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  "An idle mind is the devil's workshop" And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.

When you have someone approach you that you have known for over 40 years and they say "Who are you?"  "Where am I?", you know that you are dealing with the devil himself.

You may want to check out our modest feature on crystallization before you continue with this feature.  Recent information regarding Vertigo and its close brother Alzheimer's disease prompted the feature below.

There are 7 main things you can practice to avoid this dreaded malady and all of them are covered  in our many features on

If you were to practice all of them,  I wouldn't hesitate telling you  (My humble opinion) that if you are seriously dealing with Alzheimer's either yourself or a loved one you will reverse the process.  If you have the onset of Alzheimer's,  again you will reverse the process.  To prevent Alzheimer's follow everything in this feature to a tee and if someone thinks you are bordering on paranoia tell them to go to hell because the stringent lifestyle in this feature is no where near the hardship you and your loved ones will face dealing with this horrible disease.

We will post the various links to the features that have the full details as we have written extensively on the 7 practices below,  as we proceed with this special feature on Alzheimer's.  In fact just this morning it was reported that they are discovering the first stages of Alzheimer's in people in their 40's.

General health has been our theme in our  website, but this Alzheimer's is so devastating to the victims and their families that this has prompted us to do a special feature,  so here goes.  The black cat does not have to cross your path and neither does the devil.

Before we get into our recommendations to control or even eliminate the dreaded Alzheimer's disease below is an excerpt from a feature we have just completed on inflammation.  It zeros in on allergic reactions.  The link to the full feature follows the excerpt.

"Allergic reactions are distinctive because of excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. 

A variety of tests exist to diagnose allergic conditions. These include placing possible allergens on the skin and looking for a reaction such as swelling. Blood tests can also be done to look for an allergen-specific IgE."


We start this feature out with a short piece of information on fiber, insoluble and soluble and how it relates to the food components in the main feature below.  Clogging in the brain we believe can be traced to a digestive system that is not working to peak efficiency, hence "Hello Alzheimers".

There are a great deal of misconceptions regarding fiber in the diet and supplements and a study in it self.  Most foods have a combination of soluble and insoluble properties and one example is flax seed that has about half and half and this depends on how it is managed. 

When you eat flax seeds without running them through a high speed blender or a coffee grinder the amount of soluble properties go down the drain, no pun intended.  In fact eating flax seed without any processing certainly lends it to close to a 100% insoluble food that has some benefits but not gaining the benefits of releasing the on board properties within the seed capsule. 

Fruits and vegetables depending on the variety have both properties and especially the soluble properties that are converted to a gel that traverses through the intestines,  sponging excess cholesterol and a host of other wonders to the body.  We believe that the quality of the gel is determined by what you eat and how it is prepared, therefore what you eat and how it is managed will determine the efficiency factor of the fiber foods that pass through your digestive track.

The smoothie is a tool that releases encapsulated nutrients in all foods and yet retaining the insoluble properties and benefits.  The fact that a high speed blender reduces the size of the insoluble properties is not a negative and in fact can be beneficial in the journey process through the digestive process.

Fruits and Vegetables


Vegetables and fruits are healthy sources of insoluble fiber but are soluble properties 

in all vegetables and  fruits.





Many legumes are also a great source of insoluble fiber. Legumes, which include beans, peas.




Both insoluble and soluble fiber should be an important part of your diet.


Now what that optimum ratio will be can be monitored by observing your bowel habits you will 

have to determine yourself.


The below Mercola link has to be copied and pasted into your address line.




Before we get into the preventative aspects lets not forget that professional attention could be in order especially if you have encountered the classical "Senior moments".  When someone  gets to the "moments" junction and most of us do,  certainly needs to think correction of the underlying  causes and this feature is chuck full of these measures,  but there is also the need to seek professional services.

We are using the services of a Chiropractor at this stage and one that has a background in functional neurology.   There are Chiropractors that bring in blood chemistry analysis, endocrinology, immunology etc. as most of our nerve problems can be traced to multiple issues.  We had a problem with the services of one chiropractor who refused to address an injury I had and went about his treatment for neurological issues.  We felt that the underlying injury issues should have been a priority because of the distortion and confusion it caused.  Before anyone tries to address the causes of lets say an injury, they should encourage the healing of it in conjunction with the causes.

I personally was found in blood testing to have a slam dunk Gluten issue as well as dairy and potatoes.  If you are allergic to these common foods you will encourage inflammation that is the bodies natural response,  but unfortunately the side effects of immune responses are wastes and wastes cause poor circulation of blood, nerve activity and lymph fluids problems.  These underlying problems have to be addressed and a professional can do the tests that will tell you to what degree your brain could be shutting down.  They may or may not have advice regarding the underlying problems.  This is where you may have to burn the midnight oil and our preventative information below is a good start.


Lets Start


The 7 practices are as follows...

1. A weighted Alkaline diet along with a minimum amount of acid causing  foods especially high glucose foods and using high heat vehicles as in deep frying and barbecue causing damaged cholesterol and protein as well.   Damaged/contaminated cholesterol and protein is what  you should really worry about, not the good cholesterol that Doctors are obsessed with lowering.   To be fair though Doctors assume they are dealing with patients that are inclined to have damaged cholesterol and proteins as well.   Heated foods add to acidity.  If you have to indulge in a little cooked foods (as we do) make sure you counter it with an overwhelming amount of alkaline foods,  raw green vegetables in particular.  The daddy of them all in providing enough alkalinity is a daily smoothie with the right live ingredients and prepared with a high speed blender.  More below on this.

