Ischemia feature

When I think I have everything worked out new information pops up?

I wrote a feature awhile back when I referred to a substance that was produced by insulin when the patients sugar was out of whack.  In fact I called it an insidious material that  stored this excess sugar in the form of a fatty substance in the adipose areas of the body like the tummy and rump.  We brought out the fact that this same substance had a habit of depositing it in critical areas like the cardiovascular net work, kidneys, brain etc.  It is a slimy type of a substance designed we believe to stick and stick it does.  

Ischemia is a lack of blood flow in various parts of the body.  Plaque and arteriosclerosis are the materials that are essentially tissue acid waste that causes the lack of blood flow.

Regardless of what it is called the phrase below applies to Ischemia as represents a condition.  My guess is it initially starts its journey with inflammation and in time becomes the classical tissue acid waste.

It is analogous to a combustion engine that is not receiving the designed blend of fuel and therefore produces a waste by-product that gums up the works.  In another words it doesn't all go out the exhaust pipe and it doesn't go out of yours either.

We have quoted the phrase below that we feel is significant and applies to the facts in this feature.

“The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…"Too much tissue acid waste in the body”  

With the quote stated above the below information clearly states the consequences of the development of tissue acid waste.

"Ischemia is any condition that prevents blood from reaching organs and tissues of the body. Blood contains oxygen and many nutrients that are vital for proper function of tissues and organs. Without these components, these tissues will begin to die"

Below are three particular vehicles that apply to the definition and relationship of the condition Ischemia.  I have listed them with their Wicopedia definitions and I will try to detail what can be done to avoid the pitfalls of these health threatening issues.

Although the first two will apply (Lipogenesis and Oxidation) directly to the negative aspects of Ischemia the third Crystallization could bring up an argument,  but we believe as in the definition of Ischemia above, it fits in with the prevention of blood and oxygen from entering the system.


lip·o·gen·e·sis (lĭp′ə-jĕn′ĭ-sĭs)

1. Production of fat, either fatty degeneration or fatty infiltration.  Also called adipogenesis.
2. The normal deposition of fat or the conversion of carbohydrate or protein to fat. 

According to the National Council on Strength and Fitness, the two most common sources of carbohydrates in the American diet are high-fructose corn syrup and sucrose.  These refined sugars, which are added to many foods, lack the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber found in complex carbohydrates.  These "empty calories" can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which in turn causes insulin levels to rise.  Insulin is a hormone released by the body that helps regulate blood sugar levels.  If sugar is not quickly used for energy, insulin removes it from the blood, and it is then converted into triglycerides in the liver.  These triglycerides can then be stored as body fat.  Keep an eye on your triglycerides.  We eat a lot of good fats and our triglycerides still  stay way under 100.  Good fats are assimilated by the body and hopefully are used properly, bad fats are not.  In fact we believe that good fats are like magnets for bad fats. 

Bad fats includes cheap oils cooked at high heat, as in hydrogenated oils,  animal fats cooked at high heat (like barbecue)  Sorry folks with grills,  but barbecues are the direct path to the cemetery and especially if you eat a lot of meat at a sitting.  We eat a little meat and the rule of thumb is no bigger than the palm of your hand at a sitting and broiled.

Keep in mind that excess salt in the diet integrates with excess sugar and salt is a staple in the bakery kitchen.   If you use any salt you should use natural salt (We use Himalayan) instead of the sodium chloride that will follow you to the grave.  

You need protein, but there are good substitutes for meat like a good whey protein from grass fed cows, beans/legumes, nuts and seeds and boiled eggs are great,  although if you have to scramble a few each week do it in coconut oil with its high flash point.  If you prefer and you are especially diligent with your fat intake a little natural  butter in cooking etc. will be o.k.  Any cold applications like salads, olive oil cold pressed extra virgin is the ticket and a little vinegar with it will be great.


The combination of a molecule with oxygen, which increases the atom’s valence with the loss of a hydrogen ion or one or more electrons.  Oxidation reactions commonly involve the combination with oxygen free radicals, and result in major organ damage that accumulates with time; they are implicated in age-related damage, degenerative phenomena and cancer.

Everything we have researched about health and oxidation is connected to Cholesterol.

Your Doctor will be tempted to put you on Lipitor if he/she believes you are at risk with high cholesterol numbers.  Actually we believe it isn't the total number that is relevant it is the way the cholesterol is managed.  You could have 150 cholesterol most likely taken down by a statin and if you abuse the cholesterol foods with high heat you are in a lot of deep doo doo,  then if you did nothing at a much higher level and didn't oxidize the cholesterol with a high heating process. This is one of the problems with barbecuing fatty meats at high heat.

Cholesterol is a critical component in the production of Vitamin D and the jury is still out regarding how much cholesterol is needed to serve this important health issue.  You will read where the sun provides the best source of vitamin D manufacturing along with its cholesterol brother.  I take a daily morning walk in my shorts and no shirt, 5 to 10 minutes walking west facing the sun and the same walking back going east obtaining an equal amount of sun in the process,  but not an over amount.

