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                         Losing Weight One Swoop


The premise of this feature involves the proven  aspects of the hormone Glucagon stimulated by a 40-30-30 balanced diet at every meal and snack is not only the fat burning hormone (because it is) and the theory of our own that believes the same body fat burning powers of the hormone Glucagon, has the same powers to clean your arteries from fatty plaque etc. and have a likewise positive effect on the lymphatic network. 

We know a healthy lymphatic network prevents cancer from entering your body through the protective gate ways of the lymph nodes and the same applies to gumming up your cardiovascular network.  In addition,  when you are considering the "scavenging" powers of a healthy lymphatic network you are getting into a host of neurological issues and the first thing that comes to mind is Alzheimer's disease. There is no question that the clogging of the brain is the cause of Alzheimer's.  It is just a question of keeping the brain squeaky clean.  We believe that Glucagon is the tool to do it.  We have a section below relative to this concern. 

One example:  My mid morning snack.  A glass of half orange juice (The carbs) and distilled water, a scoop of whey protein (The protein) and last about 40 small pepita pumpkin seeds, (The fat)

An added bonus of the 40-30-30  principles that stimulates the production of Glucagon is its positive effect on glucose.  A balance of the 3 big foods at every meal and snack regulates your sugar and prevents glycation,  which is a form of waste that has a  broad host of negative implications.

Using the same principles after weight loss targets are met are just as important,  as fatty plaque still has to be addressed in thin folks as well.  To repeat sugar regulation is something you have to be on top of the rest of your life and 40-30-30 eating practices will be a big factor in addressing this issue.




Vegetables and fruits are healthy sources of insoluble fiber but again there is soluble properties in fruits and vegetables as well.  This is why raw fruits and vegetables are the perfect fiber food.   However, no fruit or vegetable contains as much insoluble fiber as grains.  Vegetables that have a high amount of insoluble fiber include broccoli, artichoke, Brussels sprouts and carrots.  A one-half cup serving of cooked Brussels sprouts has 1.5 grams of insoluble fiber.  Fruits with a generous amount of insoluble fiber includes citrus fruits, bananas, peaches, pears, plums, nectarine and prunes.  Apples and blackberries are among the best fruit sources of insoluble fiber, with 3 grams in a serving.  Again let me stress that these items depending on how they are managed, chewing well is one big factor,  will determine the ultimate ratio of soluble and insoluble content derived from the product.


I personally try to mix soluble and insoluble during the day and in fact when I prepare our daily smoothie I start out with an apple.  I take the apple stand  stem up and go around the apple and slice off slivers of skin with some flesh.  I set the slivers aside and start chewing on them.  I then proceed to slice the balance of the apple to be used in the blender.  During the smoothie preparation I will easily consume all of the slivers.  Now I don't go out of my way to liquefy the mix in the chewing process, but enough to provide a little batch of "roughage" followed by the smoothie mix that is quite broken down.


Now my guess is if you investigated the make up of a stool (Not a pretty chore) but I have done it when questioning whether my pills and tablets were going down the drain (they were not by the way)  you most likely would not find any pieces of the apple slivers.  In other words they have been broken down in the digestive process and hopefully the insoluble nature will have done its job in the transportation process.  I believe in the case of seed as in flax seed that if they were not ground up in a high speed blender or coffee grinder they would show up to some degree whole in the stool.  Of course the question is how much nutrition is gained by the seed partially being breached by the digestive process.  Keep in mind birds partake on different whole seeds and they survive.  They also dive bomb seeds with a perfect environment for germination into the earth,  and actually prevent erosion.  That is one of their missions on earth.


Incidentally I mention prunes and blackberries above.  They both happen to be one of the best insoluble foods and they are also the two superstars in the anti-oxidant department.  Put prunes and blackberries on your shopping list.  You can buy blackberries frozen or fresh.  We put the fresh berries on trays and freeze them as well before placing them in plastic containers.


You can't eliminate the threat of cancer and all the other perils along with losing weight without an effective means of managing your fiber intake. Fiber is what absorbs the bacteria and cancer cells from your body and avoids recycling them because that is the last thing you would want to do.

There are a great deal of misconceptions regarding fiber in the diet and supplements and a study in it self.  Most foods have a combination of soluble and insoluble properties and one example is flax seed that has about half and half and this depends on how it is managed.

Fruits and vegetables depending on the variety have both properties and especially the soluble properties that are converted to a gel that traverses through the intestines, sponging excess cholesterol and a host of other wonders to the body.  We believe that the quality of the gel is determined by what you eat and how it is prepared, therefore what you eat and how it is managed will determine the efficiency factor of the fiber foods that pass through your digestive track.




Many legumes are also a great source of insoluble fiber.  Legumes, which include beans, peas and lentils, are healthy because they contain a number of essential nutrients.  Some legumes that have insoluble fiber include black, kidney, Lima, navy and pinto beans.  Cooked peas are also high in insoluble fiber, containing 5 grams in one-half cup serving. Lentils have 7 grams of insoluble fiber in one-half cup serving. 


Keep in mind again because a particular food is considered insoluble does not mean a certain amount of it is not made available to the digestive track along with its transportation features.  My guess is that there are a lot of foods that are considered insoluble that play a vital role in the gel composition that is manufactured during the process.  Another guess is that fruits in particular serve this dual role.




Both insoluble and soluble fiber should be an important part of your diet. Nutritional labels usually do not specify what type of fiber a particular food item contains but they do list the total fiber content. Try to eat enough of both types of fiber to meet your daily recommended amount. Men under the age of 50 should consume 38 grams of fiber per day. Women in that same age bracket need 25 grams of fiber each day. Men older than 50 should get 30 grams a day. Women over the age of 50 should consume 21 grams of fiber per day.


