body” 

An infant is given a real good shot at surviving based on an extraordinary immune system and it is an alkaline system that does the trick.  My guess is Mothers milk is highly alkaline. 


One of the biggest misconceptions in health is the role acid plays.  As written above too much tissue acid waste can be the culprit.  Where do you derive tissue acid waste, but from the food you eat.  Although it would be natural to claim that acid would cut into whatever clogging ails you, the brain as in Alzheimers,  the joints, cardiovascular, cancer, kidney, liver, lymph disease you name it,  but it is acid that forms congestion  (kidney stones a good example and alkaline lemon juice is just what the Doctor ordered for kidney stones).  Alkaline does just the opposite, it cleans just like your best detergents.  All detergents are engineered to be alkaline.

Just a test, go on a high alkaline, low acid forming diet and see what it does to your blood platelets that govern clotting as in strokes.



Most people have diets that are from 75% acid forming foods and 25% alkaline forming foods.  At one time I believed that changing the ratio in reverse to 75% alkaline to 25% acid was in order but found that impossible even to determine.  When you are dealing with a dense food such as a piece of meat (acid) and a vegetable carb array (Alkaline)  that is light and fluffy it is very difficult to come up with  an accurate apportionment.  The best thing to do is see to it that you incorporate the best alkaline foods into each and every meal,  minimize the known bad acid foods, eat less of everything and don't worry about the ratio.  One example is cutting up a little dill pickle with every meal on a green salad and you will be adding two of the better alkaline foods.  Yes dill pickles they are alkaline and we know the veggies are.



Commercially processed foods are very acid.  Beef, pork, fish, turkey, chicken, pasta, hot dogs, ice cream, cheese, bread, butter, cookies, crackers, eggs, rice, cereals just to name a few are all acid favorites.  Some of these acids are essential, meat and eggs for one, so there isn't much room for most of the others, especially the bad ones.  Incidentally hard boiled eggs are the best way to preserve the nutrients in eggs.  Scrambled is the worse although I am still going to have my scrambled eggs once a week.

Acid conditions rob the body of oxygenation while Alkaline forming foods restore it.  Infections thrive in an acid condition and in fact is its well known that cancer thrives as well in an acid environment.    Conversely,  Cancer hates  alkaline balanced  conditions. 

Cancer victims that have gone on high alkaline blending (not with sweet vegetables and fruit)  have reported miracles after they were given the kiss of death.  Keep in mind that a generous amount of alkaline foods if given  in a diversified fashion will not send your alkaline numbers through the roof.  What it will do is stabilize your chemistry, by having enough to neutralize excess acids and miraculously bringing every thing into balance.  There is a saying with reservation that the body takes what it needs and gets rid of the rest.  Unfortunately this does not necessarily apply to large amounts of supplements that could be alkaline or excess acids as in drugs and acid foods.


I was startled when a minister friend told me that his wife died not of her cancer but the extraordinary acid condition she was subjected to by high powered acid drugs.  I asked him if any of the "specialists" recommended alkaline foods and the reduction of acid foods during the process and he said no.  


There are numerous pH systems in the body and they must be balanced.  The blood and lymph fluids are maintained at 7.37 pH even if the body has to cannibalize the bone matrix to extract alkalinity when it is starved for it.  I think if there has been anything that has really astonished me was this body mechanism.  It is a last ditch effort by the body and there is all kinds of downside to this though, osteoporosis for one and the acid by product that is produced in the bargain.  It is like a gasoline engine that is not tuned properly and not burning off the majority of the fuel.   Another pH systems is the pH balance of the stomach which should be maintained at between 2 and 4 pH which is extremely acid.  Now balancing the blood with the right stomach pH is a trick for sick people and the elderly and the  damage that has been done in the balance.  By providing the body with an adequate amount of alkalinity  with raw fruits and vegetables, ( one of my favorites are raw parsley fresh out of  your garden or in pots,)  a buffering takes place and a pH of urine and/or salvia 2 hours after a meal should stabilize and fall in the range of 6.5 to 7.0 with a 6.5 target after a nights rest and a first draw urine test upon wakening.    If your urine in the morning is less than 6.0, you could  have a problem. 6.4  urine first draw in the morning indicates that your kidneys are functioning to an optimum and is a perfect environment for critical ionization.



