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                                       Terrorists that invade your body

 You should know who they are!

1. Refined Sugars and Refined Grains converted into bad Fat.  This includes complex carbohydrates as in potatoes, pasta, beans and all starches that convert to sugar,  as sugar is considered the root of all evils when it comes to health.  Keep in mind that sugar is converted to fat for the benefit of hibernating animals, with little regard to the fat collecting in their arteries.

2. Clean Cholesterol that is vital to the bodies needs,  converted to Damaged Cholesterol primarily caused by heating the foods and especially the heating of the fats in the foods.  This does includes  baked goods with the cheap vegetable fat/oils used and cooked at high heat.  The classical example is booze because baked goods and booze especially when they are combined in one sitting are the two most flagrant offenders as in #1.


Everyone has heard of trans-fatty acids,  but what are they?

Unlike other dietary fats, trans fats are neither required nor beneficial for health.  Eating trans fats increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Health authorities worldwide recommend that consumption of trans fat be reduced to trace amounts. Trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils are generally considered to be more of a health risk than those occurring naturally, naturally being uncooked, unnaturally being cooked at high temperatures, like deep fried and that old faith full barbecue,  sparing you the cooking heat of the indoors and in the process cooking your arteries with plaque and acid wastes.

Both of the terrorists above cause the same "waste accumulation" dilemma,  they are just derived from a couple of different processes described below, so we busted them into the  two parts.

This feature will not only explain these two factors in laymen's terms,  but it will also tell you how to correct the problems.

You have two main protective abilities through your diet.   One is anti-oxidants, the other is good fat (Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated),   They both work pretty much alike because of their unadulterated complexity.   

Free radicals and bad fat are  very difficult to dislodge,  because of their molecular complexities.  My laymen's explanation is the magnetic attachments caused by a screwed up polarity.  Don't you remember as kids we played with magnets and some attracted and some detracted.  In a perfect well balanced body things attract and detract when they are suppose too.  Heat your food and things go nuts, when you kick these little mysteries out of the envelopes they are in.  Then if you don't counter this condition with an array of anti-oxidants, you start having problems all the way to the grave.  So it is simple, consume oxidant causing heated foods at a bare minimum and flooding the body with anti-oxidants.  There is a list on the bottom of this feature that gives you the most powerful antioxidants, prunes, spinach, Kale and all types of berries lead the pack.

We used to use a chisel and  a hammer to dislodge oxidants from the valve heads of  tractor engines, because they were so embedded with oxidants.  Oxidants created by an incomplete burn of fuel and this is very similar to what goes on in the human body.  INCOMPLETE BURN, residue, soot, plaque etc. etc.  Long distance runners who they find dead along the highways have been subjected to wastes (lactic acid) and all strenuous exercise creates these wastes and as in the runners cases they are exceptionally fit,  but yet vulnerable to clots and some are fatal.  Oxidants in nature can be devastating and the knowledge of them and what you can do to counter them is well worth your time reading this feature. 

I compare the awesome complexity of anti-oxidants as in an alkaline diet (Fruits and Vegetables) and good fats (nuts, seed, fish and fish oil, canola and olive oil) as an outright scavenging assault on the bad guys,  the anti-oxidants. 


All fats are not created equal.  Some are good and some are terrorists.  The good  fats for the most part are fats that have not been adulterated,  especially from a cooking process especially in the cheap cooking oils in baked goods etc.  High heat processes simply create a host of free radicals, unstable renegades running around your body, settling in unwanted locations and very difficult to dislodge.  The other secret "Bad fat" is created from sugar, starches and refined grains  "The whites".  Booze as well is a source of bad fat.  Good example is the proverbial beer belly on your left as we know he isn't pregnant.  This guy doesn't know how much toxicity has been stored with the blubber.  Unfortunately when some of this fat is burned the toxic wastes re-enter the system as well.

We have recently written a feature on the Lymphatic system.  It is an extensive feature on the role that it plays.  Hippocrates the Father of medicine referred to  lymph fluid as "White Blood".  There is 3 times more lymph fluid in the body than blood.  Our research shows that lymph fluid  has a whiteish color to it and the white in it is basically a fat base.  Good or bad fat is the major carrier of nutrients to the cells, and the good fat is a scavenger for wastes.  Bad fat simply compounds the problem by adding to it.  A critical dual role in the body.  If the defense of your lymphatic system is compromised by bad fat and lack of good fat,  this will impose an undue burden on your liver and this is where big problems result.