Now what that optimum ratio will be can be monitored by observing your bowel habits and content and below is a link to a Dr. Mercola feature on this issue.  If you haven't signed up for Dr. Mercola's health information don't hesitate as it is the best free bargain on the Internet on health issues.


The below Mercola link has to be copied and pasted into your address line.


Good carbs and bad carbs


Athletes have a regimen in loading up on carbs before a vigorous competitive event.   One popular Carb for this purpose is pasta and mentioned above.  I believe the loading is done in the nightly dinner before the next days event.   I know there are practices where carbs are used on the same day.  These health bars for one are popular.

Of course there is the argument of good carbs and bad ones and we get into Dr. Atkin's theory on "net carbs" below as all carbs are not equal.  A sugary milk shake is pure carbs, an apple although in the 20 carb range has a great deal of fiber,  hence Dr. Atkin's says we should deduct the fiber in the apple and net that apple out at around 10 carbs.


The Bad Ole Whites (Carbs)

Keep in mind that the body only needs about 100 grams of carbs a day.  One cup of brown rice is about 45 grams of carbs.  It is very easy to go over your daily allowance in carbs.

Top of the white list is sugar.   Fructose derived from corn etc. is another one, all of your starches like Rice (White and Brown) makes no difference.  Potatoes including Sweet Potatoes a big time Starch/Carb that converts to sugar and spikes insulin buo quo.   Pasta another white nightmare especially if you don't follow it with a physical workout.  If you are a full time or even a part time athlete or a hard working laborer you can get away with some bad carbs again post workout.

There are many carbs that are disguised.  One prominent means is to process grain, strip out all the  goodness so it increases shelf life and to actually color the product brown to make it look more organic.  From white to brown.  Processed grain combined with sugar as in baked goods, breads even booze is classical example of some of the biggest offenders.


                   Make a Wish

Before we get into the medical aspects of this wish we went into Google and searched for a "wish" image.  Lo an behold the image to your left came up with the little child blowing the seeds off of a matured dandelion flower.  Dandelions are not common in many parts of the country but they are not only common in New York where we grew  up, but there was a common practice to make a wish when we did blow on these seeds  as they immediately went airborne.  Actually it was the first time in 70 years that this little joy in my life surfaced again.


Lets make a wish!

If there were a few  principles regarding lifestyle that you could follow that would prevent  cancer (Including recurrence),  prevent Heart Disease, Alzheimer's and as a bonus take pounds off of you like butter relative to regulating your sugar,  would you be interested in knowing how to do it?  Of course you always have the option of doing nothing and depending on your financial status,  will have the pleasure of a family member changing your diaper or a disinterested health care worker that wishes you in hell.

After almost 20 years searching the Internet regarding health issues we believe we finally have connected the dots for the answers above and ironically it stems back to a rather basic weight loss program, that we believe if followed will do everything we say it will  and add quality years on to your life.


Lets start out with some facts at random......

1.  If you have practiced the principles of the zone type diets and stuck with it, you would have discovered that it works.  It worked for me to the tune of losing 30 lbs in a years time. 

2.  There is  a great deal more regarding the implications than just the benefits of losing weight  when you take on the zone type diets.

3.  There is about 3 times more lymphatic fluid in the body than blood.

4.  Lymphatic fluids deliver nutrients and carries waste away safely from every cell in the body and this includes cancer cells after they have been adequately processed in healthy lymph nodes.

5.  Hypocrites the Father of medicine called lymphatic fluid "White blood".

6.  The white in lymphatic fluid has a fat component,  as fat is the transport vehicle for the blood and lymphatic network.

7.  The quality of this fat will determine the health of your lymphatic network as in a clean burning engine the quality of the fuel will determine the degree of unwanted deposits. 

Fats as in cold water fish, sardines etc, nuts and flax and pumpkin seed, olive oil, cottage cheese.  There is a direct connection between Vitamin D3 and a  good soluble fat as in fish and fish oil.  In fact recent studies have derived as much as a 10 times enhancement of Vitamin D3 absorption when used with enough good fat.  Our favorite meal is a lunch salad that has had a good Portuguese can of sardines soaked in extra virgin olive oil, and we add more olive oil to the salad.  Keep in mind that Vitamin D3 is one of the precursors to an efficient immune system and proven tests lately (3-28-13) have confirmed the importance of the immune system mitigating cancer cells in all forms.  They are working with mice and the results are outstanding but in the meantime you can support your immune system without medical intervention.

8. Depending on what you eat and its proportions, you will either produce a fat burning hormone (Glucagon) or a fat storing hormone (Insulin)

9.  Glucagon regulates your sugar, over production of Insulin that can lead to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes will most likely bury you prematurely.

10. Salt

Keep in mind that one of the hidden threats in what you eat including bakery goods loaded with sugar can be salt.   Salt is a large component of bakery goods.  It is critical in the process and without salt things just don't work out for the baker.  Unfortunately this salt component chimes in with the insulin process and is part of the storage and glycation dilemma.  When salt is combined with sugar and refined grains as in stripped flour and it normally is the nightmare that is created in the storage process is significant and deadly.  One of the biggest misconceptions regarding weight gain can actually be traced in many cases to water retention and we believe salt plays one of the primary roles in this process. 

We were amazed recently when my wife was put on Lasix for a water retention issue when the lower extremities were not only purged of the water retention but other areas such as the abdomen were purged as well and although sugar plays a big role in weight gain in the adipose area don't dismiss the salt input.

If you do indulge in bakery goods you must counter this intake with high potassium foods that have an array of alkaline mineral.  Baked potatoes, bananas, tomato  sauces, fruits and vegetables and especially greens like chard that are steamed are some of the high potassium foods.