First it is important to understand that potassium is part of an alkaline balance in alkaline foods to different degrees.  In regard to Potassium some foods have a larger contingent of Potassium than others. Those searching for foods to counter the ill effects of too much sodium derived from various sources would want to concentrate on foods like prunes, bananas, fruits and vegetables etc. for instance that have not only a high level of alkaline minerals but also a higher than average level of Potassium.

One of our favorite alkaline foods is the skin of a potato, primarily sweet potatoes.  We scoop out the majority of the pulp and dispose of it.  We make sure that we leave a nice coating of the pulp on the inside of the skin as there are very valuable properties in the skin and just under it.  The skin of the potato is an awesome source of fiber by the way and you talk about a colon friendly food, there is nothing the comes close to the skin of a potato.  I am sure there are those that hate to waste the pulp, but the pulp puts you over the top on carbs and you don't  need the starch of the pulp turning into sugar and driving your insulin into the sky.

Acid or alkaline?

I have read that it is good practice to drink a little Apple Cider Vinegar with   few squirts of lemon juice before eating,  diluted with a glass of warm  water of course.  Now on the face of it you would think this would make the stomach more acid,  but it is  written that these two components that can make you pucker, are actually alkaline forming foods because of their unique mineral bicarbonate properties.  We used to clean the old fashion galvanized gutters with vinegar to take the manufacturing oil off of them for painting, thinking it was the acid that did the job, when really it was the alkalinity.  Now whether you need a dose of this concoction before you eat is not for me to say.  My guess is if you have a little digestive problem, acid reflux etc. my path has been trying the right natural food approach.  Legendary apple cider vinegar and lemon with distilled water to avoid chlorine has worked very well for me.  Adding these components by the way brings back the ionization factor into the water that the distilled water critics belly ache about.   (Remember Chlorine kills all bacteria in the gut and that is NG.)  I know of Doctors that recommend Apple Cider Vinegar for digestive distress.  You just sip a little at a time again diluted with water.  It works like a charm for me.


When my wife recently ran into a cardiovascular problem (Atrial Fibrilation) we discovered she was not drinking enough water and we believe her electrolyte balance was out of kilter.  She ran into a dehydration problem that resulted in a water retention issue that had been going on for some time.  Yes a water retention issue actually can result from dehydration so don't laugh at these people walking around and slugging on these little water bottles.  They are smart and/or are lucky enough having smart medical people advising them.

We took the following measures and I am sorry to say we did this on our own because the multitude of medical professionals we seen did not offer up any of the following measures and I must say this really troubles us.

Although we have distilled our water for many years and salted it with a little apple cider vinegar and pure lemon juice we decided to use spring water from Zephyrhills a division of the renowned Nestle Corporation.  Considering our belief that her electrolyte balance was off, we felt the spring water had mineral components in it that would help the unbalance.  In addition we add pure lemon juice (the Sicillia brand) that is pure and not from concentrate.  We buy the small bottles and take about 4 or 5 out of the case at a time. We pour a little water out of each bottle to make room for a good shot of lemon juice and then refrigerate. I wouldn't add lemon juice to a container that could not be refrigerated.  The bottles you buy are sealed and can be kept at room temperature.

In addition to the water we have added more fruits and vegetables to her diet regimen and more importantly we do a super Green smoothie everyday that has a multitude of green veggies that are prepared by a high speed blender.  We have a feature on our website, for all the details.

After a shot of Lasix she lost close to 20 lbs of "water" and almost simultaneously her heart went back to normal and has been normal for over 4 months.  Her body weight has also stabilized.  It is hard to believe that we had to take some modest measures to make a major change in her health and especially as it applies to her heart.