Alkaline foods stabilize all functions of the body and is similar to  adjusting the total alkalinity of a swimming pool.  Pool chemistry needs human intervention  to add just enough chemicals periodically. In alkalinity adjustment sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used.  You don't need much,  once you obtain the proper balance.  Example:  We may use a 2 1/2 lb bag of sodium bicarbonate in a 6000 gallon pool every 3 months to bring the level up to the optimum 120 parts per millions mark.

A pool chemistry that is out of whack accumulates wastes on the sides of the pool.  A pool chemistry that is easily adjusted for the correct total alkalinity has pool surfaces that are clean as a hounds tooth.  Clean as a hounds tooth is what you want your arteries, heart portals, brain pathways (as in Alzheimer's) and just about every part of your body to be?  Acid wastes are the culprit in all health problems.


In the case of human alkalinity, as long as you have a diet that is predominately alkaline you don't have to be precise in amount rendered as in pool chemistry. The miracle of the human body has the ability to take what it needs and gets rid of the rest, as long as you supply it with the right alkaline foods, and  vegetables and fruits are the right alkaline foods.













2.  A routine of stretching the upper extremities, neck, chin, clavicles etc. deep breathing, shoulders back to the max, gentle massage with inner arms brushing  the breast, finishing with a complete exhale before proceeding to the next letter in the A-E-I-O-U format covered below will move lymph fluids. Add to that the power of an alkaline regimen and this crystallization the neurologists talk about will bite the dust.  The trampoline use below will add to the flow of lymph fluids as all isometric exercises will do.

3. Lymphatic brushing in key areas affecting the brain.  Details below.

4. Conducting an active mind and in particular hand and mind activities in tandem.  Below we explore a recent personal study we have made regarding a DVR  (Digital Video Recorder).  You will find this very intriguing as it relates to the mental therapy it provides.  Therapy is critical to Alzheimer's disease at any stage.  A patient doing what they like to do is important and most will find the operation of a DVR Control to be very pleasing to them especially after they experience the fast forward feature, that has to be driving advertisers crazy..  The old tape machines used to freeze images when they prolonged the image in the skit.  With a DVR at full speed forward you don't have time to even blink.

5. Teeth and Gums.   When you view our illustrations and the brains close proximity to the key lymph nodes you will easily see how healthy teeth and gums play a part  in the devil's workshop.

6. Sun.  Vitamin D3 is best produced by the Sun and the best choice over supplements. Vitamin D3 has so many benefit we can't even begin to enumerate them, from bone loss to your immune system and in particular your lymphatic system.  The sun is an Alzheimer's crusher.

The fact is that Vitamin D3 dictates not only the absorbability of calcium in the intestines,  it controls all the calcium in the bodies functions including the brain.  This was our personal practice and experience learning 101 in our agricultural career.  Calcium content in the soil was the microprocessor for all the minerals in the soil and their individual electrolyte functions as well as hormone production.  Yes enough calcium and the right source of calcium will adjust your alkalinity and keep everything "clean as a hounds tooth".

It has been recently revealed that it is calcium deposits in the brain that could be the responsible villain in Alzheimer's disease.   They know it is deposits and calcium is notorious for unwanted deposits.  We all obtain calcium in various ways.  Some calcium especially where there is an abundance of Vitamin D3 intake and magnesium will be properly absorbed and properly  metabolized.  This is why I subscribe to Sardine intake with its total compliments.  Tuna is a good source of vitamin D3 and calcium if they do not remove the bones.  Most Tuna retains the pin bones (More below)

This process can be easily compared to a combustion engine.  Some engines are fine tuned and burn the majority of the fuel it uses.  Some engines are out of whack and wastes are produced and accumulated in the engine parts.  The body mechanism is not any different.  I might say that the type of fuel used in an engine is similar to the fuel we ingest for our engine.

There are situations in bone loss cases where the body is not obtaining enough calcium and actually cannibalizes the bone matrix of the patient.  This generates a very significant source of calcium and the nature of this product  is devastating to the body and a perfect storm for unwanted calcium accumulations.  I happen to believe this is an arthritis thread as well.

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D3.  Sardines which have an abundance of important nutrients, including potassium, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, iron and calcium in the tiny sardine bones, are a good source of vitamin D3.  I personally eat 3 to 4 full cans of Sardines a week,  about 4.25 ounces at a sitting and in fact for 1 lunch a week I take a full can,  chop up the sardines and combine them with a can of Progresso soup either the Manhattan or New England clam chowder.  It is a delicious treat with all the nutritional trimmings.  It is the only meal a week where I go overboard with sodium as Progresso soup has about 900 mg of sodium per serving.  There are two servings in a can.  My suggestion would be to limit the soup to 1 serving and add some water to the mix.  I also leave more than half the carrots and potatoes and dump them as I feel some of these soups are over weighted with carbs for a filler.  One consolation is that most of the Progresso soups have  a generous amount of Potassium that can counter the ill effects of the sodium

Calcium foods with Vitamin D3 such as cold water fish, cheeses, green vegetables, legumes are high in calcium.  Dairy products are excellent sources of calcium but have problems of their own.  Other than cheeses and some yogurt we avoid dairy. Unfortunately Vitamin D additives in the alternatives to milk are Vitamin D2 ergocalcerferol  and most of the Internet sources rate Vitamin D3 heads and shoulders over the D2 regarding absorbability. 

In addition some of the products that claim calcium added to their products are from calcium carbonate that has limited value from what we have researched versus the best option in Calcium in the  bones of a fish, especially when you partake in sardines that have the total package and synergy wrapped up in to one.  I am referring to their Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D3 content, teamed with the synergy of bones in the fish (calcium) and topped off with a very beneficial protein component. 

It is our theory that the calcium derived from fish and our favorite is sardines has the ability to scavenge bad calcium build up and in particular in the brain.

