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             Condensed Information on Health  

Over the past 3 years I have buried some of you with my research concerning health issues.  Some of it has been lengthy,  as I have compiled this information fact on top of fact and I have done it with an intensity as I have never done anything before.  With my wife and I facing the consequences of cancer there was nothing of any more importance to me in the past 3 years, but to uncover  the avenues to good health and protect ourselves against these ravages that afflict us.  You will just have to excuse my paranoia.

With all said and done I have decided to try the best I can to condense all of the  information collected along with my conclusions and the conclusions of others that are a lot smarter than I am.  To be honest with you it resulted in a conclusion that there isn’t a hell of lot involved in maintaining good health and in fact to heal those who may have already been subjected to one or more of the ravages.  It involves simple dietary changes, exercise and the way you prepare your food.

There is a huge amount of information below in this "condensed" version.  At least it started out condensed before I started to pound the keyboard.  It is almost like eating chocolate, once you start eating you can't stop.

So before you plunge into all of this information let me summarize for you just about everything we have written on health and then if you want to continue,  be my guest.  This way I will be keeping my word regarding this feature being condensed.  After the summary if you plunge into the details reading the  uncondensed part it will be your fault.

Discovery Free Radicals

We have discovered recently that there are some major players in the body and believe it or not clean cholesterol is one of the biggest players.  It is also one of the biggest detriments if it becomes damaged.  Clean Cholesterol happens to be vital to the body in regard to distributing nutrition, the vitamin D3 process in relation to the quality of the cholesterol produced back at the liver and how your food is prepared will determine how damaged it will be.  We all encounter damaged cholesterol and damaged Cholesterol is basically free radicals, renegade molecular structures  roaming and settling in parts of your body where they do not belong.   Your heart, liver, breasts, prostate to name a few and hence "Tissue acid waste"  We have written a ton on "Tissue acid waste".

So the question is what do we do to avoid damaged cholesterol?

1.  Avoid heated foods or at least minimize them as they are the real cause of damaged cholesterol.  This applies especially to fatty meats and refined grains and sugars.  Sweets cooked at high heats with cheap fatty cooking oils are dynamite to your body.

2. Load up with anti-oxidants because these free radicals are oxidants as you need to absorb them and get rid of them.  Just to give you a taste of the champion anti-oxidants they are... Prunes, Raisins, all types of Berries, Dark chocolate a minimum of 65% pure polyphenols, Spinach and Kale.  of course all fruits and vegetables have anti-oxidants.  You have to throw nuts and seed into the mix as they provide the vehicle for the Cholesterol to be transport the benefits to where they belong.

Now this is the end of the summary.  If you need more details and there is a lot of details all through this feature below,  as well as other related features on start digging your way out instead of digging your self 6 foot under.

Main feature below uncondensed

I begin this feature with a quote that I have used in our other features on  We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste (The Culprit) we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Weed.  “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…"Too much tissue acid waste in the body” 

So the question is what causes tissue acid waste and what can we do about it?

Tissue acid waste is a result in most cases from  the body being assaulted by too much and too many acid foods.  There is also the factor of wastes as in lactic acid generated from exercise. The body puts up a valiant battle, even going as far as cannibalizing ones bone mass to extract minerals to neutralize the excess acid.  Of course eating into ones bone mass is the forerunner of osteoporosis.  In addition,  some of these wastes are so nasty especially sugar related wastes,  they  not only convert into unwanted fat, there is a waste by-product in this process that coats the arterial net work and lodges anywhere and everywhere including the brain, hence Alzheimer's here we come!  Have you ever had someone you have known for 50 years ask you who you were?  That is heart breaking.

Solution is simple.  Eat a minimum of 75% alkaline forming foods and a maximum of 25% acid forming foods, preferably at every meal in this proportion.   Less would be better on the acid forming foods.

The best alkaline foods as described in detail in our features on  (Free Radical Absorption and the Alkalize features in particular) have a sophisticated chemistry to attach to the acid wastes and eliminate them through the normal processes, it is as simple as that and quite frankly I am a little embarrassed to admit it took me 3 years to uncover it. 

If you are fighting something right now and want to improve your health (including obesity) and make old bones, there are 4 things that you should do.  Limit or give up in the food department the following acid forming foods.   

1.     Bad sweets, we all know what they are,  100%.  Unfortunately starches as in potatoes have to be minimized.  Sweet vegetables such as beets, carrots severely cut back on.   Fruits are good sweets.  They compensate for those who have been programmed with heavy sugar intakes and one of the reasons weight watchers advocates 3 to 5 fruits a day.  The also have anti-oxidants that scavenge wastes with their fiber content that releases what sugar there is in the fruit slowly and does not arouse insulin production.  We need some sugar.