Alkalizing action/Exercise

Moderate exercise is alkalizing to the body.  Excessive or strenuous exercise can create an acidic problem due to lactic acid buildup.   Of course there is the question as to how strenuous should your exercise be?  I don't believe you should gauge your physical activity on the acid reaction you obtain.  It is a question as to how competent your body is in  handling acid conditions after the fact.   Cardio folks will tell you that you need strenuous physical activity and I agree with that fully.  

Incidentally when you hydrate enough it will increase your sweating volume and when you compare this system to a car radiator which is just about what it is, you not only are venting heat but also acids.  There is nothing better in excreting acids than a well functioning skin the largest organ in your body. 

How do you maintain your skin?  I am glad you asked.  All you have to do when you finish this feature is to go into our  feature and learn our process that involves a super off the shelf skin cream St. Ives, and our addition of  8 different known skin enhancing anti-oxidants along with  the gel from Aloe Vera all mixed with a blender as  well as ladled by hand.

What a life!

Now, if you have had a life as I have had of eating a lot of meat at a sitting, sweets, refined grains, coffee and yes the booze, you are going to have to make a major adjustment to your diet regimen especially if your urine testing shows it and this will be discussed below.   The body has a miraculous ability to adjust, but you have to be sensible in what you eat and not put an unbearable pressure on your body.   Acid foods as in Omega 3 fatty acids and exercise are a necessary part of life, but they are acid forming.  Keep your meat to a minimum no bigger than the palm of your hand at a sitting.  4 ounces of a quality omega 3 food as in Salmon, Tuna or Sardines is just about right.  Eat these foods with green vegetables as vegetables have the ability to scavenge any of the mercury's or other environmental hazards that are almost impossible to avoid.  We go out of our way to purchase our canned fish from the  clean waters of the Northwest and certainly stay clear of the farm raised stuff, but even then there are risks. 

There is a Doctor on the Internet that suggested wrapping a piece of roast beef with a little spinach to absorb the extra iron that is in the meat and can be carcinogenic.   I don't dare eat a red meat meal or for that matter canned fish without a generous serving of green vegetables.

Pucker up

Fruits, vegetables, certain nuts and seed ( almonds in particular are alkaline forming). A few surprises in the alkaline column are all citrus fruits, dill pickles, sauerkraut, unsweetened yogurt and even raw apple cider vinegar that would test very acid outside of the body, becomes an alkaline forming food.  Most of these fermented foods play an important role in digestion and making the nutrition from your foods more available.  Transit time, fermentation and unwanted putrefaction are all important factors and the adequate alkalinity as it relates to oxygenation will dictate how efficient your digestion system is.  

Acid forming foods

Note:  In all foods there is a degree of either alkaline or acid forming.  Some foods are very acid producing as in meat and strenuous exercise but as noted above moderate exercise is alkaline producing.  Nuts for instance are border line.  Almonds in particular lean a little toward the alkaline side.  I am not going to get into proportions in each food.  Some foods and supplements are powerful in their anti-oxidant properties as well as their chemistry.  It is possible you could take in a whopping amount of acid and neutralize it with a modest amount of alkaline foods.  Just keep in mind it isn't so much the volume of alkaline foods that you take in that is as important as the diversification.  The most dangerous free radicals in the form of acids are complex and assaulting them with a barrage of different complexities in defense may be the only way you can win the game.  We take in a very moderate amount of the known exotic supplements.  Astaxanthin, Curcumin, Resveratrol, Mushroom extract, Garlic extract to name a few and one square a day of an 80% dark chocolate very powerful anti-oxidants and free radical acid enemies.

All meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken) and fish , Rice (white, brown, or basmati) Cornmeal, oats, rye, spelt, wheat, bran , Popcorn ,  Pastas   Breads and most other grain products like cereals (hot or cold), crackers, pastries The following beans unless sprouted, in which case they become alkaline-producing  pinto, navy, mung, lentils, black, garbanzo, red, white, adzuki, and broad ,  Cheese (Parmesan is the daddy of them all on the acid side, along with the sharper cheeses) Sunflower and pumpkin seeds  although these two items are border line,  The following nuts: walnuts, pecans, cashews, dried coconut (fresh coconut is alkaline-producing), pistachios, macadamias, filberts, brazil nuts, and peanuts. Colas  are acid bouquo (I've warned numerous times in the past how the phosphorus in cola turns to phosphoric acid and destroys bone.) Alcoholic drinks , Coffee and other caffeinated drinks , Sweetened yogurt , Most forms of sweeteners (artificial sweeteners, cane sugar, beet sugar, barley syrup, processed honey, maple syrup, molasses, fructose, lactose)  Your best bet for a sweetener is Stevia,  a safe herb that is recommended for diabetics.  We obtain Stevia from the Life Extensions in Ft. Lauderdale although GNC and other health food stores have it.  We use just a half a packet in our coffee.  Stevia is an alkaline forming food too.  Refined table salt, Soy sauce , Mustard (dried powder and processed) Ketchup (unless natural and homemade) Mayonnaise (unless natural and homemade) White Vinegar (apple cider and sweet brown rice vinegar are less acid-producing and preferred) Nutmeg , Tobacco , Practically all drugs .  


Alkalizing forming foods 

Practically all vegetables

Practically all fruits with the exception of blueberries, plums, prunes, and cranberries.  That doesn't mean avoiding them, prunes in particular are the champion of all anti-oxidants.  Just go easy on them.   Even citrus fruits such as lemons, which we think of as being acidic, are alkaline-producing in the body. They are rich in organic salts, like citrates, which are converted into bicarbonates.  Beans such as string, soy, lima, green, and snap peas, potatoes with the jacket,  Arrowroot flour grains such as flax, millet, quinoa, and amaranth,  Nuts like almonds, pignoli, fresh coconut, and chestnuts sprouted seeds of alfalfa, radish, and chia unsprouted sesame fresh unsalted butter, milk, cream, goat's milk,  eggs,  whey,  plain yogurt.

Sweeteners like raw, unpasteurized honey, dried sugar cane juice (Sucanat), brown rice syrup, Fruit juices (Go real easy on sweet fruit juices, next to nothing is best, blending that retains the fiber is the best way to go, as it buffers the sugar and acid)  All vegetable juices, most herbal teas,  garlic, the herb Stevia.

Cayenne pepper, gelatin, most all herbs miso

Most vegetable and unprocessed sea salt, most all spices,  vanilla extract, brewer's Yeast

Most unprocessed, cold-pressed oils are neutral or alkaline-forming (even margarine seems to be neutral, but I don't recommend that anyone eat this "liquid plastic")

Expanded list below.  Some contradictions with list above because some foods are close to neutral.   A classic example is when a potato is eaten with the skin it is an alkaline producing food.  Take the skin out as in mashed and fried and it is an acid producing food.

A weighted Alkaline diet along with a minimum amount of acid causing  foods especially high glucose foods and using high heat vehicles as in deep frying and barbecue causing damaged cholesterol.   Damaged/contaminated cholesterol is what  you should really worry about, not the good cholesterol that Doctors are obsessed with lowering.  Heated foods add to acidity.  If you have to indulge in a little cooked foods (as we do) make sure you counter it with an overwhelming amount of alkaline foods.  Raw green vegetables in particular.  The daddy of them all in providing enough alkalinity is a daily smoothie with the right live ingredients and prepared with a high speed blender. 

Alkaline foods stabilize all functions of the body and is similar to  adjusting the total alkalinity of a swimming pool.  Pool chemistry needs human intervention  to add just enough chemicals periodically. In alkalinity adjustment sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used.  You don't need much,  once you obtain the proper balance.  Example:  We may use a 2 1/2 lb bag of sodium bicarbonate in a 6000 gallon pool every 3 months.