So the question is how do you conduct your daily food intake regimen using the 40-30-30 principles?   I will follow and close out this abbreviated feature with a list of do's and don'ts.

11.  The Cholesterol connection.  Cholesterol manufactured by the liver, sent out to every cell in the body is the precursor to the manufacturing of  Vitamin D3.  Depending on its chemistry Cholesterol can stick to unwanted areas (including your vital lymph vessels and  nodes) or use its "Fatty" substances to do wonders for your body.  (Wonders being jacking up your immune system a gigantic notch).   So make no mistake about it, good fats (taken with moderation) along with the 40-30-30 principles play a critical role in its vitamin D3 producing relationship and.....

A researcher at the University of California/San Diego stated "No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has the powerful impact of Vitamin D3".


Allergic Reactions and Acid Wastes/Inflammation

Below is an excerpt from a feature we have just completed on inflammation.  It zeros in on allergic reactions and testing.  The link to the full feature follows the excerpt.

"Allergic reactions are distinctive because of excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. 

A variety of tests exist to diagnose allergic conditions. These include placing possible allergens on the skin and looking for a reaction such as swelling. Blood tests can also be done to look for an allergen-specific IgE." 


So let us attempt to connect the dots................


The Diets

What is the Zone type  40-30-30 diet?  What are the principles regarding these diets?

It is within the principles of these diets that lie the answers again not just for shedding pounds but shedding the same fatty substances in your arteries and lymph vessels in the process of  regulating your sugar that can kill you in some way sooner than later if it is not controlled by diet.  If you get to the point where it has to be controlled with medication you have a long row to hoe.   If it doesn't kill you it will put you and your family in terror until it does kill you and put you out of your misery.  Ironically as stated above good fat plays a vital role in this process.

Our  crusade with weight loss was straight forward, not realizing that the same principles would take us in a different path when addressing a breast cancer issue and soon discovered that cardiovascular problems would be addressed as well.

First let me briefly explain to you the principles of these diets although I will leave it up to you to access the  that goes into the details of the diet itself.


There are one of  two hormones that are produced when you eat.  Both are produced by the Pancreas.  One is insulin when you eat a meal or snack that is dominated by sugar producing foods and that includes your starches and other foods that are converted to sugar.  Sugar from booze too.  This includes a delicious smoothie that is exclusively all fruit.  If you continue to do smoothies with fruit only you are a fool.  Again taking 2 pints of blueberries and putting them through a blender is certainly heaven on earth, but it sure will rev up your insulin levels and that will take you to hell.

Sugar in excess is converted to fat via insulin that accumulates it in many areas of your body (including your brain that experiences a huge flow of blood and lymph fluids 24/7)  and unfortunately not only collects in your adipose areas,  but also in the form of fatty  arterial and lymph vessel plaque.  It is critical that the body maintains a very specific amount of sugar in the blood.  The insulin trigger is one means to protect the system from too much sugar although constant abuse can lead to what they refer to as insulin resistance and control has to be handed over to constant monitoring and medication.


Insulin is what is referred to as the "Fat Storing hormone"  The storage of fat is an essential means of survival in  the animal world, for those who are not privileged to sit down at every meal of the day thanks to the supermarket next door.  Animals have an instinct to store food by way of fat for the rainy days, let alone for  hibernating animals that feed on their fat for months on end.  So when a human stores fat and isn't active enough to work it off this is where problems begin.  That bear on the left instinctively knows that sugar laden honey is going to turn to fat and get him through the winter.


Your Liver

Below is a very graphic image of an unhealthy liver that has been burdened with excess bad fat, derived from sugar/insulin and other sources.  The same fat obviously in the unhealthy liver, is the same fatty plaque that will develop in your  arteries and lymph vessels and nodes.  For you young folks reading this, during the Vietnam war they autopsied soldiers in their 20s killed in action and were stunned to find the amount of fatty substances in their arteries etc. so don't think hardening of the arteries is only reserved for Grampa and Grama. 

Keep in mind that the liver along with 200 other chores or more, manufactures cholesterol and sends it out to every cell in your body.  The quality of this cholesterol not necessarily the amount will determine the quality of the vitamin D that is produced and how much cholesterol is consumed in the process.   My cholesterol total has been 250 for 25 years.  My hdl though is 70 to 80 and my triglycerides are in the 70s.  Should I take Lipitor? no way Jose. 

Readers Digest said there is nothing more powerful in reducing the chances of cancer than getting enough vitamin D.   We also believe again that there are degrees of quality in Vitamin D as there is in Cholesterol or a garment that you wear on your back.




Glucagon and insulin are paired hormones, and their relationship is inverse proportional.  In other words, when insulin levels are high, glucagon levels are low, and vice versa.  Glucagon is a fat mobilization hormone as opposed to insulin, which is a fat storage hormone.  Insulin directs the body to store fat.  Glucagon lowers insulin levels, low insulin levels indicate low blood sugar, low blood sugar signals the body to burn fat for its energy and preserve the remaining blood sugar for the brain to consume.  Obviously, dieters would want to raise their Glucagon levels.



Consider this important fact the next time you go to eat: what you eat (i.e., the carbohydrate-protein-fat balance) will determine for the next 4-6 hours whether you will burn or store fat.  Get your Glucagon up by eating some protein and balance it with the right fats and good complex carbohydrates.

For those who have Internet access, it is not important at this point whether you have accessed the feature, but you must in time do so.  Probably would be a good idea to finish this feature and jump back on the 40-30-30.