2.   Booze 99%  (A glass of wine once in awhile)

3.   All processed grain related foods,  breads, bagels, rolls etc. even the 5 grains and the junk they add coloring to fool you.  Once grain is crushed, cooked, baked, fried it no longer is your friend, it is your enemy.  As in starches, grains convert to a nasty sugar by-product and acid wastes. You want to make hooch as to the right that will stand the hair up on your arms, all you need is grain and sugar.  Volatility breeds contempt for ones body.

4.  Too dam much meat.  My wife measures how much meat we have by the cup of her hand.  About 3 ounces to a sitting.  I mean how much do you want to burden your kidneys with acid forming,  excess animal protein and artery clogging plaque, let alone the  hormones they are shooting in these animals for profit gain?  Young girls going into puberty at 10 and 11 years old is not by chance.  Women with thyroid imbalances and estrogen levels out of whack,  along with prostates being excised at an alarming pace is not because of the moon changing its orbit.

Incidentally as we know we need protein, but the question is from what source?  With a little meat there is also nuts, seeds, soymilk, whey protein, yogurt and legumes, etc., great protein sources and preferred.  

On the good intake side,  the alkaline side we have raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seed and legumes and in particular foods with a high potassium content, although all minerals play an important role.  To name a few of the high potassium foods, potatoes the granddaddy of them all, but with the jacket.  Unfortunately potatoes are basically a grain and the starch in them converts to sugar.  Corn is another grain.  I have to have a few ears of my New York State Sweet Corn when I visit my farm in the summer, but that is the extent of my corn intake.  On the plus side potatoes have a high amount of potassium.  Solution, eat a half a baked potatoes a few times a week, gut out half or better of the innards, discard it, eat all of the skin with the balance,  because this I believe is where the potassium resides as in most fruits and vegetables, the outer layer of the skin that not by chance defends the fruit or vegetable with anti-oxidants and ultimately passed on to you the end user.  Pretty cool!   More potassium foods, bananas, paprika, watermelon, legumes, green leafy vegetables, including parsley,  nuts, in particular almonds, apple cider vinegar and its secret high potassium content.  It converts to an alkaline food even going in acid.  Citrus is another “acid” that is high in potassium and converts to an alkaline food shortly after ingestion.  Half a glass of orange juice is my limit, once a day.   Don't forget the whole apple (One a day) to keep the Doctor away.  If the apple is a big one, cut it in half, coat the other half with some lemon juice, wrap it in plastic and eat it the next day.  With the therapeutic action in the roughage of an apple during its journey,  it is unparalleled  in its release and the absorption abilities of its vital minerals and then its critical scavenging chore.  God didn't make little apples for the hell of it folks!  300 million bushel of apples produced in this country each year and consumed,  that is over 1 bushel per capita.  My apple a day translates into 365 apples or about 4 bushels per year.  4 bushels of apples a year my bet,  translates into zero colon polyps.  Hey, they don't call me Apple Bob for nuttin honey.  

Even pickles and sauerkraut are alkaline forming foods and the sodium that some fear is one of the key alkaline foods.  Sauerkraut as we know is cabbage and one of the key cruciferous foods that fight cancer.  Put sauerkraut in its fermented form and you have one the most potent foods known to man.  Don't worry about the little salt in sauerkraut, the minerals in  it eat the sodium  up alive (Assuming you are on a proper alkaline diet)  and that is after the sodium has done you a world of good.   I have a suspicion that these foods in the fermented state are received extremely well in the gut as far as intestinal flora etc.  Speaking of the gut, I don't believe the chlorine in our municipal water supplies do you any justice by killing off all of the bacteria, good and bad.

We partake in Lycopene loaded tomatoes at least 3 times  and sometimes 4 times a day, 365 days a years.   Tomato juice in the morning, raw tomatoes in salad for lunch, raw tomatoes in salad for supper and a couple of times a week Tomato sauce on pasta or on the top of meat.  Tomatoes are one of the most beneficial foods one can eat.  They are a main food in the renowned Mediterranean diet.

Speaking of water.

Last is an adequate liquid intake.  If you want these sophisticated free radical tissues acid wastes to succumb to the natural  mineral assault,  you have to do it with not only enough liquids,  but with the right ingredients in it, more minerals.  The Nepalese tribe in the Himalayas drink water that streams down from their mountains that is the color of milk,  it is so laden with minerals.  These dudes live into their hundreds,  most of them.    

City water for the most part has a good total alkalinity.  It also has a balanced pH.  They have to chemically treat the water to achieve this and this I have a problem with.  

