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Hi:  My friends call me Apple Bob, the photo on the left has me holding a basket of potatoes as we grew them too.

Alkaline/Acid stability was the most critical issue we had to deal with and we recall one incident where a professor from Cornell put a sample of our soil under a microscope and showed me a crystallization problem we had with our soil.  This had all to do with the soil particles ability to use the food we were providing  and more importantly how well the soil chemistry was disposing of the wastes.  In agriculture parlance they call it "salts build up"  In the human body they call it "acid waste".  There is an ionization connection to all of this but this really is getting scientific.  I am not going there at this time.

It wasn't until 50 years later when a friend told me that in a suspected vertigo issue the Doctor told him it was a brain crystallization problem. WHOAAA. It didn't take me long to connect it to the Alzheimer's disease issue that is destroying lives by the thousands every day and it doesn't have to be.

At the moment crystallization was mentioned I realized the fascinating similarity in  soil chemistry and human body chemistry.

Stability in the human body can be achieved easily with a sensible diet and other lifestyle changes.

You will read in most of our features in that we key in on the alkaline/acid balance in the body as well as the influence on the critical lymphatic net work.


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