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Sugar/pH and excess tissue acid waste 

We started our heading with sugar as we believe sugar plays the majority role in “Excess tissue acid waste” although a diet that has more than the recommended 25% acid forming foods like meat will contribute negatively as well.   In most cases though sugar blows the whole equation, especially when booze, bread, pasta and sweets are involved.  (In all of these foods there is a sugar conversion factor).  We have also discovered that the sugar acid waste that is accumulated in the stomach visceral areas (around the organs) is deadly,  as this fat/acid is called upon at times to serve as an energy source (fat is the preferred element in the body for energy and to burn fat),  but in the process releases certain toxins that have been retained with the fat and it raise holy hell with our bodies. 

“Excess tissue acid waste”  is the cause of all health problems in the body.  If you have ever taken apart an engine and have dealt with the piston heads and exhaust valves of a poorly tuned engine,  you would know what we mean. 

The chemical formula for  cholesterol and fatty acids  are incompletely burned carbohydrates that have one of hell of a job exiting your body,  especially as we grow older.  When you are young you can eat nails and everything is just fine. 

Just a little chemistry here to put things in perspective. The pH of the body is a delicate balance of electrical charges and you don’t have to know any more than that, because we don’t know anymore than that.  There is a range where if the body is to function properly , burn off the wastes, assimilate your foods, your nutrients etc.  keep your breast receptors and prostate receptors to name a few clear of clogging, cell death and cancer, this pH balance measured by urine and saliva samples should be in the 6.4 to 6.8 range all day with some variations in the morning urine draw.  These readings translate into a blood and cell pH of 7.4.

The best means to keep the pH in the optimum range is to eat plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed, that contain an adequate amount of the right minerals in an optimized form.    It is the unique minerals in this makeup that do the superb neutralizing of the acids that we form.  Mineral supplements also help in moderation.   Some of our other writings on pH and 75% to 25% alkaline to acid balance is covered in our website.

It is important to note that sugar is an essential part of our diet.  We need a consistent supply of glucose to our cells to combine with oxygen for healthy cell growth and like a well tuned  carburetor on an engine,  along with the correct timing, everything will be burned (a clean burn) and there will be no unwanted deposits kicking around.  Now the best way to obtain the needed sugar is through fruits, berries, nuts, seed and vegetables.  They have the fiber around the sugars that allow the sugar to be digested slowly.  Refined sugar blasts through the system,  arouses the pancreas to produce insulin, most of the time over reacts and problems result.  If you ingest an adequate amount of fruit etc. with the much needed fiber that not only slows the travel time, but also is a digestive necessity, there really is no room to take on any of the bad sugars.  

If you don't do anything,  do one thing and that is to have a blood glucose test taken.  A blood glucose (fasting) reading of under 100 mg/dl is preferred,  although something over 100 has been an acceptable standard being used by the medical community.   You could be  getting into pre-diabetic and diabetic at this stage and this is getting out of my pay grade.  This is where your Doctor takes over.   I personally at 100 mg/dl will be striving for something south of 100 and this will not be easy,  as I am virtually absent of refined sugars and breads in my diet regimen, let alone the booze and the other good stuff.  


Insulin resistance, a condition in which people lose their sensitivity to insulin, which results in excess blood sugar, and hyperinsulinemia have been associated with a host of diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer for some time, but now emerging research suggests that the related disease extend far beyond these.  Actually what happens is your pancreas gets plugged up.  How can you expect a plugged up pancreas to handle your sugar, hence insulin resistance, hence its good bye Charlie/Mary, it was nice knowing you.  May you rest in peace, but too soon.  

The increase in insulin-related diseases is largely dependent on the substantial addition of sugar and carbohydrates to the typical American diet.  Although refined sugars and cereals (as in refined grain foods such as from wheat, oats, even potatoes, rice and corn)  are common foods in current societies that convert from starches to the  nastiest acid forming, triglyceride, sugar loaded foods you can eat.   This is what clogs your arteries folks.  These foods  were eaten sparingly or not at all in the 17th and 18th centuries and only started to become available after the industrial revolution.  I refused to eat bread  2 years ago along with the junk and 30 lbs came off of me so fast it made my head swim.  Take a look at that still in the upper right hand corner.  If you want to make hooch, just add grain and sugar and see the eruption process.  When this happens in your stomach,  acids are formed and go on their merry way attaching to any organ or joint it can get its hands on.

To summarize,  update and expand a little on all of the above. 

Refined sugar is the root of all evil.  There is a little bit of a mystery here, so let's try to solve it.  If natural sugar does not create the same degree of adversity, especially  by not waking up the pancreas and blasting a shot of insulin into your system,  this may be telling us something.  (One reservation here is when someone becomes diabetic,  even natural sugar could have a negative influence and this is for you and your Doctor to monitor.)  Diabetics cannot down a half a gallon of lets say natural orange juice without potential problems) 

As we know  insulin is the "fat storing hormone" and it was designed deliberately by nature to fatten up hibernating animals or at the least sustain animals between sources of food.   Keep in mind your blood can only tolerate a teaspoon or two of sugar.  After that it is  feinting, diabetic strokes,  feeling lousy, weak or wired for sound,  or the eventual insulin resistant condition that requires testing and medication.   Insulin neutralizes the sugar, whether naturally or artificially,  but it has to do something with the product it produces.  It converts it to a fat substance (most likely by grabbing fat out of your food for the process)  and stores it in the adipose areas along with plaque another fatty substance that finds its way into your arteries and key cardiovascular parts, like the portals of your heart for one example.  This is why diabetics and heart disease are like Mike and Ike.

Now these fatty substances can vary in their make up depending on what accompanies the sugars into your system.  Refined grains as in baked goods for one produced by cooking them at high heats along with the cheap oils they use is a common partner for sugar, as in the infamous jelly donut for one.  When these oils and grains are cooked at high heat they raise hell with the molecular structure of the product and passes it on to the body in the form of the notorious "free radicals".  Now these free radicals and usually acid wastes  become integrated with the stored fat.  So then you have a lethal combination or hoard of matter that is periodically released into your system if you ever allow a shortfall to result.  Some people do not allow a shortfall and become fatter and fatter. 

There are those that go on these diets that release this  hoard and reserves and there is a danger to that too that can be alleviated with lots of good liquids and anti-oxidants as well as common sense, like a very slow process.

Now if you take the typical barbecue extravaganza, and combine fatty meats cooked at high temperatures  (you talk about the classical example of molecular stuff going nuts)  add to that a sugary desert as in the jelly donut, refined grains cooked at high heat with cheap oil and top it off with booze,  again another grain and sugar fiasco.    With all of this you are digging yourself an early grave and about 90% of the people that walk into the Doctors office are in this category and the only thing they come out with is a prescription for perhaps a statin that may or may not buy them a little more time,  unless their livers give out in the meantime.

Incidentally ask your Doctor why he is so lean and mean.  Does he know something, you better believe he does?  You can better believe he is very stingy with his grain and sugar combinations.  If your Doctor is obese a rarity, my suggestion is turn around and run out of his office like a junk yard dog.

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This information is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered as medical advice. See your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatments.



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