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                                     “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION” 


Excess free radicals hanging around for too long results in one of the primary sources of tissue acid waste and it is worth repeating a phrase from our Tissue Acid Waste feature...


 We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Weed.  "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…Too much tissue acid waste in the body”    Whether it is arterial plaque, prostate problems, mammary glands clogging resulting in breast cancer, whether it is watching your Mom or Dad suffer from Alzheimer's disease, with you next in line etc.  it all stems from one thing, tissue acid waste and the lack of “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”




Before we get into “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION” We have to take a short Apple Farmers course in Physiology/Chemistry  to understand Free Radicals in a very simplified way.


Most of us know that there are 100 plus elements known to man, calcium, carbon, to name a couple. They all have their own particular characteristics in their make up.  Little molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, etc. circulating around a nucleus in some cases in a tightly held bond. Some are on the loose side and become dislodged for one reason or another.  Some free radicals arise normally during metabolism.  Sometimes the body’s immune system’s cells purposefully create them to neutralize viruses and bacteria.  However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also spawn free radicals.


How Antioxidants May Prevent Against Free Radical Damage

The vitamins C and E, are thought to protect the body against the destructive effects of free radicals.  We believe that many mineral concoctions especially the foods loaded with Potassium protect the body with their scavenging abilities.  Potassium is known to scavenge sodium in the kidney process and one of the reasons Doctors put heart and edema patients on potassium pills and tell them to eat potassium laden bananas.  Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron-"stealing" reaction. The antioxidant nutrients themselves don’t become free radicals by donating an electron because they are stable in either form.  They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and disease.  Sometimes because of the complexity of the wastes, it takes the sophistication of raw unadulterated foods like dark green vegetables,  or one of my favorites water melon to do the job.  Tomatoes in most forms a powerful scavenger partially because of its high potassium content.

Ironically Free Radicals that detach from different element structures for one reason or another are the product of vital body functions that we cannot escape and in fact there are scientists that believe that free radicals accompanied with inflammation “The silent killer” are necessary and I can’t argue with that.   You get a splinter in your finger, inflammation develops when the immune system is triggered off and I am sure free radicals are along for the ride.   The problems arise when the body doesn’t turn off some of these good guys,  as it is my guess that the body makes sure there is more than enough to do the job and unfortunately this is the root of the problem, especially if the body does not have the ability to execute satisfactory “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”.  It is comparable to too much insulin being produced because of excess sugar intake that revs up the pancreas.  Mother nature kindly converts the excess sugar into fat so that when you hibernate in a cave in the winter you can eat off of the fat.  Quite an ingenious process if you are a he bear or a momma bear.  Unfortunately the human being has the instincts to fatten up for the winter, but this process was engineered before the advent of Super Markets being open in the winter.


So of course the natural path would be to find a way to enhance “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION” and there is only one way and that is through a diet in high alkaline anti-oxidants and some supplementation providing added alkalinity.


Just a quickie on again Apple Farmer chemistry.   I stated before that elements do have an ability to attract to one another and they also have the ability to detract.  As kids most of us were fascinated with magnets and the polarity factor.   You put the wrong wires together on your car battery and you will get a first hand blast of the universe in action.  This is essentially how the body works through attraction and detraction.  One simple analogy is the Sodium ion and the Hydrogen ion and their affinity for one another.  With the negative and positive charges revolving around in a way that is conducive for attraction between the two elements when they cross each others path and through the wonders of the body functions they find one another to perform the many miracles that go on 24-7.  


Now don’t get impatient with this information as I am shortly going to tie this whole thing into a meaningful  conclusion and the understanding that you have now should motivate you.  There shouldn't be  nothing better  to motivate understanding, especially  when someone tells you that something is going to kill you, or perhaps the worse case scenario,  a debilitation that puts you in diapers and in the hands of your family or some brutal health care worker who detests her/his work.  The horror stories coming out of nursing homes these days are common and disgusting.


There has been quite a bit written lately on the Governments Diet Pyramid and you may know that fruits and vegetables play a large part in their dietary recommendations.  They have recently increased their recommendations and for most much more than what we are accustomed to consuming.


The question is why fruits and vegetables and I would have to add nuts, seed and legumes as these items all have one specific characteristic?  They are whole, they are unadulterated, they are viable and alive in their original nuclear structure.   I bring out in some of our other writings and it is worth repeating that we discovered in our agricultural experiences that when for the first time in perhaps 75 years we had reason to deep plow our ground to alleviate what they refer to as a hard pan syndrome an additional 6 inches and add that depth to the standard 6 to 8 inches.  In the process we brought to the upper levels of the ground weed seed that would actually germinate.  Weed species that we had never encountered and had no defense with the current weed killers.   It was evident that these seeds actually survived 75 years in the ground and we know that if a hunk of steel was alongside of them at around a 12 inches depth,  the steel would have oxidized and gone to dust  in a matter of a few years or less. 