You want to kick Alzheimer's in the butt take in 3 or 4 full cans of sardines a week, one full can on a salad as we do.  In fact we do two days of Tuna from the Northwest called Papa George with a minimum of Mercury.  Sardines by the way have little to none in Mercury.


Calcium, along with a little fat such as olive oil on the salad, along with a  few nuts will provide the transportation of nutrients as this is one of the key roles of fat along with being an energy food.   All of the above ties in directly with the sun.

Keep in mind one very important factor and that is what is referred to as ionization.  Optimum ionization converts all or most of your food sources into energy.  Ionization that is not optimum leaves a waste product that clogs including the brain, hence the devil steps in.   You will read below a 6.5 urine pH test first draw in the morning indicates optimum ionization and you can do your own testing by either ordering test strips on line or obtaining them from your pharmacy.  Now if you don't take the effort to check your urine, perhaps you are afraid to find out that you are eating food that you like, but don't want to accept the fact that it will eventually kill you.

7. Use of a trampoline on a regular basis.  As soon as you start a trampoline regimen you will feel the dynamics and actual movement of fluids in the upper extremities.   Alzheimer's and its close brother Vertigo  is simply crystallization build up in the brain.  Details below in this feature.  When you trampoline try to count and do your AEIOU exercises at the same time and you will feel the dynamics from your clavicle right up into your head and brain.  More below in details below.


End of 7 recommendations with extensive details below.



Last we didn't put  a number on what we believe is one of the most important practices regarding your health.   It involves doing a daily regimen of the 40-30-30 diet and the zone diet follows the same principles.  Balancing your good carbs, good protein and good fat at every meal and snack will stimulate and produce the hormone Glucagon that is referred to as the "fat burning hormone"  versus the "fat storing hormone" insulin that is produced when someone pigs out on a sugar food.  Two examples would be someone loading up a smoothie with a pint of blueberries and nothing else or even a bear gorging themselves  on a bee hive full of honey to build up fat for the hibernation period.   Sugar turns into fat, make no mistake about it and plaque is a fatty substance. 

It is our theory that the same fat burning 40-30-30 practice that works like a charm burning off fat from your hide, burns the same fat containing plaque in the vital areas of your body and including your brain.  Yes we believe crystallization  and plaque in your brain is just what the devil ordered to plug those vital pathways and  fostering the terror of Alzheimer's disease.  

If you want to read something critical open up our link........  It covers the above information in detail.


  Alkalize or Die

It is written that there is no such thing as a natural death.  All deaths from so called natural causes are merely the endpoint of progressive tissue acid saturation.  We believe if we could sum up the serious nature of tissue acid waste (The Culprit) we would quote a passage from an Internet article by a Dr. Baroody.   “The countless names of illnesses do not really matter.  What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…"Too much tissue acid waste in the body” He also has written an excellent book on the subject to the right.  

Alzheimer's is the tip of the iceberg (like the one the Titanic hit) because Alzheimer's is a classical example of tissue acid waste collecting in areas, in this case the brain,  that cause this debilitating disease, and eventual total acid saturation of the brain.  Alzheimer's and Internal Vertigo which we refer to as brothers is simply crystallization/blockages in the channels of the brain, tissue acid waste at its worse case scenario.  Who the hell wants their brain plugged up in its most vital areas. 

When you eat and drink foods that are acid forming and do not eat enough alkalizing foods to overwhelm the acids you invite tissue acid waste,  hence Alzheimer's and much more,  period end of case.


Alkaline Foods


Alkaline foods in particular fresh raw green vegetables have a sophisticated mineral complex that has the ability to scavenge these likewise sophisticated, free radical, acid wastes.  I call it fighting fire with fire.  Other vegetables and fruits have some of these properties as well.  I might add vegetables that are blended, not juiced have put many cancer victims into remission and I strongly believe that blending over juicing will prevent Alzheimer's,  as long as you do not sacrifice the therapeutic benefits of insoluble fiber, that accompanies the best foods that are juiced and blended.  We simply recommend  a diet that has both, blended foods and the same food chewed well,  but left in their more insoluble state.   I might add that the mix should always have some nuts (Almonds  are a great nut as they are one of the few alkaline nuts)  as fat is the vehicle that  carries the nutrients to the cells of the body via the lymphatic network.  Some prefer to throw the "good fat" in the blender and that should be fine providing you drink it immediately.  Lets not forget that "traffic time" through the intestines is critical.  You could take in the best food money can buy, but how available it is makes all the difference in the world.  This is the principle of roughage,  TIMING is everything. 

Keep in mind that Metamucil is one of the better over the counter fiber vehicles and really after diluted is a very liquid drink, but yet the fiber in it does the job.  I think the same applies for products prepared with a high speed blender.  The fiber is fine, the nutrients have been extracted almost entirely from the cell membranes and the digestive system takes full advantage of this scenario.

The above blender on the right is the one we use.  It is a beast and really does a great job in blending the product.   Keep in mind if you are going to obtain the full benefits of the best foods, you have to break down the membranes of soft foods and the husks of seeds completely and that puppy above does just that.  We use wheat grass grown in our garden and it is tough in a standard juicer at least if you want to get all the benefits instead of just the juice.  The blender above takes care of wheat grass without a sweat.

A 3 Hp blender will extract the maximum amount of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants from vegetables and fruit and because of the high speed, the ice incorporated with other frozen products (We freeze pieces of mangoes, avocadoes, kale, pomegranate, a small piece of ginger and some wheat grass when it gets a little ahead of us etc.) and  will help in not overheating  and degrade the end product. 

Metal Toxicity

Blenderizing nutrient-dense vegetables and berries are important. By doing this you absorb a higher percentage of the nutrient flavonoids from those foods.

Simply eating vegetables  allow only about 20 to 30 percent of the nutrients to be absorbed.  Blenderizing raises that number to 80 to 90 percent.