A pool chemistry that is out of whack accumulates wastes on the sides of the pool.  A pool chemistry that is easily adjusted for the correct total alkalinity has pool surfaces that are clean as a hounds tooth.  Clean as a hounds tooth is what you want your arteries, heart portals, brain pathways and just about every part of your body to be?  Acid wastes are the culprit in all health problems.


In the case of human alkalinity, as long as you have a diet that is predominately alkaline you don't have to be precise in amount rendered as in pool chemistry. The miracle of the human body has the ability to take what it wants and gets rid of the rest, as long as you supply it with the right alkaline foods and vegetables and fruits are the right alkaline foods.


"ALKALINITY - A REQUIREMENT FOR HEALTH”    From Dr. Baroody's excellent book "Alkalize or Die" This book in my opinion is the most important piece of health material that you can lay your hands on.  It will extend your life as well as anyone that you can pass it on to.

A properly alkalized body is a healthy body. Glands and organs that are overly acidic become diseased.  

The heart is one of the most alkaline-dependent organs in the body. Acid wastes cause irregularities in heartbeat and function. Blood, oxidized by acid waste, damages the heart.  

The liver has over three hundred functions, including processing acid toxins from the blood and producing numerous alkaline enzymes for the system. All nourishment obtained through the gastrointestinal tract enters the blood by way of the liver. When large amounts of acid waste products are in the blood, a burden is placed on the liver.  

The pancreas is highly dependent on correct alkaline diet. All aspects of pancreatic function reduce excess acidity and regulate glucose balance.  

Acid waste from acid-forming foods interfere in the production of a crucially important enzyme called chyle. Chyle plays a major role in alkalizing the body. When this enzyme is compromised, the body is in an acidic state.  

In an adult, about one liter of blood per minute passes through the kidneys. The kidneys keep the blood alkaline and extract acid. Kidneys that are overstressed with too much acidity create kidney stones, which are composed of waste acid cells and mineral salts that have become gummed together in a waste acid substance.  

There are several hundred lymph glands in the body. Lymph fluid carries nutrition to the cells and removes acid waste products. When the body is overly acidic lymph becomes sluggish. Lymph dries and begins to form very tiny to very large adhesions throughout the tissues. These adhesions can interfere not only with lymph fluid, but with blood flow as well. Hindered lymph flow increases tissue acid storage.

Water is necessary to keep lymph moving. Without clean water, waste products from foods that are not properly digested are reabsorbed into general circulation via the lymphatic ducts of the small intestine. In addition, bowel movements that do not completely clear the body of its daily toxins are also reabsorbed.  

Negative emotions create an acidic environment. Anger, resentment, hate, and other negative emotions that are not transformed to love and acceptance will make you ill. The positive emotions like love and acceptance will alkalize your body.  

Moderate exercise is alkalizing to the body. Excessive or strenuous can create an acidic problem due to lactic acid buildup. People who are acidic usually feel worse from exercise. For these people, the bodily systems involved detoxifying the body become even more overwhelmed with the release of lactic acid from exercise. Those who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often feel sick and exhausted for a day or two after exercise of most kinds. 



Excerpt from new feature on cholesterol.

I have added the following excerpt below from a new feature that I just finished on Cholesterol and some dots that I had not connected when I wrote the above feature on alkalinity.  While we have been keying in on acid waste we didn't realize how much this acid waste had such a bad influence on cholesterol.  At the time we wrote the above alkalinity feature we didn't even know the role cholesterol played in the body.   Damaged cholesterol from acid wastes is explained in detail in our Cholesterol feature and we invited you to check it out


Misinformation, Misconceptions and the dangers of it.