Oxidation of cholesterol is one of the biggest factors in gumming up your arteries etc. , and especially the lining of your colon.  I had an African American tell me if I wanted to live to 100 to keep my colon clean and drink the right water.  My water intake during the day for the most part consists of a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of distilled water.  One first thing in the morning, one in the middle of the day and one just before bed to put my kidneys to bed for the night.  I wake up every morning with a first urine draw of 6.5 pH which is perfect.  The brand of apple cider vinegar we use is the organic Braggs product.  We buy 6-32 ounce bottles at a time from Vitacost on the internet.  Tell them to make sure the glass bottles they come on are well packed and cushioned against breakage.



Crystallization is the (natural or artificial) process of formation of solid crystals precipitating from a solution, melt or more rarely deposited directly from a gas.  Classic examples of Crystallization are kidney stones and we believe arthritis, along with bone loss and the deterioration of joints in the body, knees, hips etc. etc.

I had the first exposure to crystallization in my agricultural career when we had a group of students come down from Cornell university with a professor.  They dug holes into my orchard floor to test for acidity and came up with results that determined the need for lime applications with calcium and magnesium.  My soil averaged about a 6.0 pH when a 6.8 for orchard floors was optimum.  They said that an acid condition in the soil led to a crystallization factor and prevented adequate nutrition from entering the root zone almost a carbon copy of the body not receiving adequate nutrition because of the ischemic factor especially in the colon.  I never would have believed that over 50 years later I would be able to apply the same principles to my health and anyone that would listen to me.

The college recommendations after showing me the results of the microscopic findings was an application of 3 ton of lime to the acre and if we could find a mine that had the right amount of magnesium this would even be better.  Fortunately we had a mine 13 miles from us in Lee Mass, that had the perfect blend and we coated 30 acres with the 3 ton per acre recommendation, about 9 truck loads.  The positive results we obtained were dramatic, healthy trees, larger fruit, increased production etc.

Now to obtain the right pH for the human being it has to be done by diet.  We are constantly barraged by an acid attack and our total alkalinity has to be up at a level to deal with this acidity.  Of course the best way to do this is to avoid an acid diet and compliment it with an alkaline diet.  There is a microwave product on the market that steams vegetables in packets that preserve nutrients a great deal more than the old fashion boiling the product and leeching the nutrients into the water and down the drain.  Green Giant has a nice selection of vegetables and there really isn't anything better to alkalize your system than vegetables with their full compliment of nutrition.  Fresh or frozen fruit goes along with the veggies. 

You can't overdo the ingesting of a  large amount of alkaline natural foods.  You can harm your body by ingesting a large amount of acid producing foods though,  as in sugar, salt and too much meat at a sitting.  It takes a good slug of alkaline foods to counter the abuse of acid foods.

We have a feature on our website,  alkalinity.htm that will guide you in the right path.   A large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables with little red meat is the ticket and much more.

I might add that we have had swimming pool chemistry added to our alkaline/acid balance storehouse of knowledge that has correlated with our agricultural experiences.  Although it may seem conflicting, acid conditions lead to the same problem mentioned in the Ischemia definition and that is the prevention of nutrients in a poor balance reaching the critical areas of the plant or human body parts that need it.  When our pool chemistry fell into the acid range a slime started to develop on the pool walls.  Once we brought the total alkaline levels up to 120 parts per million the slime disappeared.  No different in the human body.  Get your alkalinity levels up by increasing your raw fruits and vegetable intake,  reduce your acids down and you will be a happy camper with your great grandchildren bouncing on your knees.

In the case of crystallization the classical human example of matter clogging up the works is kidney stones and don't be misled into thinking that lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are acetic/acid when the fact is that both of them are the finest alkaline foods one can ingest once they hit the stomach and their bicarbonates are released.   We are fully aware that apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are acid in the containers they come in.  It is what happens to them once exposed to the bodies chemistry and this is where alkalinity takes over.

We have a theory that may not necessarily be supported by the medical community but there is information regarding the bi-product that is created when the body in particular the blood chemistry is struggling to maintain the critical 7.37 blood pH.  As the body ages it becomes more and more difficult to maintain this chemistry and in fact if the body and its mechanism cannot deliver the needed minerals to maintain this chemistry,  the body goes into an emergency  mode and actually cannibalizes the bone matrix to accomplish this.  Unfortunately this process if continued produces an insidious by product that encourages Ischemia.  This is one of the problems in the aged with osteoporosis when the body is going to lunch on the individuals bone matrix.  Again to repeat we believe that there is an insidious by-product of minerals cannibalized by the body versus obtaining what is needed with natural foods.  Even these new drugs on the market to prevent weak bones, osteoporosis do a poor job versus the natural food route.  Before you subject your self to these line of least resistance bone drugs, alter your diet.

Crystallization is the bi-product of a body that is out of whack and hopefully not out of control.  Kidney Stones is a good example, but plaque lining the cardiovascular system along with the lining of the colon is also a tissue acid waste issue even though it may not be construed as a crystallization. The colon in particular has a natural coating, but the added ischemia coating is not what the Doctor ordered.

All of these issues and problems are reversible and the degree of success depends on how much advanced these problems are and especially how diligent you are with your diet and lifestyle.

As old George Burns said "If I knew I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of myself"

We recommend opening up our feature www.blueeyedcurse/Salt and Sugar.htm  This is a sister feature with the above and relevant to ischemia issues.