The below link brings up our rather extensive feature on the Alkaline to Acid ratio.  I avoided the use of "balance" because the ratio is over weighted to the alkaline side, like 75% alkaline foods and drinks to 25% acid forming although acid foods such as lean meats and an occasional glass of wine  are essential in ones diet.   The full feature has a  generous classification table of Alkaline and Acid foods.  If you don't have Internet access or anyone that you know has but will not print it out for you, just tell me and I will provide you with a printed copy of the full feature.


Liquid Intake

We can't say enough about an adequate liquid intake in our feature on the 7 ways to good health  One of the 7 ways covers the importance of not only liquid intake,  but the right liquid intake.  Your Alkalinity can be enhanced with liquids that are specially engineered by you.  The first thing I do in the morning is to prepare a half gallon of liquids that we partake in throughout the day.  The base is distilled water,  (The distilled water eliminates the chlorine that kills good bacteria in the gut as well as fluoride)  I add about 4 to 6 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice or akai.   Cranberry juice is acid forming but I believe is overwhelmed with a tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar, a few squirts of pure lemon juice (both are highly alkaline after you ingest them) and a dash of paprika,  high in potassium that we incorporate.  There is something significant about cranberry juice as it applies to the urinary tract.  Ironically urinary infections are accompanied with an alkaline condition in the urinary tract and the cranberry juice counteracts it.



There is also a lot to be said about supplements, especially plant based supplements.  We believe there are alkaline benefits in plant based supplements and there could be in non-plant based, your calcium's, magnesium's etc.,  that most likely are derived from a mine.  In these cases I believe it is important to take these supplements with live foods,  as they  compliment one another.  I think two of the most important supplements that you can take are CoQ10,  I would suggest the new 50 mg Life Extension brand that is highly absorbable and their Super Omega-3 Fish oil plus product with EPA/DHA along with Sesame Lignin's and Olive Fruit extract.  CoQ10 and these Omega 3's are the best anti-inflammatory waste absorbing supplements money can buy and I believe one of the best ways you can beat the devil,  not only in Alzheimer's but the other waste causing inflammatory diseases, as in the heart and cancer.  Ironically even some of these supplements are acid foods derived from Fish, but again essential to the diet, never the less mandating alkaline foods to buffer them.

We do not overdo the intake of supplements in fact I personally take 2 days a week off and what we take is at the minimum or below the recommended dosages.  It isn't how much you take, it is the diversity and the synergy that is involved with good quality supplements and high alkaline foods as in fruits and vegetables.  If someone asked me whether they could take supplements without food I would tell them they may be better off not taking them at all.  How many times have you read that you should not take medications on an empty stomach.  I think that same thing applies to supplements and it isn't just the irritation to the stomach linings it is the synergy. 

Yes there are medications where they do not want you to take with food, Synthryoid and Lipitor for example.


The Bad Guys

On the Acid side all meats are acid forming.  You need meat in your diet though, or at least I think you do,  but just about what you can hold in the palm of your hand at a  sitting and that isn't a piece of meat more than 3 to 4 ounces.  The other bad acid guys are booze, refined sugars and refined grains in tandem with refined sugar.  A jelly donut would be a perfect example.  You want to make booze, all you need is sugar and ground up  grain and all the acid that is generated with it.  Full article below.


We could go into volumes on exercise, but we are not going to do it here.  We are going to confine our exercise information as it applies to Alzheimer's and I think it will surprise you.  In our lymphatic drainage feature you will be exposed to the fact that exercise "moves" lymphatic fluids. A simple expansion of the chest moves lymphatic fluid.  The importance of moving these fluids is backed up with the fact that there is about 3 times more Lymphatic fluid in the body than blood.  Hippocrates the Father of medicine called it "White Blood".  In addition,  the blood does not directly nourish the cells in the body and remove wastes.  This is the job of the lymphatic system and the link above will go into detail.  The blood integrates with the lymph fluid in a fascinating operation 24/7.  The lymph fluid actually extracts nutrients from the blood, but through a complicated gradient will not allow wastes back into the blood stream from the lymph fluids.  The wastes including cancer cells are then carried to the lymph nodes the bodies "garbage cans" from the extensive lymphatic network  and  processed for safe disposal via the elimination vehicles kidneys, liver and respiratory network etc.


Take note of  the concentration of lymph nodes on one side of the subjects neck and under the chin to the left.  When you go to the doctor with certain infectious problems one of the first things the doctor does is to check whether your lymph nodes under the neck are swollen.  This gives the doctor a clue as to how to proceed,  medications etc.  Exercise in the upper extremities leading to the critical areas of the neck, the brain and the all important concentration of lymph nodes, under the chin and the  carotid arteries just for starters.  We believe that the prominent nodes directly placed on top of the carotid arteries were not put there by chance. 

You will read where cancer can metastasize between the lymph nodes and the blood network and although we have never confirmed it,  we believe the carotid arteries are being served continually by the integrated lymph network.  Incidentally the head/brain receives a huge amount of fluids on a continuous basis, more than any other area with perhaps the heart itself leading the way.

Notice the arrow direction in the illustrations above and below. All lymph flow  first is directed to the nodes from the vast lymphatic network of vessels and then the nodes direct what I believe is a processed product to the thoracic area of the chest.  (The thoracic network merges back to the blood stream)  At that point the blood is sent to the disposal organs.

Notice the compliment of nodes in the stomach and groin area.  We use Jakes AB and Back device every day.  Look into Ebay and see if someone wants to give one away.  If you have to buy a new one, buy it.  Jakes AB and Back I believe is invaluable in optimizing lymph flow.