We are not going to go into the portions of Carbs, Protein and Fats as the 40-30-30 feature does this pretty well.  In fact I  believe that you will  see some results at least as far as weight loss if you just try to incorporate a mix of the big 3 at every meal and snack, because that is the trick,  At  every meal and snack.  Keep in mind that in any diet there are calorie restrictions and this certainly applies to the 40-30-30-  Zone type diets.  If you have pounds to lose and you are on the Zone/40-30-30 type of diet and you are not losing weight than you are either not doing the right proportions and/or you are just consuming too many calories.



In fact one revealing  example was given to us recently when a relative informed us that she was eating on a regular basis  "Weight Watchers" snacks.  (Not to be confused with the Weight Watchers organization as we have not analyzed their breakdowns)   It turns out that this one particular snack had 17 grams of sugar in it and a poor ratio of Protein and Fats.  It didn't come close to the 40-30-30 principles.    Now this is where the problem lied.  This individual was just dipping into these snacks regularly  not knowing she was breaking the 40-30-30 rule big time, by eating them alone.  Eating weight watchers snacks alone  may have the ability to stimulate insulin production.  In this case the weight watcher will see her/his weight go up instead of down.   There is a possibility that there are weight watchers snacks that have a good balance, but the one we observed did not.   Check the label of any good healthy snack.  See how close it comes to 40-30-30.


You will see in our  40-30-30 feature that all carbs are not created equal.  We gain our real carbs from the fruits and berries that we eat on our cereal in the morning, along with fruit in yogurt for our lunch.   We don't engage in any fruit at the evening meal as we feel we need the days activities to burn off the excess sugar, rather than take it to bed.    Green carbs don't count much in the calorie and or 40-30-30  count,  but they sure  count when they neutralize the toxic chemicals especially from some of these metals we all take in along with the countering alkaline mineral content.  

When you try to analyze the gram contents of a carb you may want to subscribe to the Atkins "net carb" theory as it relates to the amount of fiber in the carb.  An apple being a carb has a great deal of fiber if you consume the entire fruit, skin and all.  So where there is about 20 grams of carbs in an apple you can easily net it out at 10 or less because of its fiber content.

Recent studies have  shown the following and support the 40-30-30 over the Atkins type low carb diets. 

Cutting down on carbs may help people lose weight, but it may not be so good for lowering cholesterol, new research shows.

People who ate a diet low in carbohydrates but relatively high in fat lost the same amount of weight over six weeks as those who consumed a high-carb diet.

But levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or "bad" cholesterol increased significantly in the low-carb group, while they fell in the high-carb group. High LDL levels are a risk factor for heart disease because they are linked to clogged arteries.



One of the major problem that develops when one goes on a health kick is reducing the amount of meat and fat from the diet.  We subscribe to the idea of reducing meat and animal fat in some cases dramatically.  If you are acquainted with the Atkins diet though you may know his initial phase is heavy on meats and animal fats and my understanding is it is effective.  I think what this program does is emphasizes the importance of protein in any diet including the 40-30-30 zone type diets that we have used successfully.

One problem that results as we get older is the loss of muscle.  Many health professionals  recommend extra protein to maintain muscle.  Whey protein is a great source of protein.  We have a morning snack that follows the principles of extra protein when we put a large scoop in a half a glass of  Florida Natural orange juice with the most pulp.  The glass is then filled with water and we include in this mid morning snack about 40 little pumpkin petita seeds.  So the orange juice provides us the carbs, the whey protein and the pumpkin seed,  the fat.  With this combination we have accomplished pretty close to a perfect 40-30-30 snack.

We eat a diversified array of proteins, Bush's black beans out of a can, cottage cheese, a modest amount of beef, pork and chicken never more than a size bigger than the cup of your hand.   The nuts and seed (fresh ground flax seed is best).  We eat nuts at every meal not many now on our cereal and salad for lunch and dinner.  We use a soy free or milk whey protein in our juices  and in fact we throw 2  heaping spoon fulls in our daily smoothie that  could use a little jolt of extra protein. 

There is an argument that goes on regarding soy source of protein and a toxicity factor.  Toxicity is all around us and there are measures in your diet such as fruits and vegetables and especially our habit of having a concentrated smoothie has the ability to neutralize any toxicity and all this baloney and sales pitches regarding toxicity are just that, baloney.

Note:  Recently we had allergy blood tests taken and came up with a slam dunk Gluten problem and a milk issue as well.  We have had to make a modification in our regimen. We have since gone Gluten free with our breads, muffins, cookies etc.  

Allergies create inflammation that has a host of implications including brain issues as in Alzheimer's. It is good idea to have a test for allergies and I would strongly suggest that your Doctor include a C-Reactive Protein test that essentially tests the inflammation levels in your blood and system.

Don't forget eggs.  Eggs are loaded with protein.  We eat 4 eggs a week. 

Vegetable protein is poor quality compared to the protein in meat.  However,  it's possible to increase the quality of vegetable protein by combining it with other plant foods

Check out our  feature on nuts.

So being generous with extra protein in your meals is important, although a word of caution here on nuts.  They are loaded with calories and must be used regularly,  but in moderation.  I am talking like a half a dozen on your cereal at the most.  3 or so cut up in yogurt.  Just a few on your salads.  You need the benefits of nuts to make the  fat burning work, but excessive amounts will come back to haunt you.  Don't you dare reach into the fridge for a few to nibble on alone.