Impaired liver and gallbladder function has been linked to accelerated aging, weakened immune system and dozens of major illnesses and diseases including asthma, coronary heart disease, cancers, migraines, allergies, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and kidney disease.  When your liver cant cleanse your blood, all the toxins you ingest and absorb are passed unchecked into your bloodstream,  where they poison your lungs, your skin, your kidneys, your reproductive organs, your bones, and every cell in your body continuously almost like a nagging wife.

Most livers are close to four pounds or more. The liver performs more than 500 bodily functions. Just a few of the primary functions of your liver...

Manufactures one quart of bile daily for the processing of fat.

MAKES and breaks down hormones, including cholesterol, testosterone, and estrogen, over 13,000 chemicals and 2,000 enzyme systems.

Regulates and controls blood sugar.

FILTERS 100 gallons of blood daily through which all food, nutrients, drugs, alcohol and materials must pass. Almost two quarts of blood pass through the liver every minute for detoxification.  100 gallons a day and 2 quarts every minute, my God that is amazing.

DETOXIFIES all endotoxins (internally produced toxins) and exotoxins (environmental toxins)


The disgusting liver on your left obviously is a very sick liver.  In fact you don't have to look too  close to observe the trapped fat bulging out of its sides.  Honestly,  I had reservations about even inserting this image into this feature, but I said to myself is it possible I could turn some people around in their dietary regimen and encourage them to avoid the "Bad fats" from sugars, refined grains as in stripped down breads and pastries along with the  hydrogenated oils  and trans-fatty acids to make them taste delicious.  Lets not leave out the booze.  Booze made out of grains and sugars produce a very lethal dose of toxic fats that plug up livers, arteries etc.   Again it is the high heat in processing these foods and what it does to the molecular structure of the fat molecules.  The photo to the right is an antique still to make booze.  The high heat in those 3 burners are creating a deadly scenario.  It's not one for the road, it is one for the grave.

If the liver photo above doesn't turn you around nothing will,  but  it turns my stomach every time I looks at it.  In addition,  I am not saying good fat would revive the liver in the image above, in fact I would say it would be too late other than  a total transplant.  On the other hand as George Burns the comedian said  "If I knew I was going to live so long,  I would have taken better care of myself".  And this is true because there are people that live and live with livers that look like this one illustrated, but in most cases they are in agony, with a host of related problems,  but don't have the guts to blow their brains out. 

 The Cholesterol connection

We have discussed the Cholesterol connection and its revolving door effect in many of our features.  As we know the sun and Vitamin D3 plays a huge role in human health.  We know that good clean Cholesterol uses Vitamin D3 in the process back at the liver.  It can get by with other sources of Vitamin D3 like out of a bottle, but nothing compares to the optimization of the process that the sun provides. 

It is not how much Cholesterol that your body is manufacturing or taking in that the Doctors are obsessed with lowering,  it is the quality of the Cholesterol.  The medical establishment bases their Cholesterol lowering advocacy on the fact that their patients gorge themselves with damaged Cholesterol and guess what,  they are right.  Most people eat too much cooked food and not enough raw, hence damaged Cholesterol and this is one of the two Terrorists.  Sugars and Refined grains are the other as they too encounter a damaged state, by way of their molecular structure being out of control.

The question is how should elevated Cholesterol be treated,  lets say 200 or more in one that keeps their damaged cholesterol at a bare minimum?  Is it possible that this could be a serious mistake if it is lowered?  I think so!  My cholesterol is over 200 but yet my last stress test, my blood pressure, my energy level were normal and no  clinical signs of heart disease.  Does that make me a candidate for Lipitor.  I don't think so!