Below is a demonstration on specific exercises in the upper extremities, the neck and face and down into the clavicles that are directly integrated with the key nodes in the axilla.   The chin out exercise (the furthest on the right) you will recognize as a very effective stretching maneuver of the neck that a lot of gals and I suspect a few guys practice to make themselves look pretty.  As you will note I have made it real easy for you to remember using the vowels that were taught to us in school.  They work pretty well, but you can devise your own method as long as you do the stretching in this area.


The carotids arteries are the key nodes under the chin that have a tendency to plug up as we age.  Of course once they clog up it shouldn't take a brain surgeon or a specialist in Alzheimer's disease to relate problems in the brain to a deficiency in flow and the inefficiency of the lymphatic system.  Again connecting these dots to the devil is not a difficult chore.

We have a special exercise that we practice everyday that is a combination of some of the individual exercises we illustrate throughout this feature and other features on our website.  Some of this information is repetitive from the  above material, but I still haven't developed an organized means of conveying the written word, so bear with me.  Perhaps in my next life, I will come back as an accomplished writer.  For now you just have to take the convoluted words of a retired fruit peddler, or not take his word at all.  You can always get your money back.

I admire the fellow below so much I had to put his mug shot in one more time.



Take another glance at the A-E-I-O-U illustration above demonstrating the facial and neck exercises that are a direct benefit to lymph fluid movement.

There is another exercise that is known to be very beneficial regarding the lymph node concentration in the chest area, we mentioned it above in this feature.  The chest area being directly over and I am sure connected to the critical thoracic net work certainly demands some attention regarding exercises  and the simplest one of them all is expansion of the chest by breathing in to the max.

Now before we give you the special combination exercises that you should do every day of your life, lets not forget those nodes under the arms.  I believe all of those nodes are there for a couple of purposes.  First they are in an area where there is physical movement that is necessary to move lymph fluid,  because as we know the lymph system does not have the benefit of a pumping heart.  Second I believe the good lord placed them there because the blood returns brachially from the brain, past these lymph nodes (They call them sentinels for a good reason) and down the arms (One of the reasons you have arm pain during a heart attack) and I am sure the blood finds its way across to the thoracic net work in the chest.

Now with all this information above I am going to give you the mechanics of  the special exercise that you should do every day for the rest of your life.

Special exercise.

Standing up extend your arms laterally.  Rotate your arms in sort of a whirly bird motion.  (Not a bad exercise for the roto cuffs)  This is a little warm up before the big event.  I call it the "Chicken wing exercise". 

After this short drill  you Gently, I am going to repeat it "Gently" take the inside of your arms just under the arm pits at the nipple and rub the lymph node areas right next to your breasts in a backward motion.

Even with a gentle approach, if you are being treated by an oncologist it will be important to have this procedure cleared by them.

Now in the process, expand your chest intermittently as the chest has a large amount of lymph nodes,  I assume associated with the thoracic network.  As we brought out  expanding the chest moves lymph fluid and in fact is an example how easy it is to move fluids.

I am not done yet.  In this combination do the A-E-I-O-U facial and neck exercises as illustrated above one letter at a time in each cycle.

Now when you seriously pronounce each letter above as you gently drag your arms from the breast back you not only expand your chest, you also bring your shoulders back to the max.

At that point (the end of the cycle) you completely exhale all of the air out of your lungs and start the next process and letter.

I believe the combination of all of these exercises in tandem will add up to more than if they were done individually.  I like to use the word "Synergy" in nutrition, the combination of certain foods and supplements taken together and in fact in our antioxidant feature we bring out a apple cider master and him blending different apples into a cider mix and how the timing in the enzymatic reaction takes place.  I believe the same applies to moving lymphatic fluids.  You can't do a real good job of moving fluids in any part of the system if one part has an obstruction.  One train off the track, everything comes to a halt.

Heel to Toe

Just to make a point as I am straying away from the brain for a minute is the feet with a rolling heel to toe motion that pumps lymph fluids, the groin area, the creases in the arms and the legs, even the chest  as stated above when expanded to its fullest, pumps fluid.  In fact it isn't by chance that the major nodes in the body are placed in the most active mechanical areas.  Is that incredible or not? 

Note:  We borrowed the below from a study we made regarding DVT,  deep vein thrombosis. (Tim Russert) It doesn't make much difference what takes you, a blood clot to the brain or Alzheimer's.  So the below gets you two benefits for the price of one, you can't beat that.


The benefits of a treadmill.  You can't beat the cardiovascular and Lymphatic fluid movement aspects of a treadmill and in the comfort of your air conditioned environment.  You can't beat having a treadmill within eyesight in your workplace or at home so you can jump on it for even a couple of minutes.  I do 5 minutes in the morning and days that I don't play ball, 5 more minutes in the afternoon.
Second is the therapeutic aspects that is applied to your skeletal net work from head to toe and again it is not hard to connect the dots of Alzheimer's and your skeletal net work. 


                  Why rebounding is so beneficial

We believe the trampoline is one of the most beneficial devices in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

The mini-trampoline subjects the body to gravitational pulls ranging from zero at the top of each bounce to 2 - 3 times the force of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high the person is rebounding. Unlike jogging on hard surfaces which puts extreme stress on certain joints such as the ankles and knees eventually damaging them, rebounding affects every joint and cell in the body equally.  Plus, there are no cars, dogs, and bad weather to worry about.

Take particular note of the bar that canopies the trampoline.  When we bought the trampoline we declined the bar.  This was a mistake.  My youngest daughter broke her arm on a trampoline when she was a youngster.  I soon realized that when using it without a bar, the unsteadiness prevented me from getting up as high as I would like.  Keep in mind and this is a key point, that the higher you bounce it isn't just for the thrill of it, the higher you bounce enhances the gravitational dynamics and I believe has a profound effect on the movement of lymphatic fluid.  Of course the higher you bounce the risk increases.  The bar also keeps us in the center of the device.  Don't buy a trampoline without the bar, trust me.