CHOLESTEROL You hear you should lower your  cholesterol, that cholesterol is harmful and high cholesterol causes a lot of problems. It is not the cholesterol which causes the problems, but the amount of oxidized cholesterol, the cholesterol which has been damaged by free radicals, just like butter which turns rancid.  It is the excess free radicals in the cholesterol that the body cannot deal with.  You can have your cholesterol lowered artificially with statins, but if you are not minimizing the amount of oxidation especially in your LDL, with certain practices you are fooling your self and the only thing your Doctor has done is bought you a little more time before your cardiovascular system fails.  Lets not forget more than half the people who have heart attacks have low cholesterol,  so what does that tell you?  It tells you that you had better find a better way to lower your oxidized level of  cholesterol than with statins, because I am not sure whether statins have any ability to  lower the oxidation factor,  only limiting oxidation causing conditions and increasing certain high concentrated anti-oxidant foods can accomplish this.  Keep in mind that fruit along with vegetables have anti-oxidants, but fruit also has a downside to it, SUGAR.

Now if you are very physically active you can burn off the excess sugar, but  for some reason if you are not active, you will have to rely on the most concentrated anti-oxidant foods and our feature has the whole scoop.


Below is a table of alkaline and acid foods.  My only recommendation here in trying to obtain a good to perfect balance is keeping an eye on your urine and salvia through regular pH testing and this is covered in detail at the end of this feature.  If you are running past the yardsticks one way or the other just cut down and/or increase the amount of alkaline or acid foods.  In the majority of cases it will mean correcting an acid condition and that could mean increasing the proportion of alkaline foods but more likely cutting down on  the acid ones.

Fermented Veggies
Brussel sprouts
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Edible Flowers
Parsnips (high glycemic)
Sea Veggies
Barley Grass
Wheat Grass
Wild Greens
Nightshade Veggies
Banana (high glycemic)
Honeydew Melon
All Berries
Tropical Fruits

Whey Protein Powder
Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Tofu (fermented)
Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Tempeh (fermented)
Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sprouted Seeds
Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen
Lecithin Granules
Probiotic Cultures
Green Juices
Veggies Juices
Fresh Fruit Juice
Organic Milk
Mineral Water
Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
Dandelion Tea
Ginseng Tea
Banchi Tea


Chili Pepper
Sea Salt
All Herbs

Dandelion Root
Sea Veggies
Avocado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Flax Oil
Olive Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil


Rice Cakes
Wheat Cakes
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)
Hemp Seed Flour

Cheese, Cow
Cheese, Goat
Cheese, Processed
Cheese, Sheep
Brazil Nuts
Peanut Butter



Distilled Vinegar
Wheat Germ
Drugs, Medicinal
Drugs, Psychedelic

Hard Liquor

Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans
Rice Milk
Almond Milk


So what is a healthy urine and saliva  and pH

Just because a food is acid-forming doesn't necessarily make it unhealthy. I'm not saying that you should avoid them.  In fact, many of the acid foods are necessary for proper health.  It's just a matter of balance.  Fixing your acid/alkaline balance isn't the complete answer to perfect health; it's only one piece of the puzzle but it is being dangerously overlooked.  Note:  Amino acids in meat, essential fatty acids in seed and nuts are acid forming foods,  but again they are essential especially for the good fats as in omega 3 fatty acids that you should have at every meal,  but in moderation. 

Unfortunately in an intelligent diet with the right amount of calories, there is not much room if at all for the bad acids, like from refined sugars, refined grains and booze.  Omega 3 fatty acids in Fish as in Salmon, Sardines, etc. a good Fish oil, flax seed is high in Omega 3 fatty acids along with Walnuts.  Again if you take in a generous amount of these "essential acids" you don't have any room for the bad ones as outlined above.  You will have all you can do to try to stay ahead of the curve with your alkaline foods as outlined above.

The bottom line is that we need to be eating enough alkalizing foods to help our bodies neutralize the acid-forming foods. Throughout the years, there have been numerous diet plans, formulas, charts, etc. that have attempted to outline exactly what foods in what amounts need to be eaten to achieve this balance especially in weight control programs.  The secret of weight control programs are in the balance of the diet not just calorie count. In fact our feature  not only covers weight loss it also covers how the program of the right balance cleans your arteries and other areas that accumulate fats and acid wastes. 