On the other hand if you do have clinical signs of heart disease and you don't want to put your nose to the grindstone, perhaps Lipitor is what you need and see whether your damaged liver from the medication  takes you out before you suffer a life ending heart attack.  More than half the people that die of heart attacks have low cholesterol numbers, my guess mostly from  artificial means.  You want to kill a snake you have to cut the head off, get to the core of the problem and a medicated band aid is not the way to do it,  at least in my humble fruits peddler's opinion.

Damaged Cholesterol

Due to the influence of heat, cholesterol in food is oxidized. Already at 100C, cholesterol oxidizes 'spontaneously'. (19) Through oxidation, the cholesterol molecules gain or lose atoms, originating new cholesterol-like molecules.

Due to the influence of heat, approximately 30% of cholesterol oxidizes into oxy-cholesterols. About 6% of oxy-cholesterol is absorbed into the body. (20) ABSORBED INTO THE BODY


Essential Cholesterol

10 to 20% of the brain is composed of cholesterol. Thanks in part to cholesterol in animal food, humans are as intelligent as they are. Essential substances like the sex hormones and vitamin D are also constructed of cholesterol. Therefore it is absolutely not true that a low cholesterol level is healthier.




Now here is good question for you.  If 20% of your brain consists of essential cholesterol, do you want to subject it to damaged goods as in damaged Cholesterol?  Cholesterol is designed to travel throughout your body whatever state it is in and it travels through your brain at an amazing volume.

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop" And the devil's name is Alzheimer's."

The fellow on the left is Terrorist numero uno.  He is out to get ya!


Does it take a brain surgeon no pun intended,  to come to the conclusion with all the facts above that Alzheimer's is linked to the way your foods are prepared or how they are not prepared? EAT RAW.  If you have to have a little cooked meat at a meal,  please no more than the size of the innard part and cup of your hand and that aint no 16 ounce porterhouse steak from the death pit of a barbecue.   Oh you can't do without your barbecue meats?  Can your wife, your husband,  your mother or some disinterested health care worker do without changing your diaper when you are laying in bed with a stroke,  because the  good lord in all of his goodness did not have the mercy to put you under?  Oh you are going to just not wake some morning and therefore you are going to live your life the way you want to, is that it? Most people are not that lucky,  so please take a look at that photo on the right and embed it into your damaged cholesterol brain,  as again 20% of your brain is cholesterol good or bad.



Interesting feature on Cholesterol 


In all cases  fats as a whole have to be metabolized by the liver and it is difficult and as stated above the liver metabolizes or tries to metabolize  all fats.  Ironically the only way to metabolize fats adequately and not to sound like a broken record but to avoid the bad fats that  cannot  be purged,  is through the complexity of good fats, the unsaturated fats from whole nuts, seed, olive oil and the essential fatty acids from fish, fish oil and flax seed  and there are not many other foods in this group.  You have to include a very moderate amount of red meats, fish and  fowl as they have good fats in them along with the amino acids that are essential for good health.  The optimum animal meat is sashimi (raw fish).  Eliminating meat entirely though because of its  fat content is insane.   Pigging out on big Macs with its high fat content is not very smart either.  One of the biggest problems with ground meat is the fat has been adulterated by grinding it, cooking it at high temps and putrification may have set in before you indulge in it and if not, it could very well be trapped in your liver and/or  putrefy in your digestive track and then be passed on to your liver.   Meat that has not been ground,  but freshly chewed will be introduced into your system in a whole state and much less likely to be putrefied.

Fighting bad fat with good fat is comparable to fighting fire with fire if it is done right. 

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D. Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a good source of vitamin D.  I personally eat 3 to 4 full cans of Sardines a week,  about 4.25 ounces at a sitting and in fact for 1 lunch a week I take a full can,  chop up the sardines and combine them with a can of Progresso soup either the Manhattan or New England clam chowder.  It is a delicious treat with all the nutritional trimmings. 




The Anti-Oxidant Superstars

Top-scoring fruits and vegetables ORAC units  (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) per 100 grams (about 3 ounces)

The numbers below are very impressive, but they may not reflect their actual benefit quotient.  For instance berries as you will see are one of the dominant anti-oxidant foods.  We indulge in berries at least 3 times a day either on cereal, in plain yogurt or mixed with raw vegetables and yet there is evidence that the seed of berries have a vast resource that goes untapped,  simply based on the size of the seeds, the density of them and inability to masticate them adequately. 