Note: We have had recent professional advice regarding the bar and trampoline.  Grasping the bar with a firm grip could be a deterrent to creating the gravitational benefits we refer to.  Keeping your fingers within close reach of the bar and using the bar when there is a momentary destabilization issue is advisable.  In other words hang loose.  Let the body do its thing from head to toe and minimize holding on to the bar as much as you can safely do it.

In addition, jumping as high as you can off of the mat could be the ticket for young folks and athletes but could be a negative for elderly and create muscular and even skeletal problems.  Start slow with minimizing the lift distance off of the mat.  Elderly folks can effect a great deal of benefit by lightly bouncing on the mat with little to no lift off.  Let your body be the guide.


Rebounding may be used effectively in conjunction with niacin use to help detoxify fatty tissues.

My favorite form of exercise is rebounding on the mini-trampoline.

The typical rebound mini-trampoline is about 3' in diameter and 9" high. It is safe, easy to use, and effective. Research has led some scientists to conclude that jumping on a mini-trampoline is possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by man, especially because of the effect rebounding has on the lymph in the body. Most importantly, rebounding is FUN, so we stick to it! Have you ever noticed how children naturally enjoy jumping on a bed? Just as the astronauts experience while floating in space, your body is in a state of weightlessness at the top of the bounce.

Mini-Trampoline Exercise Good For Lymphatic System

The human body needs to move. The lymph system bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away. Contrary to blood which is pumped by the heart, the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation which contributes to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as aging. Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.

Adults can start with 2 minutes of rebounding and increase their time as their fitness level improves. (It is a little tough on the legs when you first start)  It's necessary for older people to start gradually in order to give the connective tissue holding the internal organs in place time to strengthen. This prevents the possibility of "prolapsed organs" - the only contraindication to rebounding reported in the medical literature. Therefore increase your rebounding time gradually.

Inactive seniors find that gently jumping on a mini-trampoline gives them renewed vigor and zest for life. Hyperactive children are reported to calm down after a few days of rebounding. Rebounding is for everyone and people can use the rebound mini-trampoline whenever they have a few minutes during the day.

The lymph fluid moves through channels called "vessels" that are filled with one way valves, so the lymph always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. This is why the vertical up and down movement of rebounding is so effective to pump the lymph.

Restrictive clothing prevents the flow of both blood and lymph. Wearing a bra to prevent sagging breasts actually weakens the muscles and connective tissue which helps to create sagging breasts. The free movement of the breasts during walking and exercise helps to pump the lymph through the breast tissue.



                Lymphatic drainage assisted by a

                 wash cloth and special brushes.

 The chest expansion example in the exercise portion above will give you a sense as to how delicate moving fluid is,  as lymph networks can be injured with overly aggressive activity and counter to the process desired.   We use both a wash cloth and lymphatic drainage brushes just about everyday, but again prudently.


Illustrations above show the wash cloth (wet) and the lymphatic brush (dry).  In both cases as in all cases brushing with a cloth or brush,  the direction is toward the heart.  We don't do  both processes at the same sitting.  We use the washcloth during normal bathing along with other parts of the body and the brushing at night.  Actually the direction is really toward the thoracic net work in the chest right over the heart.  Don't ask me how the lymph fluids are returned to the blood net work, I don't know yet, perhaps some day when I trade my fruit peddlers license in  for a thoracic surgeons degree.  From the thoracic (blood) net work the fluids are channeled to the Kidneys, Liver, Heart and Respiratory for final disposal. 

The brush on the right is the softest brush of the 3 that we use and the one you would want to use for the delicate upper extremities.  I use a very stiff brush ( the one on the left) for my feet especially the calloused bottoms and a medium brush for my old legs.  This is the one in the middle with the detachable handle as there are brushing operations that work better without the handle.  I believe that the lactic acid that is accumulated in the legs from sports activities can be moved along nicely with brushing and I didn't invent lymphatic brushing.  It has been used for centuries.

Please note the illustrations only show the carotid area being lightly worked, this would include the arteries themselves as well as the nodes on top of them,  along with the lymphatic vessels serving them. The cloth and brushing would also be used underneath the chin area where the large complex of lymph nodes reside.  Even with a light brushing especially in the carotid areas, a word of caution here as someone with calcification in the carotid arteries could create a problem and we advise having your Doctor authorize an ultra sound of these areas before progressing with the brushing.  My wife had an ultra sound and they were clear.  I have never had one but I brush anyway, but again almost on par with what I would do with a general washing.  I use a wash cloth that is little worn for just a little traction.


5 Years ago I went through what they call a gum shaving to fix pockets that developed in my gums and raised havoc with my entire being and although I practiced normal dental care it wasn't good enough, the pockets developed.    The process was a 4 year ordeal, it was expensive over 1000 bucks a quadrant, with 1 quadrant treated a year.  The first quadrant treated was the worst of the 4.   It involved bone grafting.

For 2 and a half hours without a pee pee break the Doctor worked on this first quadrant feverishly.  He just about stood on my chest.  2 and half hours for about 3 inches of gums and teeth.  I thought I enlisted a madman.  I believe major heart surgery is accomplished in less time and this is no reflection on the Doctor,  as he teaches this stuff in addition to his practice.  5 years later my gums are as sound as a silver dollar.  I bring this experience out because of what I believe is one of the major causes of Alzheimer's disease and even though you may believe that  regular dental visits are enough.  (Regular) dental visits are not enough.

We have a feature on teeth and gums that many would consider paranoia.