Cold water fish and Calcium

Last and the daddy of them all in protein and fat, cold water fatty fish, tuna, sardines and salmon.  5 lunches a week with about 4 ounces of these miracle foods on top of a green salad.  Keep in mind one very important fact and that  is the critical calcium that the pin bones of fish have on board such as sardines, tuna and salmon.  You can get your calcium out of a bottle but nothing compares to the quality of the calcium found in fish.  The bones are soluble by the way.  Calcium must be absorbed by the body.  Calcium that is not absorbed can be a problem.  There is something very safe about deriving calcium from the bones of fish, along with the synergy of the Omega 3 fatty acids in the fish.  Now if you use a good extra virgin cold pressed olive oil as a modest dressing on top of this mix with a green salad, you may have discovered the magic of the Mediterranean diet and all of these little portly Italians, Portuguese and  Spaniards running around with arteries and lymph vessels clean as a hounds tooth.  Their cardiovascular health records reflect it and there is no question this same positive effect is spun off to their lymph systems.

Incidentally there have been extensive tests taken where they have used the Omega 3 fatty fish with and without olive oil incorporated and the combination of olive oil and omega 3s proved remarkable results.  There is a component in the fat of olive oil that compliments the process and my guess is the liver welcomes it with open arms along with the fat and calcium from the fish.


Some canned fish comes in Olive oil.  I am not sure of the quality of this oil.  We pour it off and use quality olive oil as a dressing as for some reason or another without thoroughly investigating it we just don't believe that the canned products have the same degree of quality that you can buy separately. Remember Olive oil is high in calories, go easy.  We are talking Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil.  Look for specials, store it in the darkness of a cabinet.

Vitamin D is best produced by the Sun and the best choice over supplements. Vitamin D has so many benefit we can't even begin to enumerate them, from bone loss to your immune system and in particular your lymphatic system. The sun is an Alzheimer's crusher.


The fact is that Vitamin D dictates not only the absorbability of calcium in the intestines, it controls all the calcium in the bodies functions including the brain.  This was our personal practice and learning 101 in our agricultural career.  Calcium content in the soil was the microprocessor for all the minerals in the soil and their individual electrolyte functions as well as hormone production.

It has been recently revealed that it is calcium deposits in the brain that could be the responsible villain in Alzheimer's disease.  They know it is deposits and calcium is notorious for unwanted deposits.  We all obtain calcium in various ways.  Some calcium especially where there is an abundance of Vitamin D3 intake will be properly absorbed and properly metabolized. This is why we subscribe to Sardine intake with its total compliments.  Tuna is a good source of vitamin D and calcium if they do not remove the bones.  Most Tuna retains the pin bones (More below)

This process can be easily compared to a combustion engine.  Some engines are fine tuned and burn the majority of the fuel it uses.  Some engines are out of whack and wastes are produced and accumulated in the engine parts. The body mechanism is not any different. I might say that the type of fuel used in an engine is similar to the fuel we ingest for our engine.  When you follow a car with black smoke spewing out of its exhaust this a classical example of an engine that is not working at peak efficiency and you can better believe that the black soot is being accumulated internally as well as out the exhaust.

There are situations in bone loss cases where the body is not obtaining enough calcium and actually cannibalizes the bone matrix of the patient.  This generates a very significant source of calcium and the nature of this product is devastating to the body and a perfect storm for unwanted calcium accumulations.  I happen to believe this is a arthritis thread.

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D.  Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a good source of vitamin D.  I personally eat 3 to 4 full cans of Sardines a week,  about 4.25 ounces at a sitting and in fact for 1 lunch a week I take a full can,  chop up the sardines and combine them with a can of Progresso soup either the Manhattan or New England clam chowder.  It is a delicious treat with all the nutritional trimmings. 


A 109 year old man was interviewed the other day and of course the question was  "What is your secret".  His reply was  "Keep your colon clean and drink the right water"

He went on to relate that his food regimen consisted of mostly raw fruits and vegetables and that he drank  alkaline water.  Fruits and vegetables are alkaline producing foods for the most part.  He also related his Sardine intake that is a common practice of many centenarians.

It is our opinion and you will read below the components of our daily smoothie is designed to "keep the colon clean".  In addition most of the components are high alkaline foods.  Our water intake consists of distilled water that is spiked with two of the finest alkaline producing foods once it hits the stomach, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.   We use the Braggs apple cider vinegar with the Mother in it.


As stated above we have a modest portion of good fat at every meal and snack.  You will read that even for a midmorning  snack we have about 25 pumpkin seeds with their amazing fat content along with a big scoop of  whey protein,   and the carbs are in a half of glass of orange juice.  Olla we have accomplished a balanced snack. 

Incidentally in our daily smoothie routine we make sure that we observe the 40-30-30 principles by incorporating  a balance of carbs, protein and fat in the mix and this is rather easy to do.  I think the worst thing anyone can do is load a smoothie up with carbs from fruit only and disregard adding protein and fats.   You concentrate the sugars of fruit only you are going to skyrocket the fat storage hormone insulin and as we know this is not smart. 

We have a theory mentioned in our other features that state a balance of carbs, protein and fat at every meal and snack will have a profound ability to not only burn fat off of the adipose areas, but the same fat on your hide is the same fat that resembles and accumulates in your arteries, lymphatic network etc.  We believe the balance will eat away these accumulations.



Let me list the components of our daily smoothie.  A full Vitamix blender of loose veggies etc. gives my wife and I  a full glass of smoothie each.  Here are the components.  Our smoothies are dominant with green veggies, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Parsley and Sprouts, Wheat grass etc.   In addition a glass of water, a glass of ice cubes, a good size apple Fuji's are great, some frozen raspberries, black berries, blueberries.  Fresh strawberries.  A piece of ginger, we buy a root and cut it up in pieces and freeze them  on a cookie sheet, then bag em up.  We do the same with avocados, mangoes, peaches, pineapples,  pomegranates when we can get them.  Just a piece of each.   If we can't buy them fresh we buy them frozen and actually believe the frozen product are better then trying to work off old fresh fruit.  Extra frozen product in a smoothie along with the ice cubes protect the mix from the heat generated by a high speed blender, as heat can degrade the mix.