In our  feature we have information on high speed blenders that can rupture these little dynamo seeds and do it without again high heat (as long as you put ice in the blender).  Seeds have a fat in them and fat put under intense heat is subject to breakdown, so hence the high speed blender.  If and when you or a loved one receives "Bad News" I am talking the devastating news with a time frame, that is the time to really look into our Bad New feature,  because it can save lives, your life.  Of course if you are smart you will start an intelligent health program before the horse is out of the barn.

The Superstars


Prunes -- 5570
Raisins -- 2830
Blueberries -- 2400
Blackberries -- 2036
Strawberries -- 1540
Raspberries -- 1220
Plums -- 949
Oranges -- 750
Red grapes -- 739
Cherries -- 670
Kiwi fruit -- 602
Grapefruit, pink -- 483

Go easy on the fruits as sugar is sugar and too much turns into fat.


Kale -- 11770
Spinach -- 11260
Brussels sprout -- 1980
Alfalfa sprouts -- 1930
Broccoli Flowers -- 1890
Beets -- 1840
Red bell pepper -- 1710
Onion -- 1450
Corn -- 1400
Eggplant -- 1390


Fresh strawberries are available most times of the year.  Black and Red Raspberries are not.  Blueberries are not.  They are all available frozen.  Actually I believe that the frozen products are better than some of the so called fresh products that are kicking around on the shelves, especially when they are brought in from other parts of the world and their prices are out of the world.  It appears that the frozen products we purchase are well taken care of and my bet is they are blast frozen within  a very short time of harvest.  Make sure that they are loosely packed instead of a brick state.  This way you can easily distribute them modestly,  as again we are talking sugar and concentrated.  Sugar from fruit does have an advantage as it has the fiber with it and doesn't blast into your system as refined sugar does and getting your pancreas all excited.

The prunes and raisins you will see are on the top of the anti-oxidant list.

We use some dried cranberries and apricots as well especially in the morning on cereal.  With our regular rather active sports activities we feel that the sugar is burned shortly.   In fact I personally have a glass of orange juice after sports or heavy gardening's and we buy it with the pulp (fiber). When the sad day comes that I cannot participate actively I will have to adjust my natural sugar intake.

Berries again are a powerful anti-oxidant and the more diversified you can be,  the better chance you will have to capture all of those honorary renegade free radicals. 


Note on the Kale.  Kale is a powerful cruciferous type of vegetable.  Actually at certain times of the year it is quite sweet, but still a little strong tasting.  Light boiling softens it some, but if eaten raw it is important to chew it very thoroughly,  as it can cause digestive problems.  In addition,  there are those with thyroid conditions that can be adversely effected by these types of vegetables.  There is some kind of a conflict.  It might not be a bad idea to check with your Doctor before eating them.  In any event just a little cut up quite well in a salad with other greens should be fine.  I personally eat Kale by incorporating it in our daily blender and in fact we freeze it and grab a handful out of the bag and put it in the blender.  We pig out on spinach one of the heavy hitters along with berries and other fruits and vegetables to gain our anti-oxidants to buffer my cheating on the other stuff.

Sunday night homemade pizza comin up.

Oh yeah I cheat!  Another cheater below.  GRRRRRRR




We indulge one night a week usually football Sunday in a Kashi pizza and we get 2 modest pieces each out of it.  We like the Margherita.  We add a little more pepperoni it.  In order to cut down on the crust factor we cut off all of the rolled areas and some more simply by parting the topping off on to the main section.  Of course along side of these two modest pieces of pizza is a heaping pile of green raw vegetables and fruit to counter the little oxidation factor in preparing the pizza.


Allergic Reactions and Acid Wastes/Inflammation

Below is an excerpt from a feature we have just completed on inflammation.  It zeros in on allergic reactions and testing.  The link to the full feature follows the excerpt.

"Allergic reactions are distinctive because of excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. 

A variety of tests exist to diagnose allergic conditions. These include placing possible allergens on the skin and looking for a reaction such as swelling. Blood tests can also be done to look for an allergen-specific IgE." 




Life Extension article on cocoa phenols and blood pressure

This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.


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