The Great Equalizer

Green smoothies give us a concentrated amount of fresh greens in a way that would be difficult to achieve through other means.  We believe that a green smoothie every day will tip  the alkaline/acid balance because  green vegetables in a concentrated form are very alkaline and the vegetables we recommend (Link below to our smoothie feature) have the essential minerals calcium and magnesium in particular that maintain the vital total alkalinity that stabilizes your chemistry. 

Again it may be difficult managing your diet to include many of the right foods and minimizing the bad ones.  Even taking in a generous amount of fruits and vegetables can be a chore for some.  The  practice every day what we call the "Great Equalizer" The green smoothie that has a nice compliment of fruits in addition to the live greens as in parsley, chard, kale, frozen broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts and the natural sweetening herb Stevia and it really is delicious.  One nice apple really helps the taste.  Actually the body has a fascinating ability to adjust its total alkalinity if you just give it a reasonable break. The smoothie will most likely put you on easy street and scavenge up just the right amount of acids and stabilize your pH.

When you add a potpourri of the elements that we add to a smoothie you will be constructing a power house of anti-oxidants and a synergy of the  combination that will combat the sophisticated nature of wastes.  Free radical/wastes are buggers to neutralize.   It is important that you drink a smoothie as soon as you prepare it to send it into your system in a viable state.  Enzymes etc. are short lived even in a live food state.  Get it down.

Link to our smoothie feature below.... 


The surprising benefits of calcium: 

All the benefits you will read in this feature and throughout our many features in regarding the vital mineral Calcium can be directly attributed to the fact that the best food sources of calcium and they are listed below in this feature in our personal intake are derived from the fact that calcium foods have complimentary minerals magnesium for one.  This compliment adds to the bodies mineral stability and (Total Alkalinity) that mitigates any acids that are presented to the body. 

A perfect example would be the extraordinary benefits of fish (Our favorite is Portuguese sardines) that not only have omega 3 fatty acids but also the calcium and other minerals to again  mitigate whatever amount of acids are generated by the meat in the sardines.   Exercise is another one, that if practiced aggressively in a cardiovascular program is an acid forming activity but vital.  Any meats are acid but should be limited to no more than the area in the palm of your hand at a sitting.  Here you will be getting the sufficient benefits of the meat/protein,  but yet balancing the alkaline/acid benefits with the food contents themselves along with complimentary food sources (added to the meal)  as in green raw vegetables.

I have a personal practice where I take a fairly nice tootsie roll of roast beef to start my day but we make sure that the roll has a nice amount of spinach with the meat to counter not only the acid aspects of the meat but also the iron content of the beef.  Ironically spinach has a nice compliment of iron that has a neutralizing affect on the iron and the negative nature of the iron in meat.  We call it fighting fire with fire. 

Incidentally calcium from natural foods have this same attribute in neutralizing inert calcium deposit/wastes,  one example calcium oxalates as in kidney stones.  Here again is a fighting fire with fire approach by ingesting the right calcium source to mitigate the ill effects of calcium that has changed its characteristics from good to bad.  An example of this is the calcium wastes that are generated when the body is called upon to cannibalize the bone matrix itself, and in the process leave a terrible residue for the body to handle and in many cases are in able to handle without dire health consequences.


You know you need it for strong bones, but calcium protects your health in other important ways, too.  Here is what this amazing mineral can do for you.

Calcium Functions

Calcium is responsible for construction, formation and maintenance of bone and teeth.  This function helps reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Calcium is a vital component in blood clotting systems and also helps in wound healing.

Calcium helps to control blood pressure, nerve transmission, and release of


Calcium is an essential component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism.

Calcium helps to transport ions (electrically charged particles) across the


Calcium is essential for muscle contraction.

Calcium assists in maintaining all cells and connective tissues in the body.

Calcium may be helpful to reduce the incidence of premature heart disease,

especially if adequate intakes of magnesium are also maintained.

Calcium may help to prevent periodontal disease (gum disease).