Our  liquid intake being distilled water,  I add minerals to it, or rely on a mix.  A can of tomatoes juice, green tea, orange  juice with the water all loaded with plant borne minerals.  I even add a little less than a 1/4 of a teaspoon of sodium bi-carbonate (baking soda), lemon juice and a touch of potassium chloride, some Braggs apple cider vinegar the little table salt that we use to a half a gallon of water for sports and every day use.  Sport drinks, pardon me, but as one of our Grandchildren says, yuck Grandpa!  This additive brings the parts per million from zero up to about 120 parts per million.  120 parts per million in total alkalinity keeps the walls of a swimming pool as clean as a hounds tooth by adjusting and stabilizing  the pH  from a neutral 7.0 as in distilled water to a desirable 7.3, 7.4  just about what blood is.  I could bring it up more,  but it affects the taste too much.  We are told that in the process of physical exercise there is a lactic acid by-product that the body produces and one of the reasons we add alkalinity to our distilled water,  to neutralize these acids.

In the case of the human body, fluids as in urine and saliva should be kept in the 6.4 range (testing 3 hours before or after a meal or snack) for chemically sophisticated reasons that are above my pay grade,  although there is controversy about this issue in the medical circles.  pH will vary soon after a meal.  I have experienced when eating a very high proportioned alkaline meal, mostly raw alkaline rich vegetables with lets say 3 ounces of sardines, that 20 minute later my urine has turned acid or south of my desired 6.4 readings.  Eat some asparagus and 20 minutes later during a bathroom visit, the aroma will knock your socks off.  Don't expect that because the asparagus is an alkaline form food that your alkalinity will be jacked up.  On the same token if your body is tuned with enough alkalinity, your pH should lock in back to 6.4 in a few hours as long as you haven't nibbled on something in between.  Urine has a tendency to be a little more acid on first draw in the morning,  but if it is below 6.1 that may indicate that the kidneys are not neutralizing all the acids needed to do the job over night.  You should wake up in the morning with pretty close to a 6.4 urine pH,  as well as saliva in that range perhaps a tad higher in saliva.  With saliva make sure you generate pure saliva and don't get any of the drippings from your sinuses in it.

Providing your body with a generous amount of fresh raw alkaline foods will go through a process that again is above my pay grade and some of you medical folks that traffic my site on a regular basis could be kind enough to clarify some of these mystery's for me and my readers,  as I will plug quality recommendations right in this website.  I don't believe it is possible to over alkalize with the right alkaline forming foods.  The body handles this with ease.  Inert alkalizing supplements out of a lime pit or a coral reef on the other hand I have reservations. 

The main objective is to stabilize the pH in a reasonable time frame after eating and to not burden your body with excess acids with the wrong foods.  The body has all it can do to properly handle the essential good acids we need,  as in amino acids, as in omega 3 fatty acids.   When pH is not stabilized for generous periods during the day and sleep time, just as in a swimming pool with a gyrating pH it will deposit acid wastes any where and everywhere and this is the mission we have to win.  Its easy to do, but unfortunately it cannot be accomplished with "everything in moderation".  I believe you have to be a little possessed, yes even a little nuts to win this battle.   If the choice is this versus Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.  or being a sick cranky old bastard with the people that love me, than my choice is denial and a little nuts.  Thank you!

A great link into an intelligent explanation on the pH balance and total alkalinity is  I believe these people have it right and this isn't a guess,  there is 40 years of agricultural chemistry that has brought me to this conclusion.

Last is fats, good fats.  We eat good fats as in monounsaturated fats in olive oil, unsaturated fats in nuts and seed at every meal and snack.  I don't pig out on them as they are high in calories,  but good fat is essential in carrying nutrients to their important designations.  It is the preferred energy food over sugar and believe it or not good fat burns body fat.  Very little animal fat is o.k.,  but some of these diets with a huge amount of animal fat is insane.  Put a dish with some animal fatty grease on it and see how difficult it is to remove under the faucet, without detergent.  Put olive oil on a dish and see how water soluble it is.


                                                                      Do it yourself test.  Its easy!

The best pH test strips I believe are from pH ion.  It tests both saliva and urine.  By monitoring your balance at different key times during the day this could put some touchy feely meaning in the importance for you and yours to alkalize.  

To order call at 1-888-744-8589.  You can buy about 80 strips for less than ten bucks.  I buy the 3 pack as I use the strips in kits I pass out to my friends for a trial run.  Just ask me for a kit,  no charge.  I just hate seeing my friends becoming crippled  right before my very eyes when I know why.                                                


I said this was going to be condensed, (I lied),  but if you want more details  along with a list of the right and wrong foods in our other features,  check out the links below on our website  or ask me for a print out of some of our in depth articles.

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This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.


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