We slice a large aloe vera leaf in half and filet the gel and put that in with the mix.  We add a package of Stevia to sweeten up the mix and a couple of tablespoons of whey protein. 

In keeping with our desire to have a balance at every meal and snack we add nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds and brazil a couple each and we throw in a couple of table spoons of brown and golden flax seed as well as some sesame seeds that we avoid putting through our coffee grinder in the morning on our cereal as sesame seeds gum up the machine,  but not the blender.  Again just a modest amount of each, you can gauge it by how much more than 2 glasses of the mix you make.  If you have too much mix, just cut back on everything.


The Amazing Lymphatic network

In connecting the dots, we  arrived at a conclusion that the same program in losing weight will present your body and primarily your blood and in particular your lymph system with the same  fat burning abilities off of your hide but also that this same process will have an incredible ability to not only clean your fat laden plaque ridden arteries, but also in the process optimize your lymphatic system.  You have thousands of miles of lymph vessels that need continuous cleaning and cycling.   You  also need a modest exercise program to move lymph fluid.  The fellow above is moving fluids in an out of his upper extremities.  Notice the stretch on some of these exercises in his neck and clavicle areas.  

When my wife has her periodic visits to a breast cancer oncologist I attend and watch how intensive the Doctors  hands cover underneath the chin right down into the clavicle areas.    Why? This  is where a host of lymph nodes reside.  If they are clear they are doing the job.  Doctors are trained to investigate the lymph nodes in these areas under the chin right down to the clavicles.  If they are not clear they have obtained vital information for their diagnosis.

There is an added process that we have added to our AEIOU regimen.  When we start the AEIOU process on each letter, we take our arms and elbows, position them in front of our breasts and gently drag the elbows over the breast area in a backward motion.  In addition  when we start the process one letter at a time now, as we drag the elbows backward and I can't stress the gentle nature of this process enough,  we take a very deep breath and of course in the process expand the chest cavity.  (Any lymphatic drainage professional will tell you that the optimum way to move lymph fluids in the upper extremities  is to simply expand your chest cavity to the max.)

Before we start the next letter we exhale entirely and then start the next letter and cycle.  

Besides the deep breath you can compound it by bringing back your shoulders and really get a good stretch in with the deep breath. 

Notice in the process the dynamic exertion that is applied to the clavicle area.  If you are doing this right you can be assured that there is a benefit going in your neck nodes as well.   This is one of the hidden benefits of exercise because again the vital lymph system relies on the mechanical (exercise) that you provide it.   There should never be a day when you do not provide some gentle stretching to most if not all parts of your body.



Incidentally the first process in a victim showing the standard signs of a heart attack are to have them breath in to a full chest expansion and then coughing twice and continue to repeat this with a few seconds in between each cycle.  The theory is the breathing in naturally  fills your lungs with oxygen and the cough contracts the diaphragm, compressing the heart and  helping to keep it pumping the oxygenated blood to the tissues.  If you take this diaphragm action there is no question at least in my mind that this same heart attack procedure would be a compliment to the entire lymph fluid movement procedure. 

Of course you had better warn your loved ones in the same household what you are doing in another room with this coughing procedure,  so you don't find an ambulance and a 500  dollar transportation fee to the hospital at your door.

Keep in mind that this critical area is the last event before the thoracic link is made in the complicated  transition from hopefully the squeaky clean lymph fluids back to the blood network.


Keep those vessels and especially the  nodes  cleaned out intelligently with modest regular exercises as described above along with the right diet and chemistry because if you don't there is a surgeon that is dying to take those nodes out and cripple you for the rest of your life.  In addition that old devil Alzheimer's is lurking around the corner.  It is proven that this dreaded disease is caused by some interference in the brain.  Clogging, like a plumbing problem.  You know the feeling when you flush the john and nothing goes down and it hovers over the rim and sometimes on to the floor.  This is what is happening to old Grampa Sy.  He is like the fellow that approached me one day that I knew for 50 years and when I put my hand out to shake his he said  "Who are you, where am I" 

40-30-30 can prevent this from happening to you along with a modest exercise program to move the fluids in and out of your nodes.  Trust this old fruit peddler when I tell you this.  What would this be worth if I am right?  I am right.


The Cholesterol Connection.

As stated  Cholesterol plays a vital role in the body.  The brain is loaded with Cholesterol.  Every cell in the body needs cholesterol to function.  Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can attach to your artery walls and lymph vessels.

Now why do some people have a sticky problem and some don't?  I suspect it is the chemistry of their Cholesterol. 

Has the fat in the Cholesterol been damaged and contaminated by a very hot cooking process as in barbecue? 

Are the foods you are eating cooked with cheap cooking oils at high heat?  

Is the cholesterol make up comprised of fats from animals with various anti biotics administered,  versus cold water fish caught in pristine waters? 

Does the individual eat foods with trans-fats?   Is the quality of the fat in your diet influenced by refined sugars and grains? 

Very simply put, cholesterol can be a God send and it can also terrorize your body.  The only thing the medical community can do for you is artificially reduce the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver and for most people that are pigging out on the wrong foods, this is better than nothing. 

If the Doctor knew that your cholesterol could be managed to benefit you, rather than kill you, he would recommend a diet that stimulated the hormone Glucagon.  It is that simple folks.  You may have to take the initiative yourself.  In fact I know you will because no one is burning the midnight oil for you.