The link to our tooth and gum feature is 

I think the first thing to do in this feature it to ask you a couple of simple questions.  How close are the teeth and gums to your brain?  How close are the teeth and  gums to the garbage cans, the lymph nodes in your neck and under your chin? 1/4 of an inch, a 1/2 an inch? 

It has been known for many years that diseased gums were directly related to heart disease.  My Dad died of esophagus cancer and I would bet my life his neglected teeth and gums were at least partially responsible.  He died a horrible death.  Inflammation plugging up the lymph glands is a no brainer and the Devil just adores fools  that neglect their teeth and gums.  Depriving the glands of doing its job by neglect is just plain stupid.

Diseased gums are most always accompanied by bleeding gums and you talk about a gateway to the blood net work, there are few gateways but this is one. Bacteria in the mouth is abundant, but it doesn't belong in your bloodstream. You have bleeding gums don't walk to a good Periodontist run as fast as you can.

Besides the multitude of tooth brushes (4) that I use every day and the other practices I go through,  I think the most important thing that you can do is have periodic deep cleanings not by a technician as most are tentative.  Most technicians do a  great job of polishing what you see, not much under the gums that only a good periodontist can tackle.  There are a few dental technicians that do a very good job including under the gum line.  If you have one  as we do you can stretch your periodontal visits to 1 a year,  if not 2  periodontal visits would be advised.

 It is not pleasant and it is costly,  150 to 200 bucks is about the going rate and you will spend about 30 minutes in the hot seat, but when you think of the alternatives, this deep cleaning is a walk in the park for me. 

I do 3  (every 3 months)   visits to my dentist for a cleaning and checkup with a Periodontist fit in during this 12 month cycle.


The surprising benefits of calcium:  

All the benefits you will read in this feature and throughout our many features in regarding the vital mineral Calcium can be directly attributed to the fact that the best food sources of calcium and they are listed below in this feature in our personal intake are derived from the fact that calcium foods have complimentary minerals magnesium for one.  This compliment adds to the bodies mineral stability and (Total Alkalinity) that mitigates any acids that are presented to the body. 

A perfect example would be the extraordinary benefits of fish (Our favorite is Portuguese sardines) that not only have omega 3 fatty acids but also the calcium and other minerals to again  mitigate whatever amount of acids are generated by the meat in the sardines.   Exercise is another one, that if practiced aggressively in a cardiovascular program is an acid forming activity but vital.  Any meats are acid but should be limited to no more than the area in the palm of your hand at a sitting.  Here you will be getting the sufficient benefits of the meat/protein,  but yet balancing the alkaline/acid benefits with the food contents themselves along with complimentary food sources (added to the meal)  as in green raw vegetables.

I have a personal practice where I take a fairly nice tootsie roll of roast beef to start my day but we make sure that the roll has a nice amount of spinach with the meat to counter not only the acid aspects of the meat but also the iron content of the beef.  Ironically spinach has a nice compliment of iron that has a neutralizing affect on the iron and the negative nature of the iron in meat.  We call it fighting fire with fire. 

Incidentally calcium from natural foods have this same attribute in neutralizing inert calcium deposit/wastes,  one example calcium oxalates as in kidney stones.  Here again is a fighting fire with fire approach by ingesting the right calcium source to mitigate the ill effects of calcium that has changed its characteristics from good to bad.  An example of this is the calcium wastes that are generated when the body is called upon to cannibalize the bone matrix itself, and in the process leave a terrible residue for the body to handle and in many cases are in able to handle without dire health consequences.


You know you need it for strong bones, but calcium protects your health in other important ways, too.  Here is what this amazing mineral can do for you.

Calcium Functions

Calcium is responsible for construction, formation and maintenance of bone and teeth.  This function helps reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Calcium is a vital component in blood clotting systems and also helps in wound healing.

Calcium helps to control blood pressure, nerve transmission, and release of


Calcium is an essential component in the production of enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism.

Calcium helps to transport ions (electrically charged particles) across the


Calcium is essential for muscle contraction.

Calcium assists in maintaining all cells and connective tissues in the body.

Calcium may be helpful to reduce the incidence of premature heart disease,

especially if adequate intakes of magnesium are also maintained.

Calcium may help to prevent periodontal disease (gum disease).

Calcium helps keep the weight off.

Research suggests that if you don't get enough calcium in your diet, you're

 likely to be overweight.

The reason has to do with your body's response to a calcium deficit.

When you're low, your body thinks you're starving and enters emergency



For our full feature on calcium



Nuts to You Devil

Center on Aging found that walnuts improved motor and cognitive skills in older rats. But moderation appears to be the key. Rats who ate more than the human equivalent of more than 1 ounce of walnuts (about 14 walnut halves) daily showed lower long-term memory ability.

Nuts are a rich source of vitamin E, and Swedish researchers found that vitamin E wards off Alzheimer’s. A six-year study of 232 seniors aged 80 or older when the study began found that seniors with the highest amounts of vitamin E in the blood lowered their risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 50 percent when compared to those with the least vitamin E in their bodies.

Check out our full feature on nuts


SUN  In just about all of our features you can't escape our views on the sun and your health and Alzheimer's disease cannot be excluded.  When you investigate Alzheimer's and the brutal accumulation of wastes in the brain, you have to be brain dead yourself not to make the connection and benefits of the sun in relation to Alzheimer's.


Just a snippet below...

The major biologic function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones.  It promotes bone mineralization in concert with a number of other vitamins, minerals, and hormones.

The link to our Sun and you feature will give you the full run down............

The below link involves hormone replacement therapy for women and a dementia relationship.  If you got this far in this feature you must be concerned with Alzheimer's and this article from Dr. Mercola and the alarming statistics is a must read.   Women seem to be more prone to Alzheimer's disease because they live longer for one thing.  We recently have also read there is great deal of research being done on Estrogen deficiency in older women and it has been found in studies that women with low estrogen levels were more apt to have progressive Alzheimer's disease.