Calcium helps keep the weight off.

Research suggests that if you don't get enough calcium in your diet, you're

 likely to be overweight.

The reason has to do with your body's response to a calcium deficit.

When you're low, your body thinks you're starving and enters emergency



For our full feature on calcium


Check out our link below, a condensed version on health

A great link into an intelligent explanation on the pH balance and total alkalinity is 

You can monitor your urine pH using pH test strips and you can purchase these from  The best time to test your urine is first thing in the morning.   

For our purposes we will be measuring urine and saliva.  In a perfect world with all other health parameters in place, the "averaged" pH of both urine and saliva will be right around the 6.4 level - and this would be at just about any time of day when tested - though the best times to track and test for a baseline reading would be two hours after a meal.  Keep in mind that after strenuous exercise your pH will be acid for a period of time, perhaps hours.  The sooner you can neutralize the acids with vegetables and a green smoothie as mentioned above the better.  Like wise reducing acid foods would be wise as well although this may conflict with athletes pigging out on sweets and carbs.   For sweets during and after exercise I recommend fruits as in bananas.  Bananas are loaded with Potassium and really perk up about 80 different enzymes that have been depleted.

Sugary drinks are negative.  As far as the sports drinks they may be O.K. but I am not buying them.  If I think I need some more fruit for a depleted sugar count that is the time I would go to the blender and increase the proportion of fruits to veggies. and even then I would be prudent regarding the sugar content.  You need sugar but not much.

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We'll talk more of what "averaged pH" means a bit later.   Don't be confused with some of the Internet promotions that claim a higher pH is better like 7.0 or more.  They are just trying to sell you something.  More on this below.

Understand that pH can move all over the place. This is so because most individuals "total alkalinity" is not very strong.  So two hours after a meal for instance, you may find the urine going acid as it is a reflection of the meals acid components pushing the pH.  But as "total alkalinity" increases in an individual, this swaying urine pH starts to lock in and with the saliva pH factored in, the averaged will settle around the 6.4 level.  This takes time to accomplish and in some cases a good nights rest.

The question may arise as to why the averaged urine and saliva should be in the 6.4 area, and the answer lies most specifically in this regard to Dr. Carey Reams.  In our own clinical work with the research of Reams, Vincent, Revici and others, we would concur with the 6.4 averaged level for urine and saliva.

The reason 6.4 seems to be ideal is for specific ionization principles to be carried out in the body.  Anytime we talk about the human body and biological terrain, we can relate it to stories of farming and soil terrain for there is common ground in both areas.  After all, we do come from the dust of the earth and it is the dust of the earth from which we will return (our bodies at least). pH is but one parameter that quantifies the nature of the terrain.

Now above we are talking about the 6.4 level for urine and saliva that is "averaged". We show this formula in the section dealing with "Moving pH"
(Urine pH ____ + (Saliva pH X 2 ___ ) ) / Divided by 3 = ____.

For the measurement of urine and saliva by themselves, in general, you want pH of urine to be around  6.5 and saliva perhaps a little higher but not much.

Inverted numbers, or too high or too low for either means something is up. In regards to urine, it is designed to be able to go all the way down to 4.5 which means if you are way down there, well the body is appearing to be able to handle metabolic loads (and it usually is much better than a high pH) but the question becomes what else is going on.

Important note: High urine pH is not good from any perspective and all the information floating around saying it is so is from the "alkalize alkalize alkalize" people - possibly because what they are selling - and key word is selling - will push urine pH to those extremes and they can say - "see how good our products work!" And of course if a person stays at those high levels too long they start having issues and the fallback becomes "you are detoxing, stick with the program". It is all a bunch of hooey. For physiologic health, you do not want to see urine above 6.5. for extended periods although it is possible it could elevate temporarily like after a green smoothie along with not indulging in acid foods.  It should always be able to get down into the 6.5 range - this is a reflection of adaptive capacity and it shows metabolic acids can and are being removed from the system.


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