Direct Connection

You will read below there is a direct connection between the sun and cholesterol.  Where the medical community takes the line of least resistance and artificially lowers the cholesterol of their patients they do it because in most cases they know their patients are not going to do the necessary practices to utilize the cholesterol they are generating.  In fact they are contaminating what cholesterol they have with ill advised practices, lack of sun and over heating their foods to name a couple and consequently their Doctor has no choice but to lower it artificially.  I personally have 250 total cholesterol, a super HDL 80 and triglycerides in the 70s and along with my practices to keep my cholesterol in top condition there is no Doctor on this earth that is going to lower my cholesterol artificially or other wise.


The Sun Connection

Now to really do it up right should  the individual get enough sun to process the cholesterol rather than to derive their Vitamin D out of a bottle?  Keep in mind that Cholesterol is sent out to every cell of the body including the surface cells of the skin in the Vitamin D manufacturing process.  Now if you think that deriving the Vitamin D produced by any other method than the sun is acceptable that is  fine.  

We presently are taking at least 3 - 25 hydroxy Vitamin D tests a year to assure that we are not exceeding the limit. 

PLEASE NOTE: By the action of UV light in sunlight on cholesterol molecules that have “risen” to near the surface of the skin vitamin D is formed. Therefore, it is suggested that people should not shower immediately after being in the sun, but wait at least ½ hour for the new vitamin D to be absorbed deeper into the skin.

My wife takes 4000 IU's a day of a supplemental Vitamin D. and has been able to bring her 25 Hyrdoxy count up over the 50 ng/ml plus range.  After her knee replacements she is back on the tennis court and is brown on a good percentage of her body.

I personally take a precautionary supplemental 2000 IU's, but I see to it that I get a generous amount of sun every day in dam near my birthday suit.  Again we rely on periodic tests to play it safe.  My 25 hydroxy tests have come in at 50 ng/ml.  I believe 50 ng/ml is the right number in a balanced body although there are Doctors that are recommending higher targets as much as 80 and 90 ng/ml.  I don't go along with those higher targets as there are reports of excessive intake of Vitamin D along with Calcium that can encourage kidney stones and in fact kidney damage.

I still do not  believe that Vitamin D out of a bottle is the same as from the sun,  along with the combination and the synergy of  good fat in the diet as in cold water fatty fish, nuts and seed, olive oil etc.  because again let me repeat that it is the fatty substances taken in, converted in the liver into Cholesterol the precursor in the manufacturing of Vitamin D and the quality of the end product will determine what becomes a sticky death threatening situation or not.

Now there is a combination of 3 components that I call the "Holy Trinity" of health.  Dominant Alkalinity, the Sun and last Omega 3 fatty acids.  Within these 3  components if taken in regularly will stimulate a synergy that is awesome.

I have read recently one of the most powerful synergy combinations is cold water fish, Sardines, Tuna and Salmon along with extra virgin olive oil as in a salad. (A repeat of above but worth repeating)

Optimum calcium and other critical absorption factors depends on these trinity components and again if taken in close proximity to one another and if possible as in a smoothie taken together as in the old cider maker blending his apples by not mixing them in the tank,  but mixing them in the crushing process, for spontaneous enzyme synergy.

To repeat in connecting the dots, Cholesterol is processed back at liver the fat processing organ of the body.  The quality of that product coming from the liver is going to determine whether you get cancer, whether you encounter heart disease and whether you can shed the pounds off of you.

Every Day Supplements,  Sabbaticals?

Incidentally we do not do supplements every day.  We believe in sabbaticals, hence we do not do supplements on Wednesday and Sunday.   There are many that believe in a "drying out" period as too much of a good thing may not be good.  We believe the body will actually respond positively to a break and actually it has been written that too many supplements if taken every day could work in reverse.

Laboratory and animal research have shown that antioxidants help prevent the free radical damage that is associated with cancer.  However, results from recent studies in people are not consistent.

We believe that an array of known powerful anti-oxidants taken in moderation could have the ability to search out some of the more impenetrable  sophisticated combinations of free radicals that are associated with Cancer and other ills caused by free radicals.  Below is a list of the more sophisticated supplements we are using during our bout with my wife's breast concerns and I indulge in most of them myself as we have continued to benefit from the Junk Yard Dog approach we have felt chosen to do. 

Now whether anyone or combination of these powerhouses will search and find the villains only God will know.  Keep in mind that these regimens support the immune system along with the NKC (Natural Killer cells) so anti-oxidants make a 2 way assault on the bad guys.

Again  in moderation...  Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acids.   We believe we use the best available from Life Extensions as well as their Co-Q10.  Resveratrol, Pomegranate extract  (We buy the fresh Pomegranates in season and incorporate them  in our smoothie each day)  Garlic extract, but also fresh Garlic in many of our meals especially with Tomato sauce.  (Bioastin  Astaxanthin)  This a out of Hawaii and is created from Algae.  It is known as one of natures most powerful antioxidants.  In fact it is billed as Natures strongest antioxidants but we are not going to take it that far.  (Tumeric Curcumin)  Lots written on this one.  Coriolus Mushroom.  As in the others this is believed to be a tumor fighter and a powerful anti-oxidant.  Tagamet.  A great deal written on over the counter Tagamets ability to prevent tumors from attaching to organs.   We do take the other supplements, Selenium, Bromeline etc. with their full spectrum of unique properties, but in most cases less than the RDA recommendations. 

We believe that it only takes a minute amount of any of these supplements to search and neutralize the molecular structure of free radicals and especially as it applies to cancer if it is inclined to do the job.  If it is not inclined because of inadequate properties this is on par with standard of care chemotherapy that is impotent.  The difference between the natural approach of supplements and chemotherapy is that chemotherapy has been found to be damaging at times, although the jury is still out regarding its effectiveness. Chemotherapy in the US for the most part is not supported with Chemo resistant testing as being done in Europe.