The question is what is the difference between a hunk of steel and a seed buried 12 inches in the ground?  The answer is the steel is dead, it is not alive therefore  unprotected and subjected to oxidation, where the seed has a defense from its envelope of anti-oxidants in its whole state, unadulterated, designed and created by nature.  I might add that these same anti-oxidants that protect the seed are passed on to the animal when eaten to enjoy the same benefits.  Pretty cool wouldn't you say! 




So here you have Mother Nature’s foods with its full compliment of nuclear structure ready to take on the role of “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”.  Some free radicals are very difficult and resistant to absorption and only the most sophisticated plant materials in their natural state can do the job.  White bread, cookies, soda pop etc.  all stripped of their goodness just doesn’t do it.


Our  personal diets consists of a minimum of 5 servings of raw vegetables a day and in fact we pick out the bagged organic selection in the markets of the darker green vegetables, spinach, romaine, chard etc.  We are told they have more nutrients.   We usually include lightly steamed beans, cauliflower and Broccoli etc.  on the side,  but two meals a day consist of at least 1 to 2 servings at each meal of raw vegetables not on the side, but right on the main plate even alongside of whole grain pasta.  One vegetable serving consists of a can of Tomato juice in the morning mixed with a little whey protein and soy milk.   We partake in lycopene loaded tomatoes at least 3 times  and sometimes 4 times a day, 365 days a years.   Tomato juice in the morning, raw tomatoes in salad for lunch, raw tomatoes in salad for supper and a couple of times a week Tomato sauce on pasta or on the top of meat.  Tomatoes are one of the most beneficial foods one can eat.  They are a main food in the renowned Mediterranean diet.


Our fruit intake is 5 servings a day.  Different types of berries, peaches, kiwis, mangoes etc.   A half a glass of oranges juice preferably fresh squeezed is one,  my daily large crisp apple is another serving.  Incidentally in two of our daily fruit intakes lunch and supper we cut up the fruit into a cup of low fat, low sugar yogurt that provides not only the milk benefits in its best form, but the culture aspects needed for intestinal health that is a key to “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”  I might add cholesterol not scavenged efficiently is one of the reasons for dangerous high levels of Cholesterol.




I believe the most beneficial health measures we have taken in our life was introduced to us by our oldest Grandson.  He encouraged us to use a high speed blender every day consisting of live foods.  Please take the time to open up our feature.  It will  be one of the most important things you can do for your health if you follow through with the practice.





Speaking of intestinal health there are some key foods that we introduce into our diet every day that do enhance intestinal health.   There are foods that encourage good bacteria in the gut along with the roughage, and soluble action.  Suppressing certain bacteria in the gut, minimizes chronic inflammation.  If you read the label on a good pet food you will see that there is a great deal of fermented foods included and of course there is good reason for this.  Traffic time, putrefaction, optimal “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”,  sponging up excess cholesterol,  toxicity  are all tied into good intestinal health and the following are the fermented items we use in our diet to promote good intestinal health.  First thing in the morning a glass of water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  Apple Cider Vinegar is legendary and of course its fermented state is attributed to this magic food.  Breakfast with lots of fiber via nuts, seed and the right cereals along with the fruit added, lunch with 2 servings of raw vegetables, fruit again in Yogurt  for lunch and supper another powerful intestinal enhancer. Pickles in the salad not only are a fermented food, but they taste great in a salad.  1/2 cup of Sauerkraut goes on my afternoon salad.  It doesn't taste that great but it reminds me of the Yankee Stadium hot dogs with Sauerkraut.  One these days I am going to eat one of those hotdogs with all the nitrates and say the hell with it, but it will most likely be my last, hopefully it wont be fatal.   Add to this super digestive enzyme supplements.  We use the Life Extension product out of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, but there are many good digestive enzymes on the market.



Nuts.  Our nut intake is considerable and with its vital good fat soluble benefits is one of the most important foods you can eat, as good fat is the carrier of nutrients into the cells and is instrumental in FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION.  Fat also is the bodies preferred energy source versus the ill effects of sugar that many use for an energy source.  We buy nuts 10 lbs at a rip.  We use a 2 parts almond (Almonds are one of the only nuts that are alkaline forming foods) to one part each of walnuts, brazil, pecans and mixed without salt.  We dump them into a double grocery bag affair and mix them up good, then break them down into handy 2 to 3 lb bags, versus struggling with a bulky 10 lb. bag, refrigerate and transfer them as needed to a handy plastic container.  We eat nuts at every meal and snack.  They are high in calories. Ironically nuts have been connected to weight loss.  It appears that using the fats in nuts for an energy source  creates an optimum environment for the burning of fat and I believe disposing of wastes that accompany stored fat.  We just discriminate as to what foods we eat and keep our total calories in line and that has been proven  successful by our results.  My wife and I had a 300 lb goal 2 years ago and we reached it recently.  My 172 lbs and her 128 I believe rings the bell.  Now if we could only be kids again!