We are aware of the tentative approach you will receive from most health practioners when you discuss hormone deficiency.  Age group is critical here as there are woman in certain groups where estrogen dominance is a factor and adding estrogen to ones regimen  in this group is comparable to walking the third rail.

On the other hand older women as in post menopause are usually deficient in hormones and need the services of a medical professional that could modestly prescribe a bio-identical regimen that is protective and not encourage a hormonal breast cancer threat.



Can Keeping My Mind Active Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease?

Answer: Staying mentally active can help reduce your risk for Alzheimer's disease by strengthening connections between brain cells and building up brain cell reserves. Mental activity might even generate new brain cells, contrary to the old myth that new brain cells can't develop after we reach adulthood.

To stay mentally active, commit yourself to the idea of lifelong learning, because the key is to add novelty to your life by learning and doing new things.  Great ways to stay mentally active include reading and writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing games, attending lectures and plays, and taking up a new hobby.  Even watching TV can be helpful, but only if you're watching it to learn something new (for example, to learn how to build a workbench) instead of watching TV simply to pass the time.

"An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.  The line above deserved top billing in the start of this feature and is worth repeating.  We have all heard the saying "If you don't use it, you will lose it"  Unfortunately Alzheimer's is not just losing your memory it is the forerunner of losing the function of your brain and that means the end.

The devil deplores hand and mind activities.  Watching a soap opera is not hand and mind, taking a tennis lesson at 90 years old on your way to a Wimbledon championship is!

An active mind will go a long way toward warding off Alzheimer's,  but we believe that hand and mind activities are the ultimate.

Watching the boob tube is certainly not hand and mind.  Even watching sports is not,  unless you are learning from it and are about to practice it.

Sports whether it is tennis or even shuffle board is great hand and mind activity.  Playing a musical instrument is a wonderful hand and mind activity and especially for someone who is not able to participate in active sports.  Knitting and even playing cards can be  hand and mind especially if you get peeved at your future husband (54 years ago,  New Street, Valatie,  New York) and throw a full deck of cards at him after he goes Canasta on you.  That's hand and mind and ducking the cards was too.

The Alzheimer's Crusher Hands On Deluxe

Open up those brain pathways with a DVR and enjoy every minute of it.

The last is a recent theory of our own regarding the benefits derived from the use of a DVR control (Digital Video Recorder) as in cable TV.

We recently had two installed in our home and were not only delighted with the abilities of this new technology regarding entertainment and the practical and functionality of this device,  but during our learning process and my personal 75 years of living and the prospects of  Alzheimer's disease,   I was really impressed with the mind activity connected to this device.  Keep in mind this is an operation that brings immense pleasure to the operator because it involves something they do every day and enjoy for most watching cable TV.   Hum drum mental activity such as games and menial chores I believe do not culture the benefits as in something that is in every day life and greatly enhanced with the new DVR technology.

To borrow a passage from the above material "to add novelty to your life by learning and doing new things"  You will learn the DVR process will be an entirely new learning process, it will be invigorating and rewarding.


You have to experience the use of this wonderful incredible technology to really appreciate it. When you do this you will get a feel of how much mental hands on activity is involved along with its deep intuitive participation.

Computer technology is such today where there is not much mental activity and intuitive powers required although there is a great deal of new learning once you get the hang of surfing the net. 

I personally spend a great deal of time programming my DVR at all times of the day and this includes a remarkable feature where you start a recording for a period of time,  then starting to watch the program from the recording as it continues to record the balance of the show at the same time.  The really super fast forward ability has it all over the old VCR machines.  

There are times where after you have fast forwarded a bit,  you can catch up to the running program,  but that is no problem.  In most systems there is 2 tuners where you can record 2 programs at the same time and watch something you have recorded simultaneously.  You can't record 2 programs and watch another live one though.

Now it is important that when you either introduce this to yourself or a loved one or anyone for that matter that you do not over burden them with the many operations too soon.  Take it slow,  start with a simple task and then add on to the tasks as you learn themselves.

I don't have any clinical evidence of my theory regarding Alzheimer's and DVR's but my guess is along with the other measures we have outlined in this feature  it will greatly enhance the ability to deal with Alzheimer's and it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't control it entirely.

Call the cable the company order a DVR it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life for yourself and/or a loved one.


Check out our on the Cholesterol connection.  An excerpt below....

Damaged Cholesterol

Due to the influence of heat, cholesterol in food is oxidized. Already at 100°C, cholesterol oxidizes 'spontaneously'. (19) Through oxidation, the cholesterol molecules gain or lose atoms, originating new cholesterol-like molecules.

Due to the influence of heat, approximately 30% of cholesterol oxidizes into oxy-cholesterols. About 6% of oxy-cholesterol is absorbed into the body. (20) ABSORBED INTO THE BODY


Essential Cholesterol

10 to 20% of the brain is composed of cholesterol. Thanks in part to cholesterol in animal food, humans are as intelligent as they are. Essential substances like the sex hormones and vitamin D are also constructed of cholesterol. Therefore it is absolutely not true that a low cholesterol level is healthier.


Check out the link below regarding the 9 ways you can prevent Alzheimer's  with the latest technology.  It is from the News Max organization and every one should subscribe to this invaluable Internet subscription and it is free.


You will have to copy and paste this long drawn out link.


Below is a link to a very interesting article on helping people to remember with Alzheimer's disease.  I thought it was fascinating.   If you have someone you know with any degree of Alzheimer's disease, this rather small article with a few simple measures can really help.  It is a must read.   The file may not come up immediately when you click it,  so look for it on your bottom bar as it is a .pdf scan





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