I might add that in all cases we combine the use of the supplements listed above with raw fruits and vegetables as they have a built in protection in them to insure that if there is any excesses even while taken in moderation, the buffering ability will step in and protect you. 



Now once you have the chemistry of your blood and lymph fluid up to par with the 40-30-30 balance of good Carbs, good Protein and good Fat, you have to move the lymph fluids though the system.  If you are taking advantage of the principles of the diet and you are losing weight it is even more important that you move the wastes out of your system intelligently.  Drinking the right fluids will help allot and certain exercises in conjunction will aid the process.  We drink distilled water,  but we salt it with organic liquids as in a touch of  apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, both very alkaline when they hit the stomach.  We add a touch of a no sugar added fruit drink  and finish off the thermos bottle we make up every day with a little sprinkle of paprika for its potassium.



Just about any piece of exercise equipment will move lymph fluid besides general body movement.  The trampoline is one of the finest devices to move lymph fluid.  I personally am very conservative with the amount of time spent on a trampoline and it is lot less than what is recommended by the manufactures of these devises.  (I do about a hundred revolutions and I do lift my feet off of the mat.)

I would recommend purchasing the bar with it for everyone as it is optional.   The bar canopies over the device at about waist high or adjusted higher and protects you from falling off of it.   In the case of the elderly or folks with bad knees and hips, just a bouncing is better than nothing instead of rising up with your feet off the cushion.  Trampolines move fluids that do not have the luxury of a pumping heart as in lymph fluid.  It is critical as we get older that fluids move freely especially from the lower extremities.  Lymph fluids move nutrition and wastes up from the lower areas through a complicated gradient dynamics and a trampoline does enhance the process.

Hint on the installation of the stabilizer bar.  The bar is optional and pricey but worth it.  If you look close in the picture above you will see that it has a sleeve that fits over the legs of the trampoline and has its own legs.  To install the sleeve over the existing legs you have to remove the rubber feet and slide the sleeve over  on and reinsert the rubber feet.  I found it impossible to remove them.  They said use your thumbs to do it.  Baloney.  I took a utility knife and made a slice half way up each of the two rubber feet. (From the open end)  They came off easy.  I then slid the new legs back on and re-inserted the rubber feet.  I took some black tape and went around the slice a few times and it not noticeable being under the trampoline.


Note: We have had recent professional advice regarding the bar and trampoline.  Grasping the bar with a firm grip could be a deterrent to creating the gravitational benefits we refer to.  Keeping your fingers within close reach of the bar and using the bar when there is a momentary destabilization issue is advisable.  In other words hang loose.  Let the body do its thing from head to toe and minimize holding on to the bar as much as you can safely do it.

In addition, jumping as high as you can off of the mat could be the ticket for young folks and athletes but could be a negative for elderly and create muscular and even skeletal problems.  Start slow with minimizing the lift distance off of the mat.  Elderly folks can effect a great deal of benefit by lightly bouncing on the mat with little to no lift off.  Let your body be the guide.


Jakes Ab and Back

We have a Jakes Ab and Back device that I believe moves fluids out of the stomach and chest area. There is a bunch of lymph nodes along with some serious arteries in these areas.  Just expanding your chest with your arms back, breathing in and throw in a couple of facial A-E-I-O-U's when you do it as detailed previously in this feature will produce huge benefits.  If someone sees you doing it  and thinks you are going off of your rocker because of your aggressive efforts tell them to go hell and let them deal with the devil, because "A clogged mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's. 

Look for one of these Jake ab and back devices used, you could pick up one for a song. 

The simple tread mill with a heel to toe motion is another.


The Bike

A recumbent bike is one of the finest exercise devices for the lower extremities  and don't forget the lower extremities is where a lot of our circulatory problems start.  Shop at Sears for one.  They have the Pro-Form  models on special.  Ask them to go into the Internet while you are standing there.  Don't let them tell you they only have what is in stock.  That is baloney.  They may have to order it, but you could save a bundle.  Check out the Internet for a used one.  Put in a "Recumbent Bike" search condition.    My advice would be to purchase a good recumbent bike and put it together.   

One of these horses where you pull with our hands and stretch with your feet is another.  

Http:// feature you will read about our Rebounder/Trampoline recommendation.   Trampolines move Lymph fluid like nothing else.  My wife and I do about 100 to 150 rebounds each a day.  Trampolines out of Sports Authority can be picked up for about 50 bucks.

There are many intelligent modest exercises to move lymph fluid as the fellow is demonstrating above and I would ask you to click the link below as we have an extensive feature on the lymph system and its vital role in cancer and cardiovascular disease.  It also is a serious component of any weight loss program, that involves fat burning.  Keep in mind that even a very methodical weight loss program will depend on the lymph system along with the liver to process the toxic fat that must be removed from your body.


Let me chew you out


Chewing is a Weight Loss Strategy and it will do wonders for your arteries and lymph system as well. 

Do you woof your food down?  If you want to be lean and fit for life you might want to consider the relationship between chewing and  weight loss.  While most weight management or dietary programs focus on what to eat, little if any attention is given to HOW TO EAT.  

There is a  practical strategy you can implement right now to lose weight and be lean and fit for life.  Simply by chewing your food longer, until it is basically a liquid in your mouth, you do three things that help your weight loss, health and longevity. The first is that you will eat less. The second is that you will digest and assimilate nutrients more effectively; the third is that you will mitigate toxins and allergies from food, which are important to longevity and weight loss.



Make a wish, but wishing is not enough,  you have to act because if you don't and you  have to face a medical calamity that exists in this country and worse in other parts of the world,  you would have wished that you would have taken on these practices and principles in this feature like a junk yard dog


This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.

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