Pumpkin Seed is another essential food and I believe has been responsible for my lack of prostate problems that plagued my Dad until he started a pumpkin seed intake and his problems disappeared.  Pumpkin seed again has a good fat that has unique features.  I personally eat 4 tablespoons of pumpkin seed a day, broken into 2 salad sessions.  The fiber in pumpkin seed besides its vital nutrients also enhance  “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”



Ground Flax seed.  A food that has one of the highest amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids.  We each get 2 to 3 tablespoons a day freshly ground on our cereal.  I know because that is my job in the morning with a Proctor Sylex coffee bean grinder, a beautiful little devise and readily available on the Internet.  Again freshly ground gives you all of the benefits needed for “FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION”  Flax seed oil, I am sorry,  I don't subscribe to anything that has been crushed, squeezed, cooked, frozen or whatever with the exception of some supplements and I have a reservation about them. They claim that  fish oil pills if combined with a good anti-oxidant like Vitamin E, maintains its pop.


Legumes as in black beans and chickpeas are some of our favorites and put into our salads.   Beans are an excellent source of protein.   We buy them canned, they are whole and we feel provide us with many benefits especially where legumes serve as a water soluble intestinal device and excellent for "FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION". 


Incidentally we do not exclude meat from our diet, but we eat meat at a minimum.  3 to 4 ounces at a sitting.  Meat has essential amino acids, and many vital nutrients, but those same acids if taken in excess can be detrimental.  My wife uses the palm of her hand to measure meat portions.  We eat 3 to 4 ounces of sardines, tuna and crab meat at 3 different salad sessions a week and of course we try to get a couple of fish supper meals a week of Northern Atlantic Salmon and Cod.  Fish oil and the heart get along very nicely.   Beef in particular has enormous benefits, the minerals and what is called CLA is an essential food, especially for weight loss.  The first thing that I put in my mouth in the morning is an ounce of good quality low fat roast beef.  (My little Maltese pooch Christina follows me around for a little smidgen of beef, because she know what is good for her too.)    Good protein first thing in the morning wakes up your neurons and slows up the rate of sugar absorption that controls insulin production.   You gotta keep that glucose number down,  preferably under 100 although some Doctors do not have a problem with up to 110.  I have read under a 100 and 90 is even better on the glucose scale.


Supplements we feel are very important although there is a controversy regarding their benefits.  We feel that if supplements are taken along with high alkaline foods that primarily consists of raw vegetables and fruit, we feel that these supplements have the ability to bind with the live food elements and again food chewed and supplements taken together, not an hour or even 5 minutes later.  Cancer cells hate a high alkaline environment.   High alkaline diets, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed and the right supplements will provide this environment.



Water....  Water is critical in the "FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION" process.  The digestion process needs lots of water if you are eating the right foods.  Flax seed for one absorbs a huge amount of water and not taking in enough water with it can present problems.  If you are eating  the wrong depleted foods and chugging down soda pop to wash it down, you don't need water, you need your head examined.    In the morning I start with a glass of the water and the Apple cider vinegar, a jumbo glass of tomato juice mixed with  water, whey protein and soymilk, a cup of decaffeinated coffee, plenty of distilled water during the day ( a half a gallon before, during and right after handball every morning) and  I salt the distilled water with some minerals, baking soda for one.   Distilled water has its benefits because of the lack of bacteria and toxic chemicals,  let alone the possibility of terrorism contaminating our water supply.   I also do not believe the chlorine in our municipal water supplies do you any justice by killing off all of the bacteria, good and bad.  Distilled water because of its lack of minerals tests just about neutral at 7.0.  We use a 1/4 of a teaspoon of  baking soda in the half gallon of water,  along with a little lemon juice and a touch of potassium chloride table salt for a sports drink, before, during and after strenuous physical activity.  This brings the total alkalinity up to about 120 parts per million.  This brings the pH up into a stable, desirable,  acid neutralizing range of about 7.3 or just about what human blood reads.  We feel that  the minerals added will assist in neutralizing the lactic acids that are normally produced in the process of strenuous exercise and the stress of some of my Paddle Ball buddies that cheat at times on the calls.  Only kidding on the cheating. 


Exercise certainly is tied into "FREE RADICAL ABSORPTION".   A fit body works better in all respects and the intestinal track enjoys exercise even a good walk.